FoxFort submitted an updated version of his Altis Special Police Unit addon.

    Quote :
    At the end of civil war in Altis, the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 mandated the creation of an armed defence force to secure the sovereign territory of The Republic of Altis and Stratis, with that act Altis Armed Forces was born. But it was limited to have less then 1000 soldiers. In recent years, the on-going counter-insurgency operations in North-Western Altis resulted with worn down AAF military strength and with WW3 on the doorstep, the need to deal with insurgency and to increase overall security was a top priority. With active embargo on increasing the military strength. Altis government decided to form a Special Police Unit. The newly formed SPU consists only from current serving Altis police officers, who volunteered to server in area of counter-insurgency operation with hope of bringing order to chaos. New needed equipment for SPU was imported into country and the new 100+ strong SPU was formed. Armed with AKs and distinctive blue uniforms, SPU saw their first action in defence of Oreokastro.

    • Added: Marid IFV - Police vehicle for SPU.
    • Added: New SPU groups in editor.
    • Changed: Blue military cap for SPU is now brighter.
    • Fixed problem with using only RHS weapons.

    I decided to change SPU to use ArmA 3 TRG-20 weapons, with this change, SPU addon is now "standalone", which means you don't need to download any other addon in order to use SPU. Now there are two optional pbo files. One to replace A3 weapons with AK-12 family rifles from "HLC_AK_Pack" and other to replace A3 weapons with AK-74M from "RHS: AFRF" (aka RHS: Ecalation). You can use only one pbo at the time.

Written on 2015-07-03 by FoxFort


Leet, from the VTN Team, informed us an updated demo version of the VeteranMod has been released on the BI forums .

    Quote :
    This version is designed primarily to demonstrate new and reviewed features of the game, as well as the general direction of our work.

    • Error #202: "Hard-to-kill" wounded units
    • Improved: Injuring system
    • Improved: Body armor system
    • Improved: Disposable launchers system

Written on 2015-07-03 by Dead Kennedy

CPL.Variable.A submitted an updated version of his Atlantis Map for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    A 20x20km Terrain offering potential for large air assault and naval operations as well Spec Ops scenarios.
    20 Large and smaller islands with unique locations.

    • Jungle Folliage from Arma 2 introduced to the map

Written on 2015-07-03 by CPL.Variable.A


Quiksilver submitted an updated of his Soldier Tracker (Map and GPS Icons / Markers) script which he released on the BI forums

    Quote :
    A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD.
    Designed for scenario authors to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces.

    • A shitload of new features and content.
    • Group icons system.

Written on 2015-07-03 by Quiksilver

Mikey74 informed us he released an updated version of his Ambient battle sounds Module on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a new module for Arma 3. I've been using the triggers to give me some ambient combat sounds for missions. So I create a module so I didn't have to through up several triggers to get a good back ground noise.

    Basically this is a module found in the effects category of the module section.
    What it does is a loop of ambient battle sounds that's already built into arma 3. Its all random. You can set the size of the battle and intensity. Give it a try and let me know if you have suggestions.

    • New sounds revamped
    • Added input instead of selection so you can input your own numbers to make what you want the ambient battle sound like as far as scale and intensity

Written on 2015-07-03 by mikey74

The 3 Commando Brigade released the 3CB BAF Equipment addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The modern Royal Marines Commando or British Army soldier carries a lot of kit in addition to his weapon. This mod aims to recreate some of that equipment.

    In current MTP camo, we provide updated combat uniforms, all new Osprey vests, 'Bergen' backpacks, Mk7 helmets, berets and tactical glasses. A huge variety of options enables each player to give their character a unique look on the battlefield, whether it be as an Officer, Forward Air Controller, Medic, Sapper, Signaller, Engineer, Point Man, Grenadier, Marksman, Machine Gunner or just plain Rifleman!

    We haven't forgotten support forces either, with new uniforms, vests and helmets for RAF / RN pilots and tank crews.

