Vlad333000 released an updated version of his Double Weapon mod on the Armaholic forums

    Quote :
    This mod allows players to carry 3 weapons, 2 of which can be heavy and 1 light, in any combination of the primary and secondary weapons.

    • Fix: same bugs in MP
    • Fix: bug with dead
    • Add: keybindings (Optional: DW_CBA_keys.pbo)
    • Add: orders to your bots in group
    • Other: total optimisation

Written on 2016-06-29 by Vlad333000


SpeisCheese released an updated version of his More Vehicles Mod APEX Edition on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds many new variants for the APEX edition of ArmA 3. Many units are still missing for the two new factions. So I decided to add new variants of older NATO and CSAT vehicles. Vehicles will have different weapons, to add a bigger variety of vehicles. It also includes retextures. Note that, like my older mod, there aren't visual changes. No new models are included. Textures are the only thing that changed from pure visual look. BE AWARE: This mod only works with ArmA 3 APEX. If you don't have the APEX preview or full expansion installed, use my other one instead, since it is for the base game, here: More Vehicles Mod.

    This mod is also ZEUS compatible.

    Please report any bug so that I can fix it.

    • Several different NATO and CSAT variants, with different weapon loadouts
    • ZEUS support
    • Some vehicles from APEX factions ported to base ArmA factions with different loadouts
    • Several vehicles from my other mod

Written on 2016-06-29 by SpeisCheese

x39 released an updated version of his ArmA-UI-Editor on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Future of UI-Editing in ArmA.

    • Full support of all base UI Elements in ArmA (RscText, RscButton, ...)
    • AddIns:
      • Simple addition of new UI Elements & properties
      • New Styles
      • Translations
    • Syntax-Highlighting & Syntax Check
    • Live-View of the final layout (realized in XAML --> actual UI might look slightly different from the one in the UI-Editor)
    • Properties Panel to change most properties with ease (planned is to cover all properties ... but some controls are quite complex and documentation is ... large)
    • Loading of Ingame-UI-Editor saves
    • Saving & Loading of the UI-Config without a special format for the editor (everything is saved as class)
    • PreProcessor support
    • Basic SQF Handling for eg. X/Y/W/H fields
    • Generation of OpenDialog and CloseDialog functions for simple use (and to be able to assign events from inside of the UI-Editor)
    • Auto-Updater which will inform you about updates for AddIns and/or the tool itself
    • "Marketplace" for AddIns (actually just some special hosting page for them which will be connected to some UI inside of the tool)
    • Visual-Studio like Window Management
    • Grid-Snapping with custom grid size
    • Multi-Move/Resize
    • UI-Canvas zooming

    • Relative Resizing of multiple elements
    • More code cleanup
    • Added Events to AddIns
    • Added EventSnap (currently just dummy without any purpose)
    • You now can add what has happened before a crash so that i can fix it more simple
    • SelectionOverlay now scales with display canvas
    • Altered AddIn structure
    • SQF properties can now be added (for now, just finite, not infinite ones as i need to rethink the UI for such things)
    • property Groups are now sorted by name

Written on 2016-06-29 by X39


Mattaust released an updated version of his ArmA 3 Custom Buildings addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here is my whole compilation of Custom 3D Structures/Buildings for ArmA 3.

    I have decided to release them properly to the public independently and hope users find them useful in expanding their gameplay. This compilation contains thousands of hours worth of work (with learning). So, yes I'm basically happy for all map makers, and mission designers to use these buildings as they wish. This is now an independent mod.

    • Updated BANK - Put furniture back into building. So check it out.
    • Destruct models are in the pbo files.

Written on 2016-06-29 by mattaust

Duda released a wip video showing his Advanced Rappelling script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Added in wind forces, based on the helicopter's rotor, the speed the player is falling, and the overall wind speed. This impacts how much you sway back and forth.
    I'll make the number of twists in the rope random, and cause the player to spin back and forth, slowly reducing the spinning. I can also add in some logic so that if you spin the heli, the rope will twist and you'll start spinning again.

You can find more information in the Advanced Rappelling wip topic.

Written on 2016-06-29 by Duda

Hcpookie released his POOK Mi28 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Port of my Mi-28 from A2.
    While my work includes all three versions - main version, export Day model (no NVG), and export Night model (NVG, no FLIR), the current build contains only the "full" model with FLIR, NVG, and radome. Future releases will add the export model w/o radome and slightly reduced capabilities. I may also add several loadout options as per RL capabilities.

Written on 2016-06-29 by hcpookie

Stcrowe released an updated version of his Loadout Transfer on the BI forums.
The Armaholic hosted archive does contain both an addon as well as a script version!

    Quote :
    Loadout Transfer is an addon meant for mission makers that will allow players to not only transfer their loadouts to other players on the server, but will also allow players to load their loadouts, save their loadouts, edit the loadout order, and more. Loadout Transfer does all this by working within vanilla BI loadout storage (Arsenal).

    Script Version:
      The script version must be included in your mission folder (make sure to read the documentation). It is standalone, and does not require anyone to download an extra mod.
    Regular Mod Version:
      This is the regular mod version. It has all the features of the script version plus it allows you to quickly setup Loadout Transfer menus using a module in the editor. This is idiot proof. Install mod, place down module, sync objects you want to have the menu to module.
      Remember all missions made with the mod version will require that users have the Regular version or E version installed
    E Mod Version:
      This is a special version that has all the features of the mod version and it includes the full Loadout Transfer menu to every ammo box in the game (and from other mods as long as they are descendant of vanilla ammo boxes). You cannot turn this feature off, so if you don't want that feature then use the regular mod version.
      Remember all missions made with the mod version will require that users have the Regular version or E version installed

    • Fixed an issues with the mod versions where no one would have the menu on dedicated servers

Written on 2016-06-28 by Armaholic

Mullan360 released an updated version of his AM BAF Equipment on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So, I've expanded the pack by a fairly big amount tonight, adding a variety of uniforms for 16AA (on request from Oli) and a uniform based on 160 Brigade, the Rifles (requested by wildcat). So all in all, I'm fairly pleased with how its turned out and I hope you guys are too!

Written on 2016-06-28 by Armaholic

1PARA {God-father} released an updated version of his Saint Kapaulio Terrain on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ‚ÄčTotally Fictional Terrain.
    Still working on Sat_Mask and also placements of some Objects and alignments!

    This Terrain was never intended to be a real place and it is heavily designed around our S.A.G mission we play every Sunday & Wednesday @ 1PARA - but thought that others might like the terrain as well for some missions!

    It is a Tropical Style Island, with various Terrains - 1 Main River running into a big open lake that leads back out to the sea, a desert area to the North and a small Desert Oasis to the South. There are 2 Swamp areas and the middle of the Island is fairly flat which is just great for Mission (as with other terrains you always have the high ground to shoot down which I find just a tat like duck shooting). To the East is all the Mountain ranges, and to the West area's is the hills for those duck shooters out their.

    There are 2 Main Airbases 1 North West and the other down in the South east, the one down in the South is still under construction, as well as a few dirt landing strips for those smugglers spotted around the island.

    There are 3 Major Big Cities and hundreds of smaller villages and settlements, 6 ports, and lots and lots of Military compounds - as well as lots of spare space to build your own Fobs and bases with Zeus.

    This was never meant to look perfect YES there are some roads that are not level and finished and some that you will have to drive very carefully over0.1 beta, but that is the whole point!


Written on 2016-06-28 by psvialli

Zabb released an updated version of his TAC Vests addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is part of the TAC VEST and some equips. (That is included in the TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms.)
    Because TRYK can not update due to circumstances.
    When the problem is resolved it will be re-released from TRYK.

    • Fixed:RVMAT(Beard)

Written on 2016-06-28 by Armaholic

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