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February 13 1995

After 10 years to the explosion of the nuclear power station of Cernosahrani, some terrorists want re use the station for production of nuclear bombs.

Two snipers of the english special forces (S.A.S.), Captain MacMillan and lieutenant Price (You) must kill the boss of the terrorists: Imrar Zakhaev.

Mission objectives:

- Go on the top of one building to have a better view of the target (Zakhaev).
- Kill Zakhaev.
- Escape from the building and go to the extraction point.

Known bugs:

When the player receive an Ak 74, the rifle doesn' t work. Then just drop the weapon and take it again.

ArmA Call of Duty4 - Infallible Hired Assassin (@)

RAF Chinook
SWM standalone Ghillie Sniper Pack
Demo Island Saralite

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I know what big or foxhound is gonna say DOnt double Post :D

Btw sounds cool


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Thanks, armaholic page added.

PS: next time try to add a link to the required addons so i don't have to be searching for them.