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Hold position and survive against all odds.
You are part of a small partisan group called to fill up the ranks of russian regular army.

ACE compatible if you disable Psycho's revive script via mission parameters before starting.
The intro and AAA ambient flaks can be as well enabled or disabled from missions' parameters

STEAM link

Direct Download link

Russian Winter - Campaign

Also if you have feedback let me know.
Thank you!

!! You can try this in SP but i recommend playing it on dedicated. !!

* Aerial Battle - prototype script
* JDAM - released script
* Movie Maker - released script
* Napalm - released script
* Snow Storm - released script
* Ambient Battle - released script
* Artillery - released script
* Fire - released script
* one life per player

Required mods:
- CUP: Weapons, Units, Terrains, Vehicles
- Chernarus Winter

Tested on dedicated.

My Twitter account

Other missions ==========================

TANOA in Black - Prologue

TANOA in BLACK - Main Campaign

The Dawn of the New Altis Republic

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