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#1 Posted at 2017-09-20 01:04        
Hello all,

While playing the single player scenario "hunter six" I became very intrigued. I love the depth in the form of medals and skills to be gained by players and AI. Just like ghost recon. Today i hammered out how to get artillery, cas, and transport supports for a MP mission I am building for my friend. If the hunter six scenario was multiplayer, I'd be set. But I'm stuck with just adding a bunch of bad guys and going to kill them with my friend.

How can I make it so our players earn medals and such?

Can I make certain songs play at specific times? (Meaning can I have Arma play a song but stop when we get into combat)

Rather than just dying, can I make it so there's a time while we just lay there waiting to get revived? Unless it's a headshot or something.

Once I get things like this figured out, then I'd like to start adding more missions and tasks so we can have a long lasting scenario like hunter six.