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#1 Posted at 2017-10-10 09:51        
1. How do you setup traders? Buying price, selling price and how much respect needed to buy? Someone helped me set it up but some items like nv goggles aren't there, some items are unsellable, and some items are just selling for too much. If anyone can just explain it to me in full I can go from there. and just add and edit what I need.

2. How do I set the server to auto restart every 180 minutes with warnings?

3. How do I set my missions to spawn on all the islands, currently mostly spawning on the large island, and sometimes the same mission will load 3 times in a row?

4. How do I add server rules to the XM8 device and have banners pop up as messages etc?

5. If you kill an AI who is carrying a rocket launcher on other servers, you can loot them, on my server the rocket launchers disappear.

Sorry for asking so many questions but I really want to open up the server to other players, because in my country there aren't many descent servers around