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#1 Posted at 2009-06-19 03:16        
I am not an admin! But i just wanted to discuss some things about mission editing,so post anything what you know about mission editing here.(i think admins will allow me to do this)

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#2 Posted at 2009-06-19 04:29        
Doublepost in 3 minutes.... wait 'til Fox see this. :p

I think missions from OFP:CWC can be played with OFP:Res,isn't it?
Yes no problem this way. Only the other way around doesn't work.


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#3 Posted at 2009-06-19 04:40        
haroon1992, do you know you cannot post twice in a row in less than 24 hours (aprox)?, do you know you can edit your own posts?

Let's hope you know have learned it.

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#4 Posted at 2009-06-22 12:32        
HI guys,i am now making a mission(almost finished),where can i post it?
I know 2 good sites for mission posting:
OFP filefront

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#5 Posted at 2012-02-11 14:35        
You can upload mission to OFPEC too