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#1 Posted at 2017-03-27 05:37        
When streaming Arma 3 through Steam In-Home Streaming, using the mouse the camera is practically uncontrollable when in the game and the Eden editor. The camera moves in random ways and cannot focus in any desired direction.
I'd like to be able to use the Eden editor on my Surface 4 and be in the same room and the wife, to keep the wife happy, but it is impossible to use stream through Steams in-home streaming.

When using the mouse locally on the host computer there isn't a problem at all, works perfectly and getting 60FPS-80FPS.

The problem only occurs when streaming through Steams in-home streaming (Arma 2/AO work fine and have had issues since the release of Arma 3 and still in the current 1.68. build).
I have replicated this issue from multiple streaming clients from the same host. Any ideas?

Host: I7 4790K, 8GBG, GTX 980 streaming over 5.8ghz AC wifi and the client is a Surface Pro 4 8GB/256GB model or Gigabyte Brix I3.
Most other games work fine (Hitman, Xcom, HOI4, Civ V, Mafia 2, etc...) apart from DCS world which has a similar problem but is somewhat usable.

Any ideas? I'd love to fix this issue.