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I'm stuck at the end of "An Eye for an Eye." I started by going right into town because, hey, this waffleman guy's supposed to be by the watertower, so that' right on the way out. So, I kill the BRNM or whatever the acronym is and that goes OK, then I head south for the tower and overhear my buddies killing the assassinee on the radio, so that's all good. Now I get close to the water tower and there's a tough battle... and the only guy by the water tower is a russian soldier chillin' out by a campfire. This guy is probably not Waffleman. So I go to the map screen and make "meet Waffleface" the active task, and turns out he's way up in the hills. Luckily getting out of town is easy, so I get up there...

Wafflepants: "Did you know the commies are keeping the BYOB right next to the church?"
Me: "Yes, I blew it up there half an hour ago. Did you know we where supposed to meet at the water tower?"
Waffle McWaffleface: "My plan is that now that you've talked to me, I'm going to snipe like the coward I am."
Me: "How about I use that sniper rifle to give you a lead suppository, since all this time it would have been really nice to have somebody sniping instead of counting the bricks on this shed?"

But by the time I got my gun ready, he'd run off...

Anyway, I open up my map screen to start up the radio for Petey boy with the car. And my radio is not on that screen. Did Waffleboy run off with it? No, it's in my inventory... but it's not on my map screen. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I can't find a key to toggle the radio in the controls page, and it definitely was on the map screen when I started the mission.

So, does anyone know where my radio went, and if I can get it back? Or, if we can just walk home since apparently the radio's batteries are dead or something.

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