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#1 Posted at 2017-10-19 19:29        
Allows the characters to say different words in battle. Soldiers will say when they shoot their wounded, killed, kill, or they threw a grenade.
The task of fashion is filled with realness, a sense of combat mission. Now you can hear what is going on around you, what your comrades or the enemy at some point.
The main feature of the character is superimposed on a voice, now the same people won't scream in different voices.

Installation in the mission:
With the help of modules. Added 3 new module, you can find them in game Logic => Modules. Or just the Modules (F7)
Each module is responsible for your side:

• SAR krik USA
• SAR krik Russia
• SAR krik Resistance

Description of the functioning of

1) the Class "hit" - a character shouts, in direct contact or injury. The range of audibility of the player is 100 metres away.
2) the Class "fired" - a character yells when shooting from hand or grenade launcher, and when throwing grenades. The range of audibility of the player is 100 metres away. Grenade launchers are customized just for Moda RHS.
3) Class "death" - the character shouts (mean, gasps and short cries) at the point of death. The range of audibility of the player is 25 meters.
4) Class "UnderFire" - a character screams when you shoot (a bullet). Creek is pronounced if a bullet flies right next to the character. The range of audibility of the player is 150 metres away. Creek is pronounced not with every flight of a bullet, is the time between shouts randomly, the maximum pause – 30 seconds.

The addon is NOT functioning if:
• There is no enemy within a radius of 250 meters
• A player removed from the screaming of the character (further than 150 metres)
• The player to be in the car
• Character is in the car
• Character died

Automatic connection addon
All you have to do is activate the mod: sar_krik_start.pbo.
Because of this, you will be able to play with our Addons in any mission.
Note: if you are playing a mission where there are already modules Dynamic screaming, the functions are activated fashion those that have not yet been activated module in the editor.
Important: the addon is distributed on side, ie the side of the West – will speak English, including CHSO. East side – in Russian, including CDCS. Be careful when playing with the add-ons, as there may be discrepancies of speech and of the nationality of the addon.
hint: play with auto-connect only if you know in advance that you will be playing, but in the mission where strictly requires addon Dynamic shouts – connect no auto-connect.

Addon in MP has not been tested.
Key MP – no.

In developing participated:
- ruslan1414
- burnout
- FredoomFry
- ifumin

Thanks to:
Slon, for scripting help.
Thank you, Iscander, for their invaluable help in creating addon! For sending sounds.
BESS55555 and behemoot for help finding sounds
Special thanks ruslan1414 for active assistance in the creation of the addon.

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#2 Posted at 2017-10-23 08:52        
Thanks for posting the release here on the forums and sorry for the delay. I totally missed your post.
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