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#1 Posted at 2009-09-19 02:23        
Hey all, finally got around to finishing up this mission after a month or so of not touching it because I couldn't get the last few voices I needed. Hope you enjoy!


    * All dialogue is voiced-over now (was previously only 1 line), you can probably tell I had fun with a couple of the less-heard voices :P
    * Added a medic to the squad
    * Extended ending to directly lead into the start of Cobra team's follow-up mission (will be released soon)
    * Added some stationary & roaming infantry to help make a previous area of silence a little more exciting
    * Started including easter eggs at very end of my missions :P

Acting as leader of Force Recon team Cobra, your main objective is to find intel with the location of a Russian AA battery, which a friendly ship will proceed to eliminate. Furthermore, your team must secure and hold the town of Solnichniy before the landing parties arrive only a few short hours later.

* Player leads a 4-man Force Recon team
* Full briefing with Mission, Situation, Intel on BLUFOR and OPFOR
* Multiple debriefing outcomes, based on objectives completed.
* 3 Primary and 2 Secondary objectives, some created mid-mission
* Randomly placed first objective (you gotta look around for it!)
* New Action menu entry for dealing with certain objectives
* Character dialogue (currently only 1 with voice-over)
* Special scripted events/squadmate actions
* Guessing it will take around 40 minutes on first play through

Gatekeeper (@) v1.1

Mercenaries and BlackOps

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Thanks, armaholic page updated.