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#1 Posted at 2016-10-13 03:25        
I thought a simple google search would help me out with this, but most of what i got was related to arma 2, and the scripts did not work for me when i tried it in arma 3.

Basically what i am trying to do is get a soldier to shoot his rockets at the BLUEFOR vehicle that is roughly 75 meters in from of him. I have him positioned up high so that BLUEFOR does not spot him. Is there a simple script i can use to have him shoot his rockets at it and destroy it? I would like to have this linked to a trigger as i plan to approach a certain point in the mission before the script is executed.

Thanks in advance!

Added 1 hour 20 minutes later:

EDIT: I found a work around on my own. What i did was simply use the solider's waypoint. I used a skip waypoint trigger for when BLUFOR is present (the players) and had the vehicle in his direct line of sight and made sure that the players were not in his line of sight so that he would shoot the vehicle instead of us.

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