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#1 Posted at 2017-03-01 09:54        
Hi everyone,

I've been struggeling for two days now with this and I cannot find what's going on.

I'm modelling a fire ladder. Everything is animated in the Geometry LOD and all animations are working on the Bulldozer:

When I go ingame, this animations does not seem to work... well, not at all. I explain:

When I collide the ladder with a building, the ladder crash, so yes, It has geometry.
When I lower down the supports, the ladder is risen in the air, as it should be. So again, geometry is animating.

But when I collide with any of them with the player, I can go through them... like the animation collision has not moved for the geometry... but, why is it colliding with the other objects?

This is example of what's going on. The ladder is colliding with the concrete block, but when I came closer with the player, I don't collide at all.

But when I go where the ladder was supposed to be, I don't collide neither!! Same with the supports, for example.

Of course, geometrys are all convex, closed, has correct selection names, etc etc etc.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advanced.