Karneck released an updated version of the Zodiac CRRC - Assault Boat for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    With the release of FFV, I finally am ready to release a small project I've been working on the last 2 months.

    If anyone doesn't care for the current Assault Boat for the following reasons:
    - Noise and overall Sound is terrible or far too loud to attempt to talk over.
    - Top Speed is too slow for you.
    - The "FFV" is extremely limited.
    - The handling/turn radius is extremely sluggish.
    - The reverse speed is too fast.

    Then let me introduce you to the Zodiac CRRC.
    It expands the "FFV" to allow you to shoot in a *180 (Looks slightly funky, but better then only looking in one direction.)
    It features sounds from the ARMA 2 Zodiac CRRC.
    Come's with a built-in pack and unpacking script so you can carry your boat anywhere.
    And has a custom gearbox designed to help with speeds between Q, W and E. Also for when going in reverse. Meaning that if you use mods like AGM or CSE, you won't rocket forward and hit something and knock yourself out.

    The handling has been modified so that the boat is maneuverable at slow speeds, although when traveling at top speed (50 km/h) it will turn on a dime, sadly you cannot configure turn radius depending on what speed you are at. (Again, can look alittle funky.)

    • updated to not have the bow so high up in the air
    • continued to fine tune the handling
    • other small adjustments to only improve the boat

Written on 2014-11-24 by Karneck


Silola informed us he released the third video in which he shows his latest progress with the X-Cam prototype map.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the X-Cam prototype map WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-24 by Armaholic

Mattastic submitted an updated version of his Marine Expeditionary Force addon.

    Quote :
    The Marine Expeditionary Force modification is an addon pack. It was developed to offer a professional solution for those wanting to portray the United States Marine Corps in ArmA III. Enjoy HD textures along with real "clean" looking uniforms instead of over textured "dirty" uniforms. This modification has a long development road map and will grow to eventually include more uniform variants, proxy gear, weapons, and even vehicles.

    • Added USMC Weapons(Thanks to EricJ)
    • Vest Patch has been edited and refined
    • Desert MARPAT [MICH] texture update

Written on 2014-11-24 by Mattastic


[MSK]Delta8 submitted an updated version of his HeliDoor Script.

    Quote :
    Hello pilots, co-pilots, gunners and passengers, this is my helicopter-door-opening script. At least a beta-version of it.
    It adds actions to open/close every door of every (supported) helicopter in your mission.
    Script is MP-compatible.
    Currently I've uploaded a english and german version only (translators are welcome).

    The script supports the following Helicopters:
    • Huron
    • Ghosthawk
    • Mohawk
    • Kajman
    • M-900
    • Taru (front-doors and cargomaster's door)

    • Fixed the Huron/Taru-issue (Hopefully it works correct in MP)
    • Added stringtable.xml to use different languages

Written on 2014-11-23 by [MSK]Delta8

Goliath86 released an updated version of his CorePatch, a config patch for Arma 2 OA, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I want to inform the community that I'm working on a simple config patch for Arma 2 OA. My objective is to correct all the errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63) show with the command line -showScriptErrors.

    This is still WIP cause first I have to find these errors and then try to correct them.

    If anyone know about some of these errors that ArmA 2 OA (1.63), with no mods, show in-game with the command line -showScriptErrors, inform me in this thread and I will try to fix them.

    In earlier version I had fixed two common errors:
    1. The Functions Module error relative to the BIS_fnc_init variable not initialized;
    2. Some errors relative to the handleGear.sqf script, launched when entering in the gear menu or by clicking items in the gear menu.

    • Merged BIS Silvie Module from BIS Module Improvements Projects by and zGuba
    • Further improved BIS Silvie Module so no more heavy damaged vehicle are spawned
    • Fixed "Duplicate item .." RPT entry by first training mission of ArmA 2

Written on 2014-11-23 by Goliath

Pepe Hal released the first version of his HAL Protocol addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon aims to fix the constant radio chatter when leading an AI squad in Arma3.

    Combat shouts are greatly reduced while leaving the rest of radio protocols intact;
    odd/annoying behaviours such as soldiers constantly saying "Cover me!" in stealth mode or repeating "Target in sight!" are fixed : enjoy your quiet and sneaky patrols just like you did in Arma2!

    All variations of "Cover me!", "Covering, go!" etc. have been disabled in both stealth and combat mode;
    constant shouts such as "Ready to fire!" and "Contact!" have been completely disabled.
    Note that AI units still report spotted target, acknowledge orders and report in as usual, only useless and repetitive behaviours have been edited.

    Each side has its own config file, allowing you to tailor your SP experience:
    - HAL_protocol_BLU.pbo: modifies the following radio protocols : RadioProtocolENG, RadioProtocolENGB and RadioProtocolENGVR.
    - HAL_protocol_IND.pbo: RadioProtocolGRE.
    - HAL_protocol_OPF.pbo: RadioProtocolPER.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Pepe Hal

ParaMedic released an updated version of his YO!NK Better Opfor FIA addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I made this mod mostly for myself and thought sharing it with the community couldn't hurt.
    You can use and change this mod as you like, just give me credit for my work. I didn't texture or model anything I just remixed units and gear from BIS.

    It isn't really much, but I just felt the FIA in ArmA 3 Vanilla:
    - is on the wrong side.
    - feels to much like a regular army.
    - needed something like a helicopter to use here and there.

    I tried to make the OPFOR FIA in this mod a bit more mixed in terms of weapon use, gave them a bit less power in some areas and a bit more possibilities in other areas. Onto that I made some CSAT Special Forces (Takavar) to fight with the FIA, so I don't have to change Faction side in MCC and Zeus.

    • Smashed a bug that prevented some of the infrantry to be placed with Zeus.
    • Changed some of the uniforms for more diversity.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Armaholic

Outlawz7 released in the BI forums the second mission in this series of ArmA2 ACR missions remade in ArmA3 with ACR A3.

    Quote Outlawz7 :
    Miyović is ours. Activity in woods has increased and his fighters are running around the woods in large groups. We must focus on the core of the organization and gain dominance in the operational zone. A demoralizing effect will soon follow.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Outlawz7

Leight released an updated version of his OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is OPFOR which are currently in the Afghan army&police, militia ISIS and Chechen militants ChDKZ. All these armies are using RHS Escalation vehicles and equipment like a BMPs, tanks and etc. Whole addon is compatible with ZEUS and ALIVE. All armies are mostly armed in AK weapons. All equipment is retextured in good quality textures. Addon is based on real opfors but not at all. Not every army is real equipped. All armies are on red side - OPFOR. This is first release of this addon so please bear with us.

    What armies are in addon?
    • OPFOR
        - ISIS militia
        - ChDKZ militia
    • INDFOR
        - Afghan National Army & Police
        - Ultranationalists Army (beacuse of Russians )

    • Added ultranationalist faction to INDFOR
    • Afghan Army&Police moved to INDFOR
    • ChDKZ faces and radio changed to russian from RHS
    • Fixed ISIS tank crew errors
    • Added chestrigs for Ultranationalists

Written on 2014-11-23 by Leight

Grace informed the community on the Armaholic forums about the Syrian Army Units addon he is working on.

    Quote :
    I am trying to represent the current syrian national army in its current state being led by assad, by the documentaries , pictures and videos I have seen, I belive my units are very similar.
    I am slowly adding a few more camos and variations to helmets , hats and vests before moving on to the vehicles.

    Here are a few screen shots I have done showing a few units I am working on.
    I am planning to add some T72's and BMP-2's with crewmen as well as some units with military hats and berets.
    This mod will require RHS Russian federation Mod.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Syrian Army Units WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Grace

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