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#1 Posted at 2017-04-15 17:08        

Iam creating a mission with the CUP assets where the player(s) first have to get into a chopper and than that will take him/them to the FOB from the carrier. Actually i started to make this mission about a year ago, but now i continue it. Earlier there was no problem but now the chopper only flys to the FOB if i move the waypoints a little before testing. Than it carries me for a few trys and than i have to move waypoints again. If i dont move the points the chopper starts to fly in the right direction but on about halfway it makes a sharp turn and goes back to the carrier (there is no waypoint at all where it turns back).


The other thing is with an APC. It comes out of the sea, waits for player than goes to the next waypoint. After that it stops completely however there are 2 more waypoints. It doesnt matter where i put those latter waypoints. The first few points are always completed.

This is only my first mission (but ive played around in the editor a few times before) so bear that in mind.

Any help is appriciated!
I'd really like to finish my mission :(

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