vbawol informed us he released his Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory

    • Dynamic Inventory (Double-Click) SubMenu. With built in "Repack" Ammo option.
        Extendable from mission config 'CfgItemInteractions'
    • Armor Stats
        Adds visual representation to inventory (progress bars) that show armor levels of Uniform, Vests, and Headgear as well as total armor at the bottom. When selecting or dragging the total armor bar shows a preview to show if you are gaining or reducing armor. Max armor levels are dynamically calculated from all available armor bearing items.

Written on 2016-12-05 by Armaholic


Phronk submitted his Takistan Insurgency co-op mission for 27 players.

Written on 2016-12-05 by Armaholic

Engima submitted his Night In July 4 player co-op mission.

    Quote :
    CSAT has only recently taken the air base west of Agia Marina, and has not yet built up protection in the form of weapons systems and radar. For every day that passes their defence will be better. Intelligence sources have confirmed that a truck with classified equipment arrived at the base earlier in the evening.

    You will be inserted as a part of a larger NATO force north of the airbase. Disembark at the air base's northern cape. Search through the bildings for information about the truck and how to identify it. Destroy it and return to the awaiting NATO force.

    Works in SP, MP and Dedi.

Written on 2016-12-05 by Engima


Devastator_cm informed us he released his Devas Helicopter Patrol script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    My second project and this time for AI air units (at the moment only helicopters).

    • Air unit which patrols between markers and adjusts the height based on setup
    • Possiblity to limit speed
    • In case enemy is noticed during patrol it engages
    • Intel share from ground units in search distance. Which means if there is ongoing battle air unit will be aware of enemy positions
    • Adjustable communication delay for intel share
    • Restarting the patrol after air unit finds no more enemy after an engagement
    • Possibility to have multiple air patrols in a scenario
    • Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf
    • Detecting all enemies inside kill zone. From now on air units will not ignore infantry which do not fire and stay in cover. Advanced optics will detect all inside kill zone
    • Return to base (RTB) if fuel is low (20% considered as bingo fuel)
    • RTB based on damage situation (less tolerance to damage during normal flight compared to being in combat)
    • Refuel and repair functions at base

Written on 2016-12-05 by Armaholic

Devastator_cm released an updated version of his Devas Convoy & Vehicle Patrol script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    My first release ever is based on Norrin's convoy script for which I got permission to modify from Norrin.
    General idea behind my version is actually similar to Norrin's version. I rewrite the scripts and now it has some new features and working.

    • Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy

Written on 2016-12-05 by Armaholic

jonpas informed us the ACRE Team released an updated version of the ACRE2 for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ACRE2 is a full fledged communications suite for Arma 3, allowing realistic radio and voice communications through Teamspeak 3.

    • Added:
        - SEM52SL radio
        - Talking underwater is now disabled. SDV now has intercom. Broadcasting on radio underwater should also work.
    • Changed:
        - Removed teamspeak plugin settings page. This is now handled by the CBA settings framework. Your settings will be lost (pre/postmix volume) and you will need to reset these ingame. In the case where the teamspeak plugin is not connected to arma, the settings will be applied the next time the teamspeak plugin connects to the game.
    • Improved:
        - Radio signal difficulty tweaks now log to RPT
        - WRP parser - Added support for 8WVR WRP format (Angel Island). The parser will now recover and assume the map is flat in cases where it can't read parts of the WRP - Previously these would cause game crashes. In these cases it is logged to the RPT.
        - Massive code/addon clean-up throughout and switched to various CBA frameworks (PFH library/Versioning/Logging/Debugging/preStart compiling)
        - 152/117f displays now have a signal indicator on the right side of the display, indicating the strength of an incoming transmission. Also the receiving/transmitting indicator is now functional.
        - Master ID Tracker on server now runs only when needed or every 10 seconds. Also executes faster.
        - Removed FPS stutters when a player had a lot of inventory items.
        - Don't calculate the signal for the local player's broadcasts.
        - Prefix of addons changed to "idi\acre"
        - Gear desync hint can now be toggled with CBA setting - default is to hide it.
    • Fixed:
        - Applied a fix to the issue where ACRE fails to initialize and you can't hear anyone. This may still happen in rare cases, but this fixes one cause.
        - 152/117F CLR Button no longer error or can 'brick' the radios
        - 117F squelch menu no longer loops
        - SetupMission API function erroring on headless clients
        - Steam plugin copy script - Doesn't run on HC/Dedicated Server.
        - ACRE no longer has issues with full/overflown inventories.
        - Remove Crew intercom from FFV seats.
        - Steam workshop - No longer block program loading if run without admin privileges
        - Sound loading should now work properly - Should fix radio sounds not being heard.
        - Radio ID Tracking - Handling of duplicate radio IDs fixed.
        - Radios are no longer initialised for units of sideLogic, this does not effect remote controlled units.
        - SetRevealToAi API call doesn't error on dedicated clients.
        - Frequency displayed on the 152/117F should now show the correct amount of digits
        - setVariable script error introduced in 1.66 when processing direct speech.

Written on 2016-12-04 by Armaholic

[Dust]Sabre released an updated version of his Sabre's Aircraft Library on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon is a requirement for most of my plane ports.
    It includes several aicraft parts, avionics, canopies, pilots, weapons, scripts and accessories.

    The planes might work without it, but could then lack a canopy or a propeller.

    • added simple factions for WWII aircraft (axis, allies, neutrals)

Written on 2016-12-04 by SabreD

Armitxes informed us he released an updated version of his Visual Studio Code - SQF Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor. For those who don't know VS Code, it's pretty much like Sublime Text.
    I've made a SQF Plugin for VS Code, there isn't any documentation about Plugins released yet as VS Code is in a preview state - means you can expect much more features to come but may also encounter some bugs.
    Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.

    Since the latest patches, the extension is developed by suggestions. You request - we do. Everyone is allowed to contribute to the project. If you have any ideas or even wish to participate you should check out our GitHub page.
    Make sure to leave a rating at the Marketplace if you like the editor, it helps a lot!

    • Added commads for v1.64, v1.66 & latest dev
    • "this, _this, _x, _forEachIndex, _exception, _thisScript, _thisFSM, thisList, thisTrigger". case-insensitivity supported and conditional parameter highlighting fixed.

Written on 2016-12-04 by Armitxes

Zooloo75 informed us he released an updated version of his Blood Lust addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Blood Lust adds blood splatter from gunshots.
    When a unit is hit ingame, blood will splatter on to the ground near them.

    • Exposed all configurables to the BloodLust Settings Menu, expanding the usage of third-party/custom content for BloodLust.
    • Fixed issue where some settings wouldn't apply when imported.
    • Fixed splatter rotation math.
    • Blood splatters are now rotated to visualize the projectile path.

Written on 2016-12-04 by Armaholic

The FFAA MOD Team submitted the FFAA MOD ACE3 Compatibility Addon.

    Quote :
    Adds compatibility between ACE3 and Spanish Army Modification (FFAAMOD).

    This addon will make compatible the following features:
    • Ability to adjust the long range scopes horizontally and vertically in mils.
    • Adjustments of caliber / length of weapons and ammunitions.
    • Overheating and overpressure of weapons.
    • Disposable Missile Launchers (at this time C90 and C100).
    • Sound protection of helmets and head accessories.
    • Support of ExtendedEventhandler.
    • Enable the ACE FastRope features for helicopters.
    • Color tint to sunglasses and googles.

Written on 2016-12-04 by FFAAMOD

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