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#31 Posted at 2009-04-30 05:55        
Gibbon : [quote]soldier2390 :
Very nice work! That Ural with the artillary peice in the back is a very nice idea. I hope to see that ability implamented into all BIS truck Models! May i ask how that is done? Is it done by a script? Looking very nice keep up the good work!
The unfolding of the artillery becomes by means of the action menu of the mouse.
A greeting and i am glad you to like.

nice...I really like the work you gentalmen are doing! And i like all the creative ideas you's have, it brings new great possiblitys into the game. thanks for all the hard work you all are doing. looking forward to even better things from you guys in the future!

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#32 Posted at 2009-05-26 08:32        
I love theese addons! Keep up the excellent work!!


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