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Screen of the week

Bux578 released an updated version of his open source tabler - Arma 3 Translation Helper on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'd like to present to you a new tool I'm working on. It emerged from the need to translate a lot of modules of an Arma 3 Mod without having to go through the hazzle of editing every single stringtable.xml one by one. And to be honest: It's not fun to work with XML files.

    tabler let's you define your mod working directory and parses every stringtable.xml file it finds in your mod's subfolders. From there you can view, modify or add translations and save all your changes back to the stringtable.xml files - with one click.

    • Lots of UI changes
    • More colors
    • More Excel-like behavior
    • A first "Undo" feature
    • Adding a language
    • more error prone

Written on 2014-07-24 by bux578


Glowbal released version 0.2.8 of the Combat Space Enhancement on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We are pleased to announce the public release of Combat Space Enhancement 0.2. It has been a long road, but we finally feel we have something that we can share with the rest of you!
    There is still much to do to bring this modification to a finished state, however, we believe that it is developed enough to let you all have a play with it.

    Please note that this is an ALPHA version still, so there will be incomplete, missing, or buggy features.
    If you find any bugs, we ask that you use our bugtracker to submit bug reports. Full details about how to use the tracker can be found here: Using the Bugtracker
    Please read that post before you post any bug reports or feature requests to ensure that your report is able to be processed effectively by our team.

    Combat Space Enhancement is a standalone full modification for the game Arma III and is developed by the team behind Combat Medical System.
    CSE offers an extensive amount of game-play features such as: a Combat Medical System, Blueforce Tracking, Counter-Insurgency modules including Biometric Scanning, detaining suspects and much more.

    These game-play features all come in modular form, build on top of our in house developed framework, allowing for compatibility between various modules/features with ease by both our in house created modules and any third party made content.

    This new version should have the majority of the reported issues from 0.2.5 resolved. We are happy with the feedback and reactions you guys have given us. It gives us motivation to keep working on this.

    • Fixed: Bug #74823: BackBlast damage not showing on model
    • Fixed: Bug #74846: Enough damage can revive unconscious patients and make them invincible
    • Fixed: Bug #74849: can not modify keybinds in CSE
    • Fixed: Bug #74860: Unit is lying when someone is carrying him
    • Fixed: Bug #74862: Blufor Tracking in Tablet
    • Fixed: Bug #74863: AI Taking extreme amounts of bullets without dying.
    • Fixed: Bug #74873: CSE Medic System does not Override ArmA Vanilla Medic System
    • Fixed: Bug #74876: Shooting AI causes them to briefly stand up
    • Fixed: Bug #74877: AI appear alive when they're actually dead
    • Fixed: Bug #74879: Typo in QuikClot field dressings (Option button)
    • Fixed: Bug #74897: TFR Revived - Cannot be heard
    • Fixed: Disabled allow instant death made units invincible.

Written on 2014-07-24 by Glowbal

Stick_Hogue has submitted an updated version of his StickSubA3 script which allows you to use a static submarine object to simulate a working sub as a ride for divers in your missions.

    Quote Stick_Hogue (aka Stick) :
    This is meant as a slick ride for divers and it's all smoke and mirrors because I don't know the first thing about vehicle configs.
    See this article on the "Tactical Trident" SSGN submarine for reference to the inspiration for this: SSGN “Tactical Trident” Subs: Special Forces and Super Strike.

    • version 1.4:
        - several bug fixes/minor improvements, plus the demo mission
    • version 1.3:
        - added a deployable .50 cal tripod on the dorsal fore deck (via action at the main door when surfaced), added simSONAR capability

Written on 2014-07-24 by Stick_Hogue

Defk0n_NL released his DFK Action Camera addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This infantry modification binds the third person camera exactly on top of the head memory point.
    What this allows is both third person and first person having the exact same perspective of the battlefield only third person is slightly zoomed out.
    What this means is that third person users have less advantage over first person users without nerfing third person awareness.

Written on 2014-07-24 by defk0n_NL

Trixie released an updated version of his Sniper/Marksman Pack on the BI forums.
This weapons pack contains different sniper/marksman rifles from Arma 2.

    Quote :
    More stuff incoming! Rather than a "1.2" release, I am going to treat this like a "2.0" due to the amount of content that's been added since the original V1.0 release. Done testing with both ammoboxes and gear scripts etc and haven't found any errors or missing things, let me know if I've missed something. Feedback/suggestions and what not is welcome as always. The complete pack right now includes 9 different rifle types and a total of 30 model options in addition to 11 different scopes and 3 silencers.

