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#1 Posted at 2008-08-08 16:12        
guys i think this topic is needed. Most of armaholic people are realism freaks i think.
I hope the developers of arma 2 will read this forum.
I have a realism hint for them

1 Why no failing weapons like in real life combat. (blocking weapons)

2 Why no cleaning of the weapon now and then

This are realism options for ARMA 2 and it would be great if there was an option in the menu that can turn those things on and of

So dev. team GIVE IT A GO to think about it

i also hope other people have suggestions for the developers to make the game as real as possible!

Post it guys!

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#2 Posted at 2008-08-08 17:09        
I think BI will leave the jamming weapons to the modders, and cleaning just useless as you don't clean weapons in the middle of an Operation.


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#3 Posted at 2008-08-09 02:51        
Well seeming as it's already been scripted in ArmA and most likely the script will be compatible with ArmA II I don't see the problem.