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The Mission;

Operation Gorka. Russian forces have capture Gorka, it's time for the US to take it back. This is a full scale battle which includes air support, ground forces and armour (and you can control all three). Once Gorka is clear, the mission will successfully end.

Mission features;

*Play as Armour, artillery commander/airstrike commander, AH-1Z pilot/gunner or play as infantry.
*Helicopter insertion
*Secondary missions and targets.
*M270 MLRS artillery system.
*AV-8B Harrier airstrike system.
*Artillery commander/airstrike commander who can call in artillery or airstrikes.
*Lots of fun
*Lots of enemies

Hope you enjoy guys, this is my first 'real' mission.

Operation Gorka

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Thanks, armaholic page added.