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#1 Posted at 2018-02-24 09:29        
Hi all I have a problem that with an addon pack called German Weapon's pack by Marseille. I am unable to find the correct magazine classname for the G3A4 battle rifle. Firstly, the classnames in the provided readme are all out of date. Secondly, adding the ammo boxes in the editor so I can pick up the G4A4 rifle comes up empty. So I can get the rifle out of the ammo crate it just has no associated ammo magazine. Thirdly, the rifle works fine in the armory which leads me to believe it does have an associated magazine. The thread for this mod hasn't had a reply in over two years and the last post were of someone else expressing the same problem with the G3. The mod author never bothered to reply so trying to ask help there would be a waste of time. My only other option is to unpack the addon .pbo file. I have tried two different programs unsuccessfully. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Added 15 minutes later:

Mod can go ahead and close this I was able to find a successful program to unpack the addon's .pbo file. In case anyone else was looking for this the classname is KPFS_20Rnd_762x51_HK

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