ArmanIII submitted an updated version of his Chernobyl Zone addon.

    Quote :
    Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is an area with controlled possibility of entry and residence on grounds of radioactive contamination caused by the Chernobyl accident in 1986. It is located on the territory of Kiev and Zhitomir regions of Ukraine and on its northern border with Polesie state radioecological reserve in Belarus.

    • Added new warehouses to greenhouses
    • Added ladders in swimming pool "Azure"
    • Added shadows in buildings (only Arma 3)
    • Added new underground to Deli store and "Univermag" store
    • Added new category to Eden editor with objects from Zone
    • Replaced building/warehouse in Oil storage facility
    • Fixed strange Sidorovichs bunker destroy behavior
    • Fixed Consumer Center Yubileyny ceiling fire geometry
    • Fixed Cement factory collision and ladders
    • Fixed damaging of fences, light poles, signs and other small objects
    • Fixed bad alpha textures on many buildings in Pripyat
    • Fixed alpha channel in textures: mtl_rja_02_holes, mtl_rja_holes, prop_grate_01, mtl_batarea_p
    • Fixed chz_okoli_bouda_2 collision of door
    • Fixed collision of object chz_zastavka
    • Fixed RoadWay on chz_vesnice_vodojem
    • Fixed collision of all vehicles/wrecks
    • Fixed ladder on light poles in Yanov
    • Fixed cellar in Music school
    • Fixed collision of object chz_autobusova_zastavka
    • Fixed volume of thunder sounds
    • Fixed Yanov underground
    • Fixed some textures in Yanov
    • Fixed Cement factory underground and some textures

Written on 2016-08-27 by ArmanIII


ViruzDeath released an updated version of the BSOC Brasil on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    New map created by ViruzDeath and support of the entire BSOC community members UNSUNG and 1st SQUADRON Brazilian as beta testers. Thanks for the help of all and we can finally release a public version but also for testing, so this version is not final and may be changed: vegetation, relief or objects villages sometime during this testing period.

    Size: 10KM - 10KM
    Vegetation level: very dense
    Village's: 5
    Military Base: 1
    Airfield: 1
    River's: Yes, several branches.

    • Fixed: Objects that were flying around the map.
    • Fixed: Command in config.cpp
    • Fixed: Positioning of trees
    • Fixed: Road Positioning along the map.
    • Added: "Tent hangar" in Juruna Airbase
    • Added: New commands in config.cpp
    • Removed: useless commands in config.cpp

Written on 2016-08-27 by ViruzDeath

Duda released his Advanced Rappelling on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Adds support for helicopter rappelling. SP & MP Compatible.

    • Added custom animations for rappelling
    • Added ability to shoot while rappelling
    • Added ability for player to turn left and right +- 25 degrees while rappelling
    • Added ability to rappel faster by pressing the turbo key
    • Added override variable to disable shooting while rappelling: AR_DISABLE_SHOOTING_OVERRIDE. Set the variable to true in your init.sqf file to disable shooting while rappelling
    • Added override variable to limit number of rappel positions: AR_MAX_RAPPEL_POINTS_OVERRIDE. Set the variable to any value between 1 and 6. Defaults to 6.
    • Improved rappelling simulation so that rope doesn't lag behind player as much when helicopter is moving.
    • Improved smoothness of rappelling (less bouncing as you descend)

Written on 2016-08-27 by Duda


Mad_Cheese released an updated version of his Command & Control addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    C2 is an addon that will optimize your control over AI-squadmembers. Complex tactical orders can be issued in a matter of seconds.

    • Fixed: Addon would switch unit sides in 3DEN Editor
    • Fixed: "LineMarker" entry added to tablet configs
    • Fixed: "FIRE ON MY LEAD" - Function no longer screws up unit's teamColor and orders
    • Fixed: Indicators and HUD-Elements now get deleted if unit dies while in active selection
    • Added: Formation Menu now included in radial menu. Hovering over area adds frame for better vision
    • Added: PREFERENCES added to radial menu (replaces NUM-icon)-> Skill Reset, Suppression Mode, NUM-Controls
    • Added: Player can now choose from A3-Supression or C2-Suppression model via preferences
    • Tweaked: Unitpos-Icons in radial menu change colors depending on visionmode
    • Tweaked: C2-Groupdata changed to fsm and tweaked to handle bigger changes
    • Tweaked: Suppression selection now works like radial menu

Written on 2016-08-27 by mad_cheese

Direone released an updated version of his combat poses pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A pack of combat static poses.

    • Added 8 new poses

Written on 2016-08-27 by direone

MSGvassiLi released an updated version of the =ATM= French Tigre CE on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The "Tigre" (originally Eurocopter EC665 Tiger) is a French and German attack helicopter developed and manufactured by Airbus Helicopters, formerly Eurocopter.
    This version is the french Army color in Central Europe camouflage. In the future I will add a desert version.

    • now fully dependence on FFAA mod

Written on 2016-08-27 by MSGvassiLi

MSGvassiLi submitted an updated version of the =ATM= French Cougar ALAT/AAFR/NAVYFR.

    Quote :
    The Eurocopter AS532 Cougar (now Airbus Helicopters H215M) is a twin-engine, medium-weight, multipurpose helicopter developed by France.
    The AS532 is a development and upgrade of the AĆ©rospatiale SA 330 Puma in its