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#1 Posted at 2017-05-08 23:00        
Hey Guys,

I have been scrolling the Armaholic forums & BIS forums all day to find a solution, I have tried a few things and failed.

I would like a virtual airdrop (no sound or vehicle needed) to parachute drop on/near the area of a thrown smoke grenade, in this case I am using RHS so the grenades classname changes to: "rhs_ammo_m18_green" .

I have attempted with Eventhandlers and simple triggers but haven't seem closed to even get close to I'm trying to create.

All help or brainstorming much appreciated!

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#2 Posted at 2017-05-14 03:56        
Idk, give this a shot

_shooter = _this Select 0; 
_ammotype = _this Select 4;
_chuteType = "B_Parachute_02_F";    //parachute for blufor, for opfor and Redfor replace the 'B' with 'O' or 'G' respectively
_crateType = "B_supplyCrate_F";    //ammocrate class for blufor, feel free to change to whichever box you desire
_smokeType = "rhs_ammo_m18_green"; // classname of smoke, attached to the crate 

//hint format["%1",_ammotype];

sleep random 4;
switch (_ammotype) do
	case "rhs_ammo_m18_green":
		hint "Air Drop incomming";

		_chute = createVehicle [_chuteType, position _shooter, [], 0, 'FLY'];
		_chute setPos [getPosASL _shooter select 0, getPosASL _shooter select 1, (getPosASL _shooter select 2) + 150];
		_crate = createVehicle [_crateType, position _chute, [], 0, 'NONE'];
		_crate attachTo [_chute, [0, 0, -1.3]];
		_crate allowDamage false;

		waitUntil {position _crate select 2 < 5 || isNull _chute};
		detach _crate;
		_smoke = createVehicle [_smokeType, position _crate, [], 0, 'NONE']; 
		_smoke attachTo [_crate, [0,0,0.5]];
		_crate allowDamage true;