raginruffalo has submitted a new version of his armory mission where anything can happen.

  • Full multiplayer and JIP support
  • Fixed not every vehicle in the game spawned
  • Fixed Vehicle respawns

Written on 2014-09-21 by raginruffalo


DigitalGeo released in the BI forums this mission where you must cross the bridge before it disappears completely!

    Quote DigitalGeo :
    This bridge is entirely made out of containers which will sink over time. This will give you some time to cross before it sinks completely. Do it quick!

Written on 2014-09-21 by DigitalGeo

Lato1982 informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this campaign where a Navy Special Unit - HUNTER SIX is sent to Altis to locate and rescue two missing CIA agents, who were tracking the rebel separatist leader, that calls himself the Messiah.

  • Added:
      - climatic mission ending
      - mission debrief with the Joint Special Operations Commander
      - flashlights for the squad, with an option to order on/off (before you can use the NVGs)
      - some rebels also use flashlights now
      - ambient life at Olympus Air Base
      - rare ambient civilian vehicles
      - enemy pickups patrols
      - new handy rearm system, under squad selection menu
      - complete biographies and background stories for all operators
      - new perk ‘Brothers Bond’ for the Wallace brothers
      - Frost can now repair broken vehicles
      - Messiah characteristic look
      - in game SAVE GAME feature for unlimited saves
      - notification that you cannot call a chopper, if it’s out of service
  • Fixed:
      - NVGs are now equipped properly after 3rd June
      - helicopters now rearm, refuel and repair each time at base
      - helicopters wait longer after a drop off to not hurt the operators
      - EOD specialists spots the IEDs earlier
      - all operators start with proper gear
      - correct Priest task notification
      - rearming caused regroup issue

Written on 2014-09-21 by Big


Dj Otacon released on the Armaholic forums a new version of his Ultimate Soldier mod set that provides to the player improvements using weapons and another features to improves the gameplay.

  • Removed support for dedicated servers to prevent cheaters.
  • Added @Half_sway: The sway is reduced to the 50%
  • Tweaks & Fixes

Written on 2014-09-21 by djotacon

MrEwok released in the our forums this little mod Based on the "Open doors" Mission by Panda

Written on 2014-09-21 by MrEwok

Chairborne released his Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Chairborne :
    This is another port i made from the Sample Models, with minor modifications of my own.
    I've had this in the works for a long time, mostly because i got busy with other projects and for some technical problems i had a hard time solving.
    There are some features i meant to implement (dampers, decent MFD, reworked interiors) but that would take even MORE time and i don't feel like keeping this for myself any longer.
    Some of you will be pissed because of the aircraft loadouts i guess but i think the current loadout is balanced enough, they are fun enough without giving pilots god-like firepower that can obliterate whole AOs on their own.
    As for the cockpit, as i mentioned earlier i meant to rework it because it's mid-low detail right now but that might take some time and i still have to get the hang of it, also there is the huge limit of PiP that doesn't allow much customization and doesn't have enough detail to be an effective navigation tool (i'll be leaving links to feed tracker tickets if you want to help out).
    Good news is, i did some minor tweaks i'm really satisfied with, especially collision lights and materials/textures.
    They still have all the STOVL features from A2 and can take off and land safely on the LHD, i'm pretty sure that is also true for the Nimitz.
    Feel free to provide feedback and i'll see what i can do to make this better.
    Have a nice day!

Written on 2014-09-21 by Chairborne

EzRemake has submitted where you take the rol of a private military contractor with the Rustwater Company Mercenary Group.

    Quote EzRemake :
    You are a private military contractor with the Rustwater Company Mercenary Group.

    You have been placed in branch unit 6, tasked with inciting a civil war in Takistan between the local militia
    and the Takistani Army. All and any other third party factions are also to be targeted in this operation, as neccessary.

    Primary objectives consist of the routine destruction of key equipment owned by either the Militia, Army, or Private factions.
    Any key individuals discovered belonging to either of these factions are to be assassinated.

Written on 2014-09-21 by EzRemake

Typically Royal has submitted a very Short And simple script which allows you to blow your self up just like a suicide bomber.

Written on 2014-09-21 by cooljames898

VanhA released a new version of two of his cooperative missions in the BI forums.

  • Changed the execution order of certain files in init.sqf to prevent task malfunctioning

Written on 2014-09-20 by VanhA

Name11ess has submitted four civilian textures for the Zamaks.

    Quote Name11ess :
    Four civilians textures for the Zamaks, covered or not.
    • Sky blue.
    • Yellow.
    • Red.
    • White.

Written on 2014-09-20 by NamosaurusRex

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