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#1 Posted at 2017-05-22 11:13        

I am creating some 3D objects for arma 3 and i encounter an issue with LODs.
I just try, for the moment, to create a geometry LOD for my models but it seems to not work. (my character can pass through my objects.

here is a video showing how i do with Object Builder to add a geometry LOD:

i add an lod with the geometry property, then check for non-convex and non-close objects (everything is ok), find components, add a mass and that's all.

If someone could tell me what i am doing wrong, it will be appreciated cause even if i follow tutorials and arma wiki infos, it doesn't work for me.

Thank's a lot to you.

Edit: maybe i can pass through cause it is a CA_Magazine class in my config.cpp but what kind of class could i use for a droppable object ?

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