Corvobrok submitted an updated version of his Proximity Zombies Spawner script.

    Quote Corvobrok :
    This script adds zombies in your mission.
    You can spawn zombies everywhere in proximity (so no lag) and they spawn more if you are near a city.
    You can set the maximum proximity of a zombie, their damage and enable/disable the proximity spawn.
    And you can also use the initrigger function, that spawn and despawn zombies only in selected zones.

    • Better IA
    • Bugs fixed
    • Better despawn
    • waiting added skins script (but skins not released yet)

Written on 2015-05-24 by corvobrok


W. Carruthers has submitted a singleplayer mission with over 7 training camps he created.

    Quote W. Carruthers :
    This is a training map still under construction, but I have no time for it due to the current Outcry Project I am on. I made this a very long time ago and wish to release it to the public before it no longer becomes vanilla. Included in it is over 7 training camps with my favorite killhouse I made. The killhouse took several months just to get where it is at. Hopefully, this reaches any new player that wishes become a more experienced player. Its a perfect map for even getting pilot experience. It is scripted to accept any client side weapon mod you want to use. And you will will be able to spawn in any air mod as long as it designed to be in the same class group as the vanilla air vehicles.

Written on 2015-05-24 by W. Carruthers

PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar has submitted a survival type sp mission with random events, random spawn player, loot, enemy, custom sounds and music etc.

    Quote PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar :
    Test your survival skills to the limits at the beginning of the Civil War in Republic of Altis… This mission is made for every player who like survival type missions (scavenge, loot, eat, drink etc.) and lone wulf strategy with larger brains than balls… because last in combination with rushing can lead only to your death… This is survival type sp mission with random events, random spawn loot and enemy, custom vehicle skins, sounds, music, surveillance cameras and monitors etc. Fully replayable, location of main task, marked with question marker, always is different…

    You are currently on duty at the police station, you just heard about civil unrest in all parts of the country. The radio station said that it was unknown outbreak of rabies virus, and that citizens are in a panic and that they attack each other and some were also armed and shooting at everything that moves. A curfew was declared and authorized the use of deadly force all members of the Altis state police… the situation is further exacerbated by a group of rebels who want to come to power by force. Your ''Eat & Drink'' inventory is obtainable by scrolling your mouse. If you don't eat and drink during this mission you will die, so try to have food and water always in your gear inventory…

Written on 2015-05-24 by PnK2


JoeMac90 released in the BI forums this Capture The Island gamemode mission..

    Quote JoeMac90 :

    This is a modification of the Total War Mission (by eRazor) a team/squad based PVP mission incorporating multiple mission scenarios included in one mission file.

    Now features a New Kunduz RHS Mission

Written on 2015-05-23 by JoeMac90

IvosH_cz released in the BI forums this mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote IvosH_cz :
    You are in the enemy territory. CSAT is preparing deployment of the seismic generator weapon. Your mission is to find location of seismic generators and destroy them.

Written on 2015-05-23 by Armaholic

gienkov released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where you must destroy 4 Qalat towers around Kar Shek Fortress.

    Quote gienkov :
    Year 2009, Kunduz, Afghanistan, BW Airborne SF soldiers get task to destroy 4 strategic towers around Kar Shek fortress. They have already taken off from Loy Manara airfield and are on their way to jump point.

    Destroy 4 Qalat towers around Kar Shek Fortress. Evacuate from AO.

    You will deploy exactly over jump point, then you will execute HAHO jump and land at the poppies field, north east end of it. Try to land at LZ as northen part should be more safe than southern. Gear needed for mission execution was dropped at night and should be located somewhere around Airdrop Location marker. Grab all needed equipment and mine all chests after, try to use one satchel charge for that. Detonate chests only when you will be retreating from the AO. When you will be ready and geared up, head towards Kar Shek fortress. There are four towers that needs to be destroyed by using one satchel charge on each one. Try to mine them up from external side, inside there will be propably some enemies patroling around. After you mine all towers, retreat to safe distance and detonate them all. When its done, head towards north and exit the AO.

Written on 2015-05-23 by gienkov

Cyril Figgis has submitted a new version of the orignal BIS Showcases with RHS units.

  • Gunships - Swapped Ka50 for Mi24V due to transport limitations on the Ka

Written on 2015-05-22 by Cyril Figgis

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission pack with cooperative missions.

  • Abduction
      Improved: Opfor group size now scales to player count
  • Ambush
      Improved: Indfor patrols are spawned at the start
      Improved: Indfor patrols scale with player count
  • Checkpoint
      Fixed: Vehicle disappears when the driver is killed
      Fixed: Some odd AI driving behavior
      Fixed: Removed some debug markers
  • Sweep
      Improved: Limited the number of Opfor vehicles
      Improved: Reduced Opfor infantry scaling with player count
      Improved: Opfor infantry and vehicles also scale based upon sniper presence
  • Vendetta
      Improved: Opfor patrols now scale more based upon player count

Written on 2015-05-22 by Zenophon

aliascartoons released in our forums episode 12 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    Special unit called Freedom Fighters of the New Altis Republic (on short NAR FF) is required to save NATO SF and help them exfiltrate. Good luck!

Written on 2015-05-22 by aliascartoons

Cruoriss informed us he released a new version of his open wolrd pve mission with multiple tasks to complete in the BI forums.

    - Added : Leights OPFOR Pack compatibility (add 11 new faction)
    - Added : Mission translated to french with the help of Helios, contact me if you want to help translate in other languages
    - Added : Players now use the endgame vanilla revive (recruited AI still use A3 wounding sytem) HOLD SPACE TO REVIVE
    - Added : Loading screen picture made by Helios
    - Added : RHS 0.3.7 US helicopters + Insurgents vehicles
    - Fixed : Player could get stuck in swiming animation after base creation
    - Fixed : Player could start the mission without a map, making manual base placement impossible
    - Fixed : Zeus1 undefined error
    - Fixed : Immortal ammobox in f&d task
    - Fixed : Zone AI sometime getting a waypoint to [0,0,0] map position assigned
    - Fixed : Zone AI sometimes fleeing
    - Fixed : Zone AI naval units will only get waypoints assigned in the water now
    - Fixed : Some tasks not creating properly due to possible mod conflicts
    - Fixed : Few .rpt logs, various errors

Written on 2015-05-21 by Cruoriss

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