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#1 Posted at 2009-06-09 01:46        
I used two soldiers from different sides to board a vehicle instantly with the command {unitname moveindriver/moveincargo vehiclename.

One unit is OPFOR and the other is BLUFOR.
I make Blufor soldier a captive{command> this setcaptive true>
Then i make the opfor soldier drive the car to their base(opfor base)

Then it happens, the opfor started shooting BOTH of the soldiers in the vehicle.
I dont know why? Do i have to upgrade my Arma version?(i have only original version)(version1.004 or something)

BTW,is somebody know how to make a helicopter successfully unload cargo at a helipad?
Another is how to make a helicopter to land and load at helipads?

Is there any other cameraeffect commands which do not crash the game other than ["internal","back"]?

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