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#1 Posted at 2008-12-02 18:54        

Have recently updated my rig as follows:

Dual core E8400 3ghz
2g Ram
Nvidia 9600GT graphics
My old PC would not run the game at all.

I have updated to 1.14, updated graphics drivers etc etc and still get really laggy performance with settings at Normal and view distance set to 1500km. Only time performance is ok is when I set everything to low.

Any tips, advice out there on giving it a boost? Is this normal? I know its a demanding game but would though my spec would be more than ample to cope with high settings accross the board and viewdistance at about 2000km.

The weird thing is when I turn everything up to full I only get a small performance drop (except viewdistance)!

Using 1440x900 resolution with 16/10 aspect ratio if thats any help.