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#1 Posted at 2009-11-05 18:26        
I proudly present you my newest SP Mission for ArmA2. In No Way Out you are a civilain who was captured by guerillas with your woman and 4 inhabitants. You've to kill a betrayer to save them. But is it possible?

These damned guerrillas have occurred in Msta and have taken us as hostages. If i kill the teacher of the Skalisty island, they would release us. To me no other choice remains!
The mission changed if you kill the teacher or you let him alive. Which way you go?!

No Way Out V1.0

German/English Note: Use the English button to download the english version!

Armaholic mirror:
- No Way Out

* Any own scripts
* Intro, Outro, Cutscenes
* Detailed briefing with images
* Possible rekrutiting of civilians
* Changes mission (teacher is dead or not)
* Little drive with boats
* Eastereggs :)
* and much more

Used modules:
* Civilians
* Civilian vehicles
* First aid
* Animals