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#1 Posted at 2018-04-16 20:40        
Hi there,

I tested some versions of the Arma 2-ported AH-64D Longbow v1.43+ modded and published by Nodunit and Franze. They gave it to open source so there are a lot of interested diligently working people working on this mod so far.
Recently I downloaded a version of this mod but unfortunately I neither find it on the steam workshop anywhere nor anywhere else on the internet again.

Name: @AH-64D Longbow by N&F (64bit v1.43+)
Downloaded on: 04/13/2018, 19:52
Downloaded where: steam workshop
Size: 300 MB/302 MB

Maybe some of you can help me finding the author of this version to maybe work together a bit more on this great mod!

Thx guys

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#2 Posted at 2018-04-18 07:39        
The most likely reason being is that they didn't have permission for something they did, Nodunit did specify about what can be done etc and maybe they ignored it. OR it could be a number of other reasons, maybe they just gave up supporting it, OR likely its because the trolls on Steam could have been too much for them and that is why they deleted it.

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