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#1 Posted at 2017-05-06 11:37        
So I got Arma 3 on steam sale recently, and I was hoping to see a direct port of Arma2's F-35B with some simple changes (Like falchions or ASRAAMs instead of AIM-9X).
So far all I can find is this:

but... it adds external pylons and an external gunpod (I know the gunpod is realistic, but given how much is fictional in arma 3, I'd leave it as is).

I would like an F-35B with a configuration that has only internal weapons - or even better just like arma 2, by using addweapons/magazine etc in the init field, you could also get 2 weapons to show up slung underneath.

This one would be pretty close to what I want:
except it has no VTOL.

I just want the F-35B from Arma 2 back, where I could simply edit the unit in the mission editor to internally carry (for example) 4x mavericks / 4x sidewinders / 2x sidewinders + 2x mavericks / 4 LGBs
or have loadouts like 2x external mavericks / 2x internal LGBs / 2x internal sidewinders

Even the all in arma mod adds external pylons the the F-35.

Is there no VTOL F-35 addon without external pylons?