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#1 Posted at 2007-06-18 15:25        
Hi all.

I am sure most of you have noticed our website wasnt performing on its best lately. Also the downloads werent offered with great speed and we apologize for that.
As most of you will have seen armaholic is rising in popularity so more and more people connect to our site and download files.
The ammount of traffic generated by all this (specifically since the 1.08 patch) is mind blowing, however this caused our servers to lets say........overheat a bit and we were forced to limit them.

We have bought an additional server (located at which we are updating already with all our files.
Some of you may have noticed some download links point to it already, for some this may work, for other not. Dont worry, this will all go automatically since the DNS servers just have been set this weekend.

So hopefully by tomorrow all downloads will be available to you on 2 different download servers. We hope by this the traffic will split up more relieving the servers a bit.
In the future we hope we can offer you even more and better download servers but that depends on our financial situation.
Which brings me to the fact we have added some google adds to our website. You can see them on the download pages.
We tried to keep the site add free but right now we are paying for 3 servers and I bet you all know those cost a lot of money and well.........we have to eat as well :thumb

Thanks again for your patience and we hope the download section will perform better as soon as possible.

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#2 Posted at 2007-06-18 15:43        
No problem matey ;) Im sure everyone understood what was happening since the release of the 1.08 patch, and im glad you have it all sorted now as this is my No.1 ArmA source :thumb (Sorry BIS but your forums are total **** IMHO)

Alot of people can see how much effort you put into ArmAholic ;)

Keep it up :thumb


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#3 Posted at 2007-06-18 21:40        
here here

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