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Overthrow is a dynamic single player/co-op revolution simulator campaign built for ARMA 3 Apex. Start with nothing in a small town and fight your way to remove the occupying NATO forces from Tanoa.

Current Features:

- GTA-inspired wanted/stealth system
- Dynamic political system with regional stability affecting presence of 2 different opposing factions to the player (BLUFOR and criminal elements)
- Buy and sell just about in any-game item/vehicle/weapon for currency at local shops and gun dealers
- Capture towns and military objectives one by one
- Dynamic economy/Regional pricing/Trade
- Buy, sell and lease real estate with prices affected by regional politics
- Fast travel to any owned real estate or camp
- Manipulate the markets with guns or piles of cash
- Recruit and arm civilians
- Order recruits to loot into containers for you
- Build warehouses, barracks and other buildings to expand your power
- Recruit whole squads at barracks into your High Command bar
- Designed to work in both single player and multiplayer
- Committed to creating a living and breathing Tanoa where anything can happen
- Support more maps planned

Required Addons:


Included Addons:

(Do not load these, they will conflict)
- Advanced Towing

Supported Mods:

- Any weapon mods should be detected (ie RHS)
- Any vehicle mods that add civilian vehicles should be detected
- Enhanced Movement
- Advanced Rapelling
- Advanced Urban Rapelling


Install via Steam Workshop

Install Manually