    • Added AAC Cyclone 7.62 suppressor in Black/Camo/Ghillie.
    • Added M24 in 5 different versions, including Ghillie.
    • Added CZ750 in 3 different versions, including Ghillie.
    • Added AWM .338 in 3 different versions, including Ghillie.
    • Added M14 in Wood/Black/Green.
    • Added AW AS50.
    • Added AN/PVS-4
    • Added AN/PVS-10
    • Added AN/PVS-10 Green
    • Added AN/PAS-13V1 "LWTS"
    • Added AN/PAS-13V2 "MWTS"
    • Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T w/ DeltaPoint
    • Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T w/ DeltaPoint & Ghillie
    • Added .338 magazine for AWM.
    • Updated M14 DMR animations to properly hold pistol grip.
    • Updated weight to more realistic values.
    • Updated various config entries/things all over that i can't remember at this point.

Written on 2014-07-24 by Trixie


RG Beats submitted his United We Stand single player campaign.

    Quote :
    United We Stand is a Single player Campaign trying to bridge the valley between cinematic and realistic gamers.
    This set of missions is meant to be difficult yet fun, with a flow similar to the Bohemia Campaign.

    United We Stand:
    You play are Sergeant Archer an experienced Demolitions Expert and Engineer who is deployed to Fort Ethos in Zargabad.
    Zargabad is currently under civil unrest as the Vice President of Afghanistan Saaed Akram continues to fund his luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the local population.

    Taliban forces are using this as excuse to recruit and cause harm to the locals.
    Parts of the city are now heavily influenced by the Taliban and its NATO'S task to suppress and extinguish any power the Taliban have over Zargabad.

    • Voice Acting
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Automated level progression
    • Working mission select and overview screen.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RGBeats

I hope many of you have already noticed but we have a new .net fileserver in place. You should all be seeing some really good downloadspeeds on any of our download links.
This new server replaces the oldie we have been using since 2008. Yes that is correct, we use (read abuse) all hardware we buy for as long as possible as running things here is not cheap.
First that server was used to host the website on but when we bought a new server to host the sites we started using it as one of our main file servers.

The new file server is prepared for our future plans. Yes we do have those, no matter the activation of the Steam Workshop. In the background we are working very hard on our new website, which however sadly due to some personal health issues is massively delayed, and once that goes live we will further inform you of what you can expect from our website and services. We have huge plans and this new file server is just our first step.
We might have something interesting to offer sooner, but it depends wether we find it worthy to include in the current website.

We have been saving money for this new server for many months as specs like these cost a lot, but in our opinion it is money well spend! Here is a short specs list so you get an idea of what you are going to abuse:
  • Intel Xeon E5-2630
  • 32GB Memory
  • Hardware RAID10
  • 1x drive for OS
  • 4x 1TB SSD
The server has been hosting all your requests since last night and although we are now running at over 400MB/s bandwidth (and this is not the most busy time) I am happy to say the server does hardly notice you are all there downloading our files. So, its looking good in the sense of being able to fullfill all your needs regarding the content we host!

This new server together with the French (.fr) server we use to host files should be good enough to support us for a long time and we can even expand it if its needed.

We try to never ask for donations where it is not really needed cause as you all know we use ads on our website which cover the expenses we make. Without those ads we could never offer you the service we do these days, we hope most of you realise that!
But this new piece of hardware is going to set us back financially big time. So, here we are and we ask everyone who would like to and is financially able, to donate some money which we can use to pay the first bill for this server (purely the setup costs).

Click the picture to donate using Paypal!

We thank you for your support!

Armaholic staff

Written on 2014-07-23 by Foxhound

JShock from the J-SERE Development Team submitted an updated version of the Redressing Script.

    Quote :
    This script allows for a mission developer to essentially dress units to his/her liking, from insurgent armies, to just about anything. This script is, as far as our testing can tell, mod friendly all you need are the classnames.

  • Added a goggles array for more redressing options.

Written on 2014-07-23 by JShock

Fred41 released an updated version of his Arma Server Monitor tool on the BI forums.

    Quote Fred41 :
    ASM is a little program, for monitoring some interesting values from multiple server (or HC) instances.
    Different performance related values are displayed, simultaneously for multiple (up to 4) server instances, in a window.
    The idea behind it, is to provide a fast and easy "state of health" overview at one go.

    • changed library name for callextension commands, in fn_ASM.fsm, to lowercase

Written on 2014-07-23 by Fred41

Chairborne released an updated version of the PKM and Pecheneg, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I'm releasing a quick port of the PKM and PKP.
    I don't think i'm going to do any other modifications unless something gets broken or stats don't fit the game.

    If you find any issues please let me know!

    • Correct magazine icon

Written on 2014-07-23 by Chairborne

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