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Screen of the week

Tansvanio submitted the first version of his Portuguese Armed Forces mod.

    Quote :
    I have decided to share this mod that started as a little project in order to learn more about modding ARMA III. The goal of is addon is to recreate the Portuguese Armed Forces to their full extent.

    • One new faction: Portuguese Armed Forces, with several basic infantry units and two vehicles, a humvee and the latest portuguese combat car Pandur II.
    • Retextured uniforms and vehicles.
    • More features to be added as development goes on.

Written on 2014-07-26 by tansvanio


Fer informed us he released an updated version of his F3 Mission Development Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote Fer :
    The F3 Mission Development Framework (F3) is the successor to the popular F2 Mission Development Framework and BAS f mission development frameworks for ArmA 2 and ArmA. The new framework contains many of the features you know from F2, updated to work with ArmA 3 Alpha; new components which take advantage of the new game's special features are planned.

    You can find the English online manual here:

    The F3 team is pleased to announce the release of v3-1-1 of its mission development framework, with optional support for popular mods ACRE, TFR - and now AGM too.
    We've added and improved many features; highlights include:
    • New Medical Systems Support component: select vanilla, AGM or F3 Simple Wounding System via mission parameter.
    • New pre-placed attachments for all factions: HMG, Heavy AT, Mortar, SAM and sniper teams.
    • Revised, more flexible AI Caching component for improved MP performance.
    • Revised spectator script places less load on CPU.
    • Revised ORBAT Notes component highlights player's own group.
    • Fixes to weather conditions (lightning now works correctly!).
    • Fixes to Radio Systems Support to make TFR spectator mode work correctly.

    To make it even easier to start using F3, our fully illustrated online tutorials for making adversarial and coop missions can help you build your first F3 mission in 1-2 hours.

Written on 2014-07-26 by fer

Vasilyevich released an updated version of his Norwegian Units addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a Unit Mod that adds Norwegian forces in woodland and desert and Norwegian "FSK" Special Forces in Multi and Black camouflage. It is not a 100% accurate mod, but i tried my best to stick to the real uniforms. Currently it features a fireteam for each camo variant and two officers for each camo.

    • fixed the MJK Breacher backpack
    • it should now be possible to place the Norwegian Supply Box

Written on 2014-07-26 by Vasilyevich

rosentorf released a new version of this singleplayer mission in the BI forums. In this mission You must lead an assault squad into Neochori to destroy four big red containers in the harbor.

  • Reworked objectives: now you need to destroy ammo caches which will be randomly placed at the beginning of the mission.

Written on 2014-07-26 by Big

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new open-ended cooperative mission featuring random objectives surrounded by enemy patrol.

    Quote Zenophon :
    An open-ended co-op mission featuring random objectives surrounded by enemy patrols. Uses heavy randomization of enemy patrols and dynamic and reactive AI for maximum replayability. Numerous mission parameters are provided for extensive customization of difficulty, weather, and other options. The mission can be played in SP or MP, local or dedicated and with or without AI teammates. The mission is fully JIP compatible and optimized for no performance impact on clients. There is no saving or respawn to promote realism; however, unused player slots can still be joined to continue playing.

Written on 2014-07-26 by Zenophon


TehFocus submitted his FOB "Iron Heart" template.

    Quote :
    This FOB is medium sized, well lit, got a helipad, a "roadway" and a place to store vehicles, watchtowers and barricades are surrounding it, there is a briefing area, an HQ, a medial center and some props all over the place to make it look more alive.

    I added no weapons or troops/vehicles so you are able to use it with every mod and every faction.

    I hope you like my work!

Written on 2014-07-26 by TehFocus

X39 informed us he released an updated version of his Medical System 2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    "X39s Medical System 2" (XMS2) is the sequel to the successful MedicalMod: "X39s Medical System 1" (XMedSys).
    Its main focus is a more plausible medical system which is even more diverse than its predecessor!
    Just like XMedSys, XMS2 will be highly configurable and modable using various script events, however, new to XMS2, you can configure it using simple to use functions to add new items or modifications you think would fit XMS2!

    • Removed:
        - KeyDown handles (using XLib functions now instead !WILL BREAK CURRENT KEY SETUP!)
        - function X39_MS2_fnc_cb_KeyDown
        - Depency on XActionUI
        - all variables related with the InteractionMenu opening
        - function X39_MS2_fnc_interactionMenu_openDialog
        - function X39_MS2_fnc_registerInteraction
    • Changed:
        - XMS2 BaseModule is now Zeus compatible (can be spawned during missions)

Written on 2014-07-26 by X39

X39 informed us he released an updated version of his his XLib addon on the BI forums.

    Quote X39 :
    XLib is a script/module/functionality libary accessible for anybody
    Modules inside (for a functions list please visit the Wiki):
    • Fixed: ActionDialog feature sometimes overwrites actions when they are registered BEFORE the ActionDialogs init has been processed
    • Fixed: KeyCatcher feature sometimes overwrites keys when they are registered BEFORE the keyCatchers init has been processed
    • Fixed: KeyCatcher feature sometimes throws script issues when keys are registered BEFORE the keyCatchers init has been processed
    • Changed: ActionDialog is now using ctrlSetEventHandler instead of buttonSetAction so that now SQF is supported

Written on 2014-07-26 by X39

ViperMaul informed the community about the release of a new version of the Community Base addons (CBA) on the BI forums.

    Quote ViperMaul :

    This is a Hotfix for two rare issues discovered below that we believe should be fixed now rather than later.
    Normally a hotfix only releases a couple of files. But for the sake of Play withSix, I have been informed it is better to release a full set of these files. All new signatures were created to help admins keep the clients and servers properly synced.

    • Fixed: Wrongly formatted Keybind arrary can permanently corrupt the variable array that holds all CBA Keybinds changes
    • Fixed: Changing the keybind breaks KeyUp handling in a rare case.

Written on 2014-07-26 by ViperMaul

Tortuosit released an updated version of his tort_weatherMatrix addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    My other dynamic weather script is based on randomness and I had the idea to make it easy to define a whole weather progression via a matrix. So I just wrote this script and addon version with weatherMatrix. I hope it's useful.
    It supports overcast, fog and wind. It's pretty barebones, I'm happy if it works, especially the timing has to be OK first.

    This is available as an addon but also as a script!

Written on 2014-07-26 by tortuosit

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