POLPOX released an updated version of his new, reworked version of his calm animations script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    POLPOX's calm animations 2.0 script is now available!
    Adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

    • Added: New animation "DEAD_AT_WALL"
    • Added: New animation "WARMUP"
    • Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT1" to "KNEEL_TREAT_U"
    • Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT2" to "KNEEL_TREAT"
    • Tweaked: Loop event handler
    • Tweaked: Execution script
    • Tweaked: Dead script
    • Tweaked: Attach script
    • Tweaked: End script
    • Tweaked: Smooth in script

Written on 2015-09-01 by Armaholic


Leight released a new version of his OPFOR Pack.

    Quote : This pack contains different OPFOR units.
    What armies are in addon:
    • Iraqi terrorists
    • ChDKZ militia
    • African militia
    • Afghan militia
    • Afghan National Army & Police
    • Ultranationalists Army
    • Chernarussian Defence Forces
    • Chernarussian civilians
    • Iraqi Army
    • African Civilians
    • Afghan Civilians
    • Ukrainian Separatists
    • RACS
    • SLA

    • added Chernarussian civilians

Written on 2015-09-01 by Leight

Cunico released an updated beta version of his Spec 4 Vests addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This pack contains:
    • LBT Vest (Olive Drab)
    • LBT Vest (Tan/Coyote)

    • its a whole new model with better textures and models
    • also, this only consists of "1 LBT" and not different variants

Written on 2015-09-01 by Armaholic


SPhoenix released in the BI forums a new version of this pack of missions he ported on ACE3 mod.

  • Updated Telemetry - some legacy dependencies were still hanging around

Written on 2015-09-01 by SPhoenix

Zbug released in the BI forums a new version of this CTI mission focused on cooperative gameplay.

    Quote Zbug :
    Tonight's playtest was pretty epic and devoid of major issues so, here comes the v0.89

    And the tutorial will be done in the next version :D

Written on 2015-09-01 by Zbug

Gheoss.SFS released in our forums a patrol base coop mission, based on the PMU project, that gathers Spanish Speaking Communities.

    Quote Gheoss.SFS :
    In this patrol mission, you face against the ITSIS units, that controls the whole map, you´r missions is to regain control of the towns, destroy caches, dissarm IEDs, bring a POW and an HVT to the interrogation zone, Detroy ITSIS Equipment and liberate Aliabad from the opression.
    The whole mission its based in a coop event between Team SFS and Task Force Comodo.

Written on 2015-09-01 by gheoss

Mynock released in our forums a new version of the latest of his mini-missions where you play as a member of an elite CSAT special operations underwater team eliminating rebel supplies and transportation.

  • Fixed single players were invincible

Written on 2015-09-01 by Mynock

Code34 has submitted an update for this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

  • add a more UI friendly personnal score (at top of the screen)
  • add a convoy lobby parameter to choose the pop time
  • Increase patrol infantry path, infantry patrol in the sectors around the initial sector
  • fix chopper patrol path
  • add additionnal infantry groups depending of probabilities
  • fix overcast and rain
  • add sectors and degree view in more UI friendly (at top of the screen)
  • add some jackass messages for suicide
  • add banner message for customize for team
  • add distance parameter for pop groups
  • add some probabilities for pop enemies
  • fix poping distance for enemy choppers
  • fix unpoping vehicles after an amount of times

Written on 2015-08-31 by code34

Varanon has released in the BI forums a new mission for this mission pack for Arma 3 created by him and Alwarren.

  • Added new mission, "Kavala Lost".

Written on 2015-08-31 by Varanon

654wak654 released an updated version of the Simple Rank Patches addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote 654wak654 :
    Simple Rank Patches is a highly configurable AddOn where it automatically adds rank patches to all infantry's shoulders; in any mission the AddOn is running. It supports custom user made patches, player and AI support, and it can even get player's rank data from a squad URL.

    • Added: British Army set. It's patch id is 6.
    • Fixed: the .bikey wasn't in the 1.4.1 release.

Written on 2015-08-31 by 654wak654

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