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#1 Posted at 2018-07-12 22:30        
Hello to all Armaholics and script Guru's.

I am fully aware that there might be threads or mods that already do all of the stuff i am going to mention yet i am new to scripting and for most of the time more complicated scripts tend to be challenging for me to do, so i am learning bit by bit.
If any of you can point me in direction of at least basic ArmA scripting and understand how the script rules work i would really appreciate it.

I am looking for scripts that would work in multiplayer.

1st) Safezone.
I've been looking on web and found some fix's for this topic like the famous invulnerability script that
nullifies all damage taken in the area to players and objects, that script is currently implemented in my mission safe-zone area yet i see possibility that TKs will shoot the heli's or vehicles that will leave the safe-zone protective marker. so i've been wondering if anyone can explain to me how the bullet deletion script works.

note:I want to limit the virtual arsenal to only basic essentials like Grenades/Ammo/basic rifles so players would play their respective roles.

2nd) I would like to address the res-pawn mechanic of players, currently characters seem to res-spawn with what they had before death, what i want to do is to make them res-spawn with default gear (including weapons equipment and ammunition) that comes with their predefined class from the ArmA3 editor to make the characters retain their gear for their respective roles.

3rd)I would like to learn how to place some restrictions on some classes, like only Grenadiers could use GL rifles, or marksmen/snipers could use the long range rifles while other classes could not.

4th)I would like to restrict helicopters and planes to pilots.

Heads up thanks to anyone for help, and to ArmaA community in General , you guys are making great content :]

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#2 Posted at 2018-07-15 22:19        
There's a Protection Zone item in game, its about 25m wide. I'd check that out and see if its what you want.

If you dbl click the arsenal box in the editor and scroll down to the Equipment section, you'll see a tab that says virtual. Now all the items should have an infinite symbol, just go through and select which you want and boom, custom arsenal. (As far as I know though, that doesn't STOP players from loading saved kits)

For the respawn, you're probably looking to do a respawn template. Which you can find here:

Restricting weapons to certain units (classes) looks like a neat little post from MitchJC here: