Zooloo75 submitted an updated version of his Impulse sound mod.

    Quote :
    "Impulse" adds gunshot reverb to ArmA3.
    The addon is compatible with all other sound mods/weapons/maps/etc (it is completely independent).

    • Major performance optimizations
    • Sounds tweaked
    • Gunfire can echo off objects/vegetation/rocks

Written on 2015-03-02 by zooloo75


maquez released his RHS Insurgents - ALiVE compatibility addon on the BI forums.
This enables the full use of the Insurgents Faction in ALiVE or in editor (groups), without this addon ALiVE will spawn only infantry and no vehicles.

Written on 2015-03-02 by Q-Net_maquez

Twisted released an updated version of his All The Weapons addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    All The Weapons is an addOn that automatically lets you use any and all of your other weapon addons in any Single Player mission inclduing Official ARMA 3 missions.

    The addon will check every newly spanwed unit and assign them a a random rifle load out based on their side.
    To prevent breaking survival type missions, if a character spawns without a weapon this script will not run. This is intentional.

    • random handguns enabled for player. should accomodate RH pistols and Massi. Any other pistols you'd like included please post their classname and side in the BIS forum post.
    • magazines added to campaign mission pool so you sometime find them as well as scopes and rifles in mission ammo boxes. No idea why weapons and scopes are showing up, must be magic precognition code by BIS. but its nice.
    • added alternative versions. three extra versions. If you want them then simply copy the *.pbo from the folder and overwrite the default pbo in the addons folder:
        - Alt 1 offers the player persistent weapons - this means you DO NOT get a weapon at random at the start of each mission - but all the AI do. So you can scavenge the dead to build your ultimate weapon setup whether its m4 or ak and then keep it from mission to mission (well as much as the particualr campiagn allows). a very nice new dynamic to existing missions. It also changes headgear according to side (much less sci-fi helmets) plus fixes the ai accuracy to be within more human like values as discovered in the dev branch forums. This is the one I use now.
        - Alt 2 - player gets new random weapons based on your installed addons each mission.Headgear doesn't change. no ai accuracy fix.
        - Alt 3 - yes i may be going a bit out of scope of just the this one just just changes the player and all AI weapon to be a random one selected from your installed addons on the beginning of each mission. that's all. NVGsare not removed n this version unlike all others.
        Default (already in addons directory) brings new random weapons each mission based on your installed weapon addons, no ai accuracy fix, headgear is changed at random.

Written on 2015-03-02 by Armaholic


blckeagls released the Resource War Client files on the Armaholic forums.
Resource War is an open sandbox environment with base building, resource gathering, and a complete crafting system.

    Quote :
    What makes this mod so great:
    Base Building (Build a base from scratch, walls, floors, storage areas)
    Crafting System (Everything in the game was crafted by another player)
    Player Driven Economy (Player set the price of items for sale)
    Auction House Style Traders (Set price and quantity of items/resources you crafted for sale)
    Persistent Database (Everything is saved after restarts)
    Ability to capture resource locations (90+ different resource locations to capture and hold)
    Hire-able NPC to guard your base (AI units that can guard your base)

    What we want: We want a fun environment for teamwork and PVP. We have a few features that are being worked on for the BETA version such as a proficiency system. We are open to the communities ideas on how to improve the game and add additional content, so if you have any suggestions we want to hear from you!

Written on 2015-03-02 by blckeagls

Kamping-Killoch released an updated version of his Killochs Multi-National Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Killoch's multi-national pack is a retexture pack ( Created by myself ), which aims to bring a huge variety of Infantry units to your games in a single pack. The pack features 57 "factions", or distinct groups or camouflage patterns, and well over 300 Gear items to achive this, which represent a dozen real world groups, including the USMC, US Army, Russian Federation, Peoples Republic of China, North and South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, the UK and Ireland and many other fictional Generic groups. Though Intended primarily as a Gear pack, from where you can make your own loadouts, the pack comes with a limited variety of AI units that can be placed in the editor for all 57 Factions (489 AI units) and placeable groups. Understanding the constraints and headaches of creating a Modpack for groups, The filesize has been kept as small as I could and comes in at ~340Mb. The pack has no external Dependencies.

    It's been a long time coming but V3 is finally here. There have been a lot of changes to the pack, which now features over 360 gear items representing 57 factions. This update brings in many new nations such Iran, Israel, The Czech republic, Ukraine and others as well as expanding the UK gear into a proper faction and refining some of the more heavily used units such as US M81 woodland, 3co Desert and the PLA factions. Other nations such as the US are expanded with new patterns such as Multicam, and my own take on Scorpion W2. The appearance of MANY of the units may have changed somewhat in this update. My aim was to improve the quality of the as many textures as possible as well as to expand the variety. This is an example of the kind of update you can expect from V2 to V3. I hope you enjoy the selection.

    One thing to note, as of V3 the three .pbo's are No Longer independent of one another. This was done to reduce filesize owing to an increasing number of shared assets between the .pbos. I hope you understand.

    • Major retexturing work.
    • Many Additional Factions:
        - e.g. Iranian Republican guard
        - Donetsk Peoples Republic (Novorussian)
        - Ukranian Army
        - US Army Scorpion W2 pattern
        - Czech republic
        - United Kingdom
        - Tiger Stripe
        - Australian Multicam
        - ROK Marines
        - Israel
    • Generalised several uniforms.
    • The apperance of some units may have changed slightly in 3.00
    • Re color-balanced many textures.
    • Likely other things I failed to document at the time.

Written on 2015-03-02 by KampingKilloch

maquez [Q-Net] released in the BI forums a new version of this cooperative mission based on the classic A2 Insurgency made by Fireball and Pogoman.

  • removed obsolete Virtual Ammoboxsystem (VAS)
  • briefing overhauled
  • bugfixes

Written on 2015-03-02 by Q-Net_maquez

maquez [Q-Net] informed us he released in the BI forums an update for his Insurgency cooperative mission for 20 RHS:AFRF vs Leights OPFOR.

  • removed obsolete Virtual Ammoboxsystem (VAS)
  • briefing overhauled
  • bugfixes

Written on 2015-03-02 by Q-Net_maquez

maquez [Q-Net] informed us he released in the BI forums an update for his Insurgency cooperative mission for 24 NATO vs Guerrilla.

  • removed obsolete Virtual Ammoboxsystem (VAS)
  • briefing overhauled
  • bugfixes

Written on 2015-03-02 by Q-Net_maquez

MGN has submitted a large scale TDM that supports 40 players 20 Blufor vs. 20 Opfor.

Written on 2015-03-02 by MrkiMGN

J is back! has submitted the first episode in this series of M.O.U.T. Tactical CQB missions.

    Quote J is back! :
    British and American officials are at a loss to explain why President Obama didn't order a rescue mission last June for western hostages despite having excellent intelligence of where they were being held. Local Government has hired a team of former US Special Forces J.S.O.C. Retired Operators. You are the Leader of this team.

Written on 2015-03-02 by Threat_Con_Delta

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