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Dear Arma Community,

My name is DaThrillaKilla (DTK), I was recently dabbling in some c#, C# has always been a enjoyable programming language to mess around in. I haven't really made anything that i officially released, However i have made some private tools to make my daily development life easier.

I recently made a a launcher for a community im developing for. As i was using this launcher i realize how much the arma community can benefit from it. In simple words in basically took files from a Dropbox directory and placed the files in the correct arma MPMissions folder.Also the program compressed the mission. The reason for the community was using drop box is because it allowed for our developers to work on the mission while it was all synced together. Thanks to the maker of TDAST whos launcher inspired me to make my own. I been using your tool for many years.

I will be starting a new project in the near future making a simliar program that all server admins to have full control of their server. this program will admins to adjust all setting of their server. It will also include the Battleye api to allow server owners to lock, chat messages, refresh filters, and every thing else you can do within battleye threw the server launcher. The steam api will also be used to allow users of the laucnher to subsribe and get access to premium tools such as encryption, and compression.

  • Steam
  • Battleye
  • Dropbox

If interested in contributing to this project or have any questions feel free to contact me. I am open to any type of criticism. It will proably be a few weeks or months before i even start this project because i have alot going on in my life such a school. I would like to leave you on one fincal note: "There is no such thing as impossible"

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i met to post this in the arma 3 selection

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