    Also included are man-transportable static weapons with adjustable tripods: 81mm mortar, heavy machine gun, grenade machine gun, and GPMG. Team work is required to efficiently operate these weapons, with players taking gunner, loader and ammo bearer roles. The ammo bearer may bring rounds from a store to the weapon, the loader places the round in the weapon from the outside, while the gunner remains in place and targets the enemy.

    Produced primarily for our own use, there is a distinct Royal Marines flavour, but we are also providing generic uniforms and specialist berets representing other British armed forces Regiments for the wider ArmA community to enjoy.

Written on 2015-07-03 by Armaholic

Donbass submitted his Tilos Military Airport template.

    Quote :
    Another of my transformation takes place at the military airport on the island of Tilos. Maybe will come with update. I hope you will like it.

    • New barracks
    • New car park
    • New lights for runway, halogen lamps, runway lines for hangars
    • New heliports

Written on 2015-07-02 by Donbass

The Team Les Vétérans : [V]Xnam informed us they released an updated version of their Angel Island addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Angel Island, is my first terrain for Arma 3, it's based Angel Island, in San Fransico Bay. It's a small Island, with a high level of difficulty, due to the hilly lanscape, and the high density of vegetation.
    although small, Angel offers a large panel of environment : cliffs, towns, farms, forest, talweg, rocky ground,...

    • Terrain Elevation in Camp Reynolds
    • Objects placement
    • Ground SoundsHit Config
    • Roads priority
    • Fix the included mission : Conquer and Destroy
    • smooth roads.
    • Fix flying objects.
    • and More...

Written on 2015-07-02 by Armaholic

IndeedPete released an updated version of his CSAT Snow Tigers addon on the BI forums.
The CSAT Snow Tigers XEH - CBA Support addon provides CBA Extended Eventhandler support for CSAT Snow Tiger units which is needed for example in ACE3, for the self interaction menu.

    Quote :
    This addon adds a full re-texture for Arma 3's CSAT faction. The "Snow Tigers" are a multi-national CSAT detachment specialised in combat in Arctic regions.

    • Changed: All uniforms look more plastic now.
    • Changed: Added more detail to custom face ("Cheng Zhi").
    • Added: ACE3 compatibility via CBA XEH.

Written on 2015-07-02 by IndeedPete

IndeedPete released an updated version of his European BLUFOR Re-Texture addon on the BI forums.
The Euroforce XEH - CBA Support addon provides CBA Extended Eventhandler support which is needed for example in ACE3, for the self interaction menu.

    Quote :
    This addon features a re-texture of Arma 3's NATO faction, both conventional and special forces in Altis, Black, Desert, Navy, Snow and Woodland camo schemes.
    It's about a fictional combined European force, founded in 2023.
    Notable operations are the ending of the Altian civil war in 2026, the deployment during the Balkan wars in 2028 as well as the Altis incident and follow-up events from 2035 until 2037.
    Today, EUROFORCE operates in over 50 countries on four continents.
    Notable ongoing operations are the peacekeeping mandate in Israel and Syria, the Japan Airlift, the Saint Petersburg blockade and the assistance mission on the US west-coast.
    Forces are organised in fleets, each capable of conducting operations by land, sea and air. Their command structure is loosely based on Mass Effect's Systems Alliance.
    This release comes with a teeny tiny showcase campaign consisting of five quickly thrown together missions about the redeployment on Altis, roughly two months after the events of the M.E.R.C.S. campaign.

    The promised update is here! It improves all uniform textures and changes the EF Altis and Desert colour schemes. Apart from that, CSAT Snow Tigers received their compatibility adapter addon to support ACE3 and its self inetraction menu. Enjoy!

    • Added: Another script possibility to disable random insignias.
    • Changed: All uniforms look more plastic now.
    • Changed: Revised Altis and Desert camo colour schemes.
    • Changed: Renamed custom identity "James May" to "James Walker".

Written on 2015-07-02 by IndeedPete

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