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War on Donbass

Campaign Type: Single (SP)
Complexity: Average
Party: Red
Island: Chernarus_Summer, Chernarus
Language: Russian \English
Intro/Outro: Intro\outro
Аддоны: RHS: Escalation (0.4.1)(RHS: AFRF ; RHS: USAF ; RHS: GREF) ; Community Upgrade Project (Terrains) Novorossiya and Ukraine (HLC AK Pack ; NIArsenal ; ASDG Joint Rails) ; CBA_A3(latest version)
Postscoring: Lex90, andrucio
Author: Lex90

Description: 2014. Russia. The intelligence agent of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation tells the journalist in an interview about the first business trip in Ukraine. About his fights for the party of the Militia, and also the point of view about this war.


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