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#1 Posted at 2017-02-16 19:53        
Hello Armaholics.

I am working on a mission generator app for my tablet.

Functions explained:
- up to three tasks per mission
- different location for each objective by map click
- each task can be a different type (attack, defend, patrol, ambush...)
- faction selection
- several adjustments for the AI

App concept:

- faction selection on top
- radius of the operation area

Why am I doing this?
The tablet you see in the screenshot will have more apps. Team Management, Vehicle Drops, Taxi and more. It should be a simple tool to create the gameplay you want. It's meant for some quick and flexible action in the sandbox.

What's your job?
Before I move on finishing and merging the codes for this application, I need YOUR feedback. What else could be useful for creating the mission? Keep in mind, that I want to keep it simple.

I am looking forward to your feedback. And please be respectful to everyone. This is about opinions. So everyone's should be respected.


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