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#1 Posted at 2009-10-31 11:00        
No doubt this has been asked before but I can't find the answers by searching:
I have just bought the game (for a second it another try...) and would like to know the best new missions, campaigns, add-ons etc for SINGLE PLAY.
Apart from where to get them and what they do, how to install them would be useful advice too please.
Please do not say 'You can have whatever you can imagine by using the editor' as that is beyond me, not interested (happy to borrow everyone else's hard work though! :blush).

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#2 Posted at 2009-10-31 11:33        
You could try sorting the Missions section of Armaholic descending by number of hits, that should give you a good indication what missions are popular as a great place to start!


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#3 Posted at 2009-10-31 11:39        

there are plenty of extra unit mods,
so you can make your own missions playing as imperial storm troopers vs rebles, taliban vs us army or poland vs britian.
these are addons you can download depending on your interests.

but essential ones that change gameplay
such as sound mods, mods that change the interface, explosion effects, visual upgrades
these improve your overall game experience.

but as Psyclon suggested download them all.

personally i use the British mods.
i also use SLX to enhance gameplay. (like capturing enemy's, make the AI smarter, effects better and add's some new gameplay features as well.
then i use effects mod (non blinding sun, bigger compass, improved cross hair, no peripheral vision markers, vapor trails for aircraft etc.)

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#4 Posted at 2009-10-31 12:02        
Hi dozza, :welcome to Armaholic.

We have a stickie topic for questions about what addons to try (ArmA2), you can find it here:
What addons should I definatly try?
For missions/campaigns we do not yet have one but will be created when I see a good topic to create it with.

Keep in mind for all releases goes the same, you might love it, others might hate that same release. What others think rocks the stars from heaven might be the worst release for you ever experienced. All this comes down to personal flavour, so the best thing to do is just try it.
And yes, sorting the download list by number of downloads like rockets says could give you a good indication as well.
In the future I hope our new website has a function to show the highest rated files by section as well.

Since you can use the linked topic to ask about addons and I let you free to open a new topic in the missions section to ask for most popular missions I lock this one as this is a topic about all of the above and we really do not want dozens of topics about this where in the end all answers are the same ;)

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