Kellojo submitted an updated version of his ETG Reinforcements script.

    Quote :
    This script allows you to call in reinforcements inform of an airdop bringing in troops and vehicles if wanted. This script works best with large cargo planes like the C130 so I can recommend using a mod for this script but it is not required.

    • general bug fixes
    • reworked the manual
    • added example mission
    • added support for the CH-67 Huoron,CH-49 Mohawk, every C130 of SabreD C130 Variants

Written on 2015-03-06 by Kellojo


Soronelite released an updated version of his his =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods - UK Vehicle Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Here is the first official release of ours ARC vehicles packs. Its not much but this is still a little plus for our NATO Offensive mod.
    Textures need a lot of work, but here is the first version. Thanks.

    You can use them without any others mods if you use only empty vehicles, but if you want crew you need to use the propre units mods. (Ex : use the ARC GER_UP for the ARC German Vehicle Pack)

    • Rename "Lynx" to "AW159 Wildcat"
    • Rename "Merlin" to "AW101 Merlin"
    • Warrior II general texture reworked a bit
    • Warrior II Desert texture reworked (less "yellow")

Written on 2015-03-06 by soronelite

Psychobastard released a new version of this Death Match gamemode mission in the BI forums.

  • fixed: error message caused by missing child classes in rscDefinitions (powersolar, powerwave, powerwind, shipwreck)
  • changed: removed BIS_fnc_LogFormat since the function dont work (disabled from BI?!), replaced by oldschool diag_log comand
  • changed: if you destroy a barrel you wont longer get a negative score for it
  • changed: add PDW2000 to weapon pool

Written on 2015-03-06 by Psychobastard


Brisse submitted an updated version of the Swedish Forces Pack ASDG JR compatibility patch.

    Quote :
    This is released as official SFP content.
    This little mod will make SFP compatible with ASDG Joint Rails.

    • Added joint muzzles
    • Various smaller fixes

Written on 2015-03-06 by Brisse

Champ-1 released an updated version of his CH Specialized Arsenal script on the BI forums.
This script allows you to create specializations for Arsenal, configure available items and number of slots for every class.

  • version 0.93:
      - added: any gear that picked up through rearm action removed from inventory instantly
      - changed: access to any containers in restricted zone is completely forbidden now
      - changed: reworked dialogs
  • version 0.92:
      - changed: method how inventory restriction handled (hopefully it's more reliable)

Written on 2015-03-06 by Champ-1

Toadie2k sent us the first version of his HLC Mods which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote toadie2k :
    HLC mods is a compilation of all the mods for Arma 3 that I have released and in their most recent state.
    For the credits and changelogs of the respective individual packs, see the readmes folder.

    • HLC AUGs
    • HLC G3
    • HLC M14
    • HLC MP5 Pack
    • HLC AR15 Pack
    • HLC AK Pack
    • HLC M60E4/M60
    • HLC-Core

Written on 2015-03-06 by toadie2k4

Toadie2k sent us an updated version of his HLC AUGs addon which he released on the BI forums.
At the same time he also updated the HLC-Core so make sure to also update that one!

    Quote :
    This pack of AUGs contains the 3 major iterations of the AUG design (the A1, A2 and A3), as well as the civilian Semi-Auto-only Special Reciever. With the exception of the A3, each of these comes in 3 barrel lengths firing 5.56x45mm NATO , and the A1 and A2 are also available in 9x19mm. all of these AUGs are available in three colours. The A3, Due to the quad-rail forgrip is only available in it's rifle length. However, it also has a GL-equipped model.
    Oh yes, and you can swap between different lengths of barrel from the action menu (or if you use AGM- self-interact). So,yes. Yes you can carry the standard rifle and a conversion kit,then with mere seconds delay go straight into running your AUG as an SMG.

    • Red Dot on AUGA2 and SR variants re-zeroed,reduced FOV magnification

Written on 2015-03-06 by toadie2k4

Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his HLC MP5 Pack addon which he released on the BI forums.
At the same time he also updated the HLC-Core so make sure to also update that one!

    Quote :
    When it comes to the 9mm Parabellum round, theres really only one weapon family that makes it work for it's keep- the MP5.
    Pistol-round SMG variant of the venerable G3 rifle- an SMG so good that it's been in the arms of police and SF unit for half a century now. Everything that the MP5 is can be attributed to it's parented design, but it's longstanding can only be attributed to just how much performance it squeezes out of a pistol round. The M4 may be the new contender for the position of door-banger's choice for it's ability to engage at ranges longer than 150m, but the MP5 more than holds it's own right up to the VERY margin of that line and slightly beyond withit's free-float barrel (only held back by the sheer limitations of the round).
    In short, the MP5 eats what you feed it, shoots where you point it, runs how you need it to and breaks down how you'd like it to.

    In this pack you get 10 variations of the venerable SMG, from it's most basic as the MP5a2 to the most extravegant as the MP5/10 and everything in between. Additionally three suppressors are provided. No two of these weapons are identical in performance, weight, or inertia. Very similar, but not the same.

    • Added Tritium insert to MP5N Front Post
    • MP5SD5 and SD6 now both fire at the correct subsonic speed regardless of ammo.

Written on 2015-03-06 by toadie2k4

Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his HLC AK Pack addon which he released on the BI forums.
At the same time he also updated the HLC-Core so make sure to also update that one!

    Quote :
    The Kalashnikov family of rifles have a long-standing legacy in firearms . What started in 1945 as an effort to supplant the Mosin-Nagant in soviet infantry service resulted in one of the most prolific bloodlines of semi-automatic rifles in history. Within this AK pack you'll find a broad selection from the family history and role-defining variations, starting with the original milled receiver AK47 an going through to the coming of age in the AK12. To augment the suite, a selection of optical and muzzle attachments are at your disposal. This is not an exhaustive pack, but it should cover enough roles and variants to suit most needs from a practical standpoint.

    • Slight tweaks to all AK proxy positions- If used with RHS compatibility patch, should be able to use BUIS modes
    • All AKs on the "short" AK reload retimed for new character animation
    • Slight buff to all 5.45 AK magazine ballistics
    • AKS74U and AKU12 now have a muzzle velocity coeffeicient, should reach slightly lower velocities than standard AKs using same mags.
    • Added "side" proxy to all weapons over barrel areas for future Barrel-clamp flashlights.

Written on 2015-03-06 by toadie2k4

Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his HLC G3 addon which he released on the BI forums.
At the same time he also updated the HLC-Core so make sure to also update that one!

    Quote toadie2k :
    The G3's got a long history, the original design concepts originating in the Mauser factories at the end of WW2. The designers moved to spain to work on the design, ultimately producing the CETME Modelo 5, and ultimately moving back to work with H&K once the bar on arms manufacturing in Gemany lifted.

    • Added G3A3 with M1913 Optics mount
    • Shortened G3KA4 Barrels
    • Corrected RVMAT/Textures for g3ka4 GL

Written on 2015-03-06 by toadie2k4

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