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I have absolutely zero interest in playing hours of this game only to lose the entire thing because Col. Blake decides he doesn't like how I play. What's especially retarded is that several times I got chewed out by this AI it was for following orders. He ordered me to engage targets which could not even be seen from where I was ordered to move. Make up your mind, computer.

It reminds me of the retarded RoE in SWAT 4, where you can yell at a guy for ten minutes to drop his gun, mace him, etc. but if you shoot him even though he hasn't somehow you've done wrong and are penalized. In reality this would never occur, nor is it within military codes of conduct to discipline soldiers because their commanders give impossible and contradictory orders. 'Inability to carry out' is literally the best excuse there is in the Army.

Not to mention most of these missions are retarded nonsense. Lone Wolf crap is absurd, this is less realistic than Duke Nukem, because at least Duke Nukem is a superhero and it makes sense for him to take on hordes by himself. What the Hell happened to the Army Air Corps or the Air Force in OpF? Almost every mission in this game could be accomplished in four seconds by an Avenger CAS, and in fact would be in the real world. "But that wouldn't be fun!" cry the normies. So make a mission that makes sense instead of one that would actually be solved easily by basic air support and mechanized troops? The US military is the most mechanized force on the planet. We do not use rifleman as spearheads to assaults, never have, not even in WW2. Artillery + air support is the king, your rifleman are mostly there to guard rear areas and kick down doors. More like police work than battlefield combat.

Since Bohemia made it impossible to edit this out of the game as of Resistance I will simply not play the campaign. This game is tedious enough without this retarded feature.

Shft + KP - Campaign it is.