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PMC Chernarus cmp v0.1

This is first ever user made campaign for ArmA 2 called PMC Chernarus cmp. Player takes the role of Marine Force Recon team leader. Missions vary from HALO jump, reconnaissance to direct action mission to support other friendly units.

Read online manual: ArmA 2 -> PMC Chernarus cmp (thanks for forums not to allow me to post the direct link).

This campaign is work in progress, with more missions to come, its not complete at the moment. There is enough cutscenes and missions to make this an average sized campaign regarding OFP/ArmA standards. There is no character spoken storyline, the campaign flow itself is the storyline here.

Download PMC_Chernarus_cmp_v0.1.rar - 21kb.
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
All mirrors are very much appreciated, thank you.

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