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#1 Posted at 2017-12-17 17:09        
I've been trying to create a more satisfactory experience when using night vision, which for me means bringing down the goggle's effectiveness. I have been able to create a working addon with a new overlay image that has some color filtering and statice grain and a little lense dirt, that wasn't too difficult once I found a couple of old post about how to do it.

I do still have a few questions thought and the first about adding post-processing effects. I used this mission to create the initial effects I'm interested in trying, but I'm having difficulty applying them to the goggles via in the config file. Typically I receive an error about finding p instead of = when I launch the game and then Arma crashes.

This was my latest attempt to make it work, it may be a little different than what I started with it but should be fairly close:

#include "BIS_AddonInfo.hpp"
class CfgPatches
	class MBS_NVG
		//requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Weapons_F" };
		requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Weapons_F", "A3_Weapons_F_ItemHolders", "A3_Weapons_F_gamma_Items", "A3_Weapons_F_EPA", "A3_Weapons_F_EPB", "A3_Weapons_F_EPC", "A3_Weapons_F_Exp" };

class cfgWeapons
	class Default {};

	class Binocular : Default {};

	class NVGoggles : Binocular
		modelOptics = "MBS_NVG\NewNVG.p3d";
		useModelOptics = 1;
                opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 1;
                opticsPPEffects[] = {"OpticsCHAbera1","OpticsBlur1"};
                PP_chrom = ppEffectCreate ["ChromAberration",200];
                PP_chrom ppEffectEnable true;
                PP_chrom ppEffectAdjust [-0.01,0.01,true];
                PP_chrom ppEffectCommit 0;
                PP_film = ppEffectCreate ["FilmGrain",2000];
                PP_film ppEffectEnable true;
                PP_film ppEffectAdjust [1,1.35,0.001,2,2,true];
                PP_film ppEffectCommit 0;

Any help would be appreciated!