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#1 Posted at 2017-07-06 20:10        

if you like Sandbox Scenarios, check out the "Chernarus Wonderland Sandbox".

The Scenario is running here, with 4 Hour Restarts:


- Insurgency Stary Sobor: Eliminate Enemies and recapture Zones
- Polana Terrorist Hunt: Find Terrorist Leader and eliminate him
- Sosnovka Zombie Plague: Rid Sosnovka of the Zombie Plague
- Bastion Chernogorsk: Fight off Waves of Enemies attacking
- Defend the USS Freedom: Destroy attacking Ships and Planes
- Lumber Mill Deatchmatch: Last Man Standing Deathmatch at the Lumber Mill
- Ralley Kamenka-Berezino: Beat the Record Time from Kamenka to Berezino
- Invade and Annex Balota: Recapture Balota and defend afterwards


- an extended Shooting Range with a Variety of spawnable Targets
- Sniper's Corner with Bulletcam
- Paragliding / Basejumping with Flight-Time and Distance Records
- Nuclear Convoy
- Artillery PVP Game
- Rocket Cars / Bicycles
- Zeus for logged-in Admin
- A lot of Side Missions
- Virtual Vehicle Spawner, Virtual Arsenal, AI Recruit, HALO Jump

... and quite a bit of confidential Stuff 8-)

Mods: RHS/CUP/RyanZombies/CBAA3/Bikes

Used Scripts: EOS, VVS, VAS, JBoy Barrels, Grad Fireworks, LiveFeedControl, AliasAmbientLights, AliasFallingStar, AliasStorm, AliasVolcano, BonRecruit, ATM AirDrop, Convoy by Norrin, GOM Paraglide, AusMD Sidemissions

My other Scenario: "Taunus Wunderland Sandbox"

Have Fun and CU.