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#106 Posted at 2010-11-04 06:19        
I understand that the last person to respond on this topic was in 2009, but I seem to have a problem with this addon. When I load it and all that, It kicks me off the game and gives a message "bad version 48 in p3d file merc/merc_lb.p3d"

I have erased all my addons and it says the same. I know that I am not using an Arma 2 addon because the addon came from Arma/downloads/vehicles.

Please advise

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#107 Posted at 2010-11-08 03:44        
yea it is because the mod was updated with the arma2 tools and i have yet to fix it because the work version was on my old hard drive which is now croupt

so unless one of the guys that was helping with this mod still has a work version there will be no further updates

sorry for inconvenience

if you wont one of my addons just pm me and i will give you a link