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#1 Posted at 2017-11-05 06:00        
Now, I'm trying to use an Hit eventhandler and have it so when you shoot a player the shooter executes the script instead of the person getting shot. I have it set up below:

player addEventHandler ["Hit", {null = [] execVM"hit.sqf"}];

player addEventHandler ["Hit", {_this execVM"hit.sqf"}];

When I use that second code it was working but the player who got hit heard the sound and not the shooter. I simply just need to flip that so I used:

player addEventHandler ["Hit", {(_this select 0) execVM"hit.sqf"}];

Ive tried all of these to no avail. Inside the script is just a playSound so I use:

player addEventHandler ["Hit", {playSound"hit"}];