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#1 Posted at 2017-07-03 19:48        
So ive always wondered this and never really saw anything become of it. Not thinking its that difficult, I figured I would ask everyone to see what their take on this is. A hunter with the .50 cal on top. You know like a Humvee but instead of a Humvee, use a hunter! I know it can be done with the init place object, but I'm wondering yow difficult it would be for someone to do this? I REALLY love the HUSKY by Burnes Armories. But I feel like at times that vehicle is very glitchy. It is genious and I could just need an updated version. But aside from the husky I haven't seen anything that resembles the hunter with mounted .50 cal. Because I feel like the turret system on the Hunter is too advanced for realworld systems thus taking away realism. Anyway thanks all.