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#1 Posted at 2017-03-14 13:23        

My gaming group and I, have just started to play Arma 3 in Co-op.
Unfortunately, we've recently had a loss of PC in the group, and one person is unable to truly join most of the time, unless someone else is basically not playing.

We play antistasi primarily, and most of the time - I have the dubious pleasure of being the commander, and I find I spend more time in map-mode and in in-game menus than actually going around.

That got me to thinking - If there was a sort of mod that permits Arma 3 to run exclusively in a sort of "commander mode" - it'd practically solve our issue.
The idea being, that the commander loads the game up with access only to the map - as such, not needing heavy graphics.

I realize it is a long-shot, but I figured I'd as if such a mod existed.
I have no idea what the mod would be called - otherwise I'd simply have searched for it.


- ST