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#16 Posted at 2009-01-18 09:55        
Nice work Cenerbe, how about turning your obvious talents to the Russian front and doing a WW2 Soviet 76mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22) anti tank gun/artillery piece, many were captured by the Wehrmacht and used against the Soviets themselves, so it could be used for both sides.

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#17 Posted at 2009-01-18 14:16        
Thanks very much to all, pak40 is just a beta. Please send me any suggestion or problem with it, you can work on pak40 too. Sure i will make other units, but i build only WW2 models. Now im on a US naval destroyer, and other units...

Funny Info:

- why pak40 shoot little at right of reticule centre?"

Pak40 optics isnt in axis with 75mm gun. Gun of pak40 is at right of optics,
hence at right of gunner view, so shoot will go a little at right of recicule centre.

- why pak40 havent a body revolving like a tank?"

Pak40 is a static weapon, in arma static weapon havent structural revolving movement
(look at M119 or D30). So im working to give a structural revolve to pak40.

- why pak40 cant lock targets?"
WW2 artillery cant lock targets, in most case they were fully manual like pak40 and cant lock anything.

- why pak40 cant be towed by Opel Blitz?"
Pak40 cant be tower bacause there isnt a script to do that...
I can ask to FF Studio for a script with their truck addon.

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