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#241 Posted at 2013-04-22 16:44        
Still in work on this project mission is coming along well for A2 and now am also working on A3 but lets get back to A2 for min the addons pack has been rebuilt with new Addons that will replace old ones that can't be ported to A2 as well as New scripts that have change since code is not the same as it once was. Am redoing the whole thing from the ground up but with the same feel as the old QU mod that much has not changed. Its just hard to bring back as a lot of the core game mods that won't work and scripts too. so here is a small video i did a long time ago sorry it it bad and few updates.

small update:
Fixed / W.I.P
Shops working (guns/cars/Air)
Yommi Zombie are now the Undead Mod Zombies
Missions work (save civs/ save chopper)
Cash works with zombie kills.
Player unit change model.
Still need to fix small A.i chopper crash issue give u massage at the sart saying ur in jail when not?
Outpost base mission not working yet due to Resupply truck not working I.e convoy mission.

New stuff.
Bandit Base to be added.
New weapons to be added.
Wasteland style Base building to be added.
Food/Water to be added

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#242 Posted at 2016-06-29 11:21        

I've repacked the addon package for Quarantine Unleashed.
This package includes the absolute required addons only, that's why its download size is only 173 MB. Disk Space required: about 600 MB.
The package from "falcos" includes duplicated files and the downloaded archives, you won't need them.

Download for cleaned and repacked package:

The download link got updated at the missions page as well:

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