The ACE Team released an updated ACE3 version on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod is entirely open-source (we are hosted on GitHub), and everyone is free to propose changes or maintain their own, customized version as long as they make their changes open to the public in accordance with the GNU General Public License.

    ACE3 is built modularly, thus a team can maintain its own tailored version, excluding a select number of components that they don't like, or which conflict with other addons. Larger components themselves, like the medical system and other core features also include various customization options, allowing mission designers and communities to tweak the overall experience.

    ACE Version 3.8.1 has been released
    Requires CBA Version 3.1.1 or later.

    • Fix game crash when unit gets hit with extreme amounts of damage (#4574)
    • Fix vehLock warning about bad func type (#4582)

Written on 2016-10-25 by Armaholic


Vlad_8011 released an updated version of his Realistic Tank Crew addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Simply addon working with every vehicle (including modded), allowing crew to stay in vehicle with damaged tracks, wheels or engine.

    • unknown

Written on 2016-10-25 by vlad_8011

M1ke_SK released his Simple Bomb Defuse script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Idea was to create simple "mini-game" / "chalenge" when defusing bombs in game, where unit have little time to think and create space for errors. With this script you can add possibility to "screw something" when deactivating mines. Script randomly generate string of 3 color matrix, where unit must identify which color have most appearances in matrix and cut that color wire accordingly. You can stress out unit with timer you set for deactivating the bomb. If unit cut wrong wire or timer runs out, then bomb will explode. Best object to make bomb is burning barrel, but you can use any object, just need to modify little attached objects. I added C4 and light and beeping sound to improve finding bomb in dark.
    Bomb can be defused with any unit, just need to have toolkit in inventory. In future, I can modify script for demotilion class only if needed.
    Should be working on multiplayer / dedicated server, need more testing.

    • friendly hint with instructions
    • defusing bomb with Toolkit
    • random generation of matrix
    • beeping sound
    • blinking light

Written on 2016-10-25 by Armaholic


EricJ released an updated version of his UH-60 A3 Pack on the BI forums.
This adds different versions of the UH-60 A3.

  • USMC Faction has a proper icon for that element of the US Navy
  • Added a "Squad Leader" position on the MH-92, with a monitor to see the FLIR feed from the copilot.
  • Added a Black River PMC specific configured UH-60M
  • ASRAAMs show up properly on the wing rails of the AH-96s
  • AH-96 CP/G controls the gun now.
  • Removed the "AH-6" and "MH-6", as it's recommended for quality versions see the MELB by Diesel5187 and SykoCrazy
  • Added a Prowler (Repair) and (Medevac) versions to support Armaverse 160th SOAR assets while forward deployed. Due to lack of art assets they look like Prowler (Unarmed) until templates are available to make distinguishing differences.
  • Added a specific "Squad Leader" position on the MH-92, allowing that designated person to see what the CP/G sees, allowing various units to use the recon capabilities of the FLIR system.
  • Tweaked FFV firing spots for all aircraft and added positions to the UH-60M/NATO/Unarmed/Unarmed ESSS as well as the UH-92/NATO versions
  • Added FFV positions for the Black River PMC UH-60M and tweaked the Raven PMC UH-92 arcs of fire
  • Updated ACE3 seeker code for the Hellfires and Rattlers.
  • Fixed the missing texture error for the now renamed "Multicam Flight Suit", classname will remain the same, as well now allows "clan sign" on the right shoulder patch area
  • Fixed apparently a missing cargo proxy, now regular UH-60Ms can carry a full 12 people
  • Fixed the dyslexic setup for the UH-92 (RWG)
  • Fixed AH-96 Gunner FLIR MFD, now views correctly (FLIR) and properly tracks the gun/sighting system movement)
  • Adjusted the USMC textures, in lieu of the AH-1Z mod.
  • Tweaked main rotor radius values to account for real world lengths, ducted fan helos can now get in tighter areas
  • AH-96s now have faction specific models. USMC and US Army will have Falchions, while NATO versions will have ASRAAMs.
  • Improved View and fire geometries of all aircraft.
  • Added incremented visual SOAR MH-60s and MH-92 updates to reflect real world appearances as well as future additions for the MH-92s
  • Tweaked MH-60M DAP and Insertion FMs to be slighly heavier and takes more effort to get to speed (still WIP) in response due to real world upgrades
  • Enabled Co-Pilot ability and allowed ACE3 Self-Designation for a few DAPs
  • SOAR MH-60 pilots can see CP/G FLIR view through an MFD page as well as FLIR equipped MH-60S helos.
  • Fixed Hellfire and Rattler inaccuracy issues
  • Tweaked XX-92 TADS systm animation
  • Tweaked aircraft textures, mainly the XX-60, XX-92, and S-94 textures
  • Enabled Fast roping via ACE3 menu commands. Note only specific military aircraft can use this (transport versions only).
  • Fixed "ghost weapons" on S-94s, now completely unarmed (and it's own class).
  • Added a requested simple black scheme for the S94s and UH-92s
  • Removed military equipment from the S-94s, giving a more distinct appearance to the models
  • Tweaked RVMATs to reduce some unneeded rendering inside and outside
  • Improved UH-92 cockpits using some Ghost Hawk textures to update them a bit as well as removing unneeded geometries
  • Cleaned up flare launching points on the XX-92s
  • Added a new UCAV, the MQ-17 for now. It is flyable and can do things, but so far is intentionally untextured, and is a UAV
  • Rattler and Hellfire kinematics improved
  • Also added a pure Cargo version of the MQ-17, able to lift 500kg of equipment. Like the armed version is untextured intentionally
  • Slowed down the Blackhawks and XX-92s to represent more of a military "feel", i.e. more hardware and so on.
  • Fixed the Collision Lights on the XX-92s as well as the S-94s

Written on 2016-10-25 by EricJ

Adacas released an updated version of his Military Gear Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a personal project of mine for Arma 3 community. I aim to bring additional assets for character customization in Arma 3. This mod will cover new uniforms, vests, headgear and other related stuff.
    I will be making completely new models and also port some of them from Arma 2 or other artists work if I get their permission.

    • Added Gloves to the uniforms.
    • Added new shoes for the uniforms. Thanks to Warden_01.
    • Added GPS and Watch to the G3 Field Set Rolled Uniform.
    • Reworked MarCiras vests again with new variations: Assaulter, Heavy Gunner, Medic, Marksman, Light with and without Battle Belt
    • Added MarCiras Back Pouches as Backpack Item
    • Fixed uniform hidden selections for the flags because of UV distortion. New name for selections "FlagLeft" "FlagRight"

Written on 2016-10-24 by Adacas

soronelite posted a bunch of new screenshots of the Farkhar Valley terrain he is working on, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Our team is currently working on a map called Farkhar Valley, this is our first map, and its an early work in progress.
    The map is inspired by the real Farkhar Valley, but we'll not reproduce the valley with 100% accuracy.

You can find more information and screenshots and leave your feedback in the =ARC= Farkhar Valley WIP topic.

Written on 2016-10-24 by soronelite

Phronk released an updated version of his Melee Weapons Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Scripted melee weapons system which doesn't require addons. Currently supports up to 7 different melee weapons, each with slightly different characteristics.

    • Added: Miss & Impact sound effect to all weapons
    • ​Removed: Redundant check for full stamina when attacking
    • ​Removed: _LoS variable comment
    • Removed: Author and YouTube channel link comment from all scripts, except for cfg.sqf
    • Tweaked: Weapon speeds adjusted to synchronize with new sound effects
    • Fixed: Hammer and Knife weapons were broken, due to a typo

Written on 2016-10-24 by Phronk

Bad benson released an updated version of his Raptors, Zombies and more on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm making a new thread because this turned into a standalone thing and there is some potential other things coming using this as a base. i'm trying to keep things simple and clean to be able to maintain this with not much effort. this is like a remake and not a full blown new dino mod with a bunch of other dinos coming, so please don't ask for a t-rex or any other new creatures.
    this is just a recreation of the old features in a, hopefully, better way.
    what i plan to add (potentially maybe) is other hostile creatures that take almost no extra effort. like aggressive dogs (good for post-apocalyptic stuff) and maybe some prey animals that we have models and anims available for already like a wild boar (for some potential hunting gameplay). oh and zombies of course. everybody loves zombies.

    What is different compared to the old Jurassic Arma addon?
    • this doesn't include player controlled raptors, for that use the old addon
    • raptors can now only be spawned using the modules, there are however placeable raptors (without AI), if anyone needs them for something
    • some things have been removed or are done in a more simple/clean way but i tried to keep this as close to the original experience as possible (minus the bugs)
    • tweaked materials to make them stick out less

    • now with zombies
    • damage coef now fully functional
    • fixed: Raptors only attack vehicles of type "Car" but not static weapons and any other, they will now attack everyhing including tanks
    • fixed: Raptors would not realise a vehicle is empty and keep attacking it
    • tweaked: handling of sounds changed to prevent MP issues due to overload
    • tweaked: handling of multiple modules optimized
    • fixed: raptors would fall over for no reason
    • added: support to spawn agents of different sides

Written on 2016-10-23 by BadBenson

Froggyluv released an updated version of his Rustle sound addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Well its finally here! The sound mod (element) to compliment all others: Rustle!
    Warning! Only proceed if you are patently bored out of your mind, inebriated, incarcerated or just plain don't give a fuck.

    This mega mod installs the sound of sleaves on sight raising.

    • Updated so that fires on raising and lowering of sights. Added a few more sounds. Disabled when map is open.

Written on 2016-10-23 by froggyluv

Mattastic submitted an updated alpha version of his first terrain for Arma 3, Alaska 2035, which he previously released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to Alaska. It's 2035 and eastern aggression has brought war to the wild frontier of Alaska. Working within the constraints of Arma 3 vanilla content, I am working to bring a representation of a war time Alaska to life. The terrain is at a point where I can release the alpha version. Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and complaints about the terrain. Keep in mind that there is still A LOT of work to be done, and is by no means a finished project. However, the terrain does have some areas that could definitely be played on.

    • Added firest iteration of roads
    • Expanded forest around airport
    • Added Keypoints
    • Placed some buildings in Healy and Minto
    • Much more coming down the pipe!

Written on 2016-10-23 by Mattastic

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