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#1 Posted at 2009-07-03 18:35        
hi everyone!

im making a kick ass hugh racs mission for the pracs mod! the mission is to assault the island or far there is no real store and most likely there will be none..seeing how many real life mission all u know is when and where if your even that lucky! but i think i'm gonna keep it as a basic takeover/clear the island sorta thing. now for my problem....i want the prac's type 21 ship to target..enemy units/tanks and so on..from off the north coast of the island..whether or not there just random targets..or a specific target it dont matter, i just want to hear the guns go off and see some enemy blowing up! if possible i would want it to be a map click type of script, as so i can call in precise target locations! just so no one gives me trouble yes..i have checked out many different scripts(to try to modify emm to use the ship..and other things) and yes...i also checked the which i found noting that helps...could some one please either make me a script or modify one for me(or help me... do it), cause iv tried many things and this is all thats holding the mission back!

some details to help people help me:

.there are 2 ships(pracs type21)!
.they are about a few hundred feet off shore(but you can still see parts of the buildings and city..from looking through the scope or even with no scope)!
.i tryed many other scripts..and so on nothing worked at all!
.i have tryed the dofire and commandfire commands...but nothing happens!

@admins...sorry i messed up and posted this in the wrong needs to be in mission editing i belive! so feel free to correct this!

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