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#1 Posted at 2018-03-05 17:53        
Small script similar to the randomSpawnTown. This creates small patrol units in non-strategic areas.


- Works in singleplayer and multiplayer.
- Decide the number of activation cycles
- decide if it is necessary to generate units even in buildings
- decide whether to generate only units or even vehicles.
- Activation radius and consequent spawning
- Works both with vanilla patrol and with CBA patrol. The script identifies if the CBA mod is present and uses the relative code.

For the vehicle;

- Choose vehicles to randomly spawn with radius [minimum, medium, maximum]
- make them static or patrol (always random)
- choose the patrol radius [minimum, medium, maximum]
- when the vehicle is spawned, the patrol radius is automatically modified

for walking units;

- choose random spawning units with radius [minimum, medium, maximum]
- make them static, dynamic (patrolling) or in buildings
- choose the patrol [minimum, medium, maximum]
- decide which configuration the units should have

video tutorial: Tutorial


put script into the mission folder
put a logical unit on the map
put in the logical unit the code; null=[this,1,false,true,[75,100,150],500] execVM "RandomSpawnAIx.sqf";

Meaning [this, cycle, unit_building, vehicle, Radius_Patrol, Radius_activation] execVM "RandomSpawnTown.sqf";

cycle = ciclo di attivazione script - cycle optimization script
unit_building = activates and deactivates (true / false) the positioning of units in buildings
vehicle = true spawn vehicle
Radius_Patrol = Min-med-max random patrol radius
Radius_activation = Minimum distance at which the spawning is activated

Download script Script

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#2 Posted at 2018-03-06 11:02        
Thanks for posting your release here on the forums!
You can find the Armaholic mirror here:

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