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#1 Posted at 2018-01-06 13:27        
Greetings everyone!

First off, I hope I’ve found the right forum to post this - hoping that the "Addon request" is the right place to "request" - or at least ask - if someone would look into working on a specific mod.

I’m Norwegian and I make a lot of missions for my group and friends. Many of us are in the national home guard, and thusly would like to play scenarios where we at least could use some "familiar" uniforms/gear/vehicles. Some years back, i used the mod "Norwegian Units" made by Vasilyevich. This was before RHS, and was tied to to the "NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons" mod by massi as a dependency, which at the time was understandable as he was one of the very few that sported the HK416/17 series weapons (HK416 is the standard rifle of the Norwegian Army - HK417 as such the standard marksman rifle). This mod "Norwegian Units" mod has not been maintained and the mod creator seems to have quit the community for all I can see.

Thusly, I was wondering if there are any mod creators out there who would do the "Norwegian dudes" of the Arma 3 community a great favour, and look into making a "Norwegian Forces" kind of mod, sporting mainly the uniforms and vehicles (as weapons can be tied to the AI units from the vanilla Arma 3 pack...or at least APEX). Why not weapons in general? Well, there are so many mods out there that sports weapons of all kinds, also the HK-416/17 series, that I think the mod will see greater success if the weapon choices were "optional" and not a mod dependency. If anything, tie it to the RHS series mods - which we know wont disappear from the franchise anytime soon.

Now to a few specific things, which I believe would benefit this mods "authenticity" concerning the vehicles and equipment Norwegian units actually use.

- Assorted uniforms already existing in Arma 3, just with a norwegian camo theme would suffice (in additional to multicam ofc, as that is used a lot in our special branches).
- The Bell 412 Helicopter. It’s a workhorse we've had for a long time - and by the looks of it, not something that’s being changed anytime soon, with exception for the Norwegian Navy/Coast Guard - who are looking into the NH90.
- The IVECO armored jeep, both for desert and woodland. In addition to our old Mercedes Benz 240 field wagon - our old workhorse, which has been used in all manners of variations.
- The CV9030N IFV
- Scania 93M, and assorted variations.
- Leopard 2 (Our MBT, we're currently using the A4 version - but its just a matter of time till we get upgrades for them, most likely upgrade-packages to A5 or even perhaps A7 - a reskin of the independent Leo 2 from vanilla A3 would suffice).
- SB90N boat.

Now, this were some specifics - but in general, for "inspiration" - check out this particular official website from our armed forces. Here you can see most of what is in use equipmentwise as well as vehicles.

Now, this is a tall order I know - actually, it’s more over a long-term project I’d say. However, if done well - I can promise it will be immensely popular and well used by the majority of the Norwegian Arma 3 community, in addition to anyone else wanting to have a "Nordic/Scandinavian theme" modpack.

I must again make it clear, that this is just a request/wish - I don’t expect anyone to feel obliged to do this. However, I have to try - as I have no idea on how to do this myself, and this looks to be the place to make such and request.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards,
- Ulfgaar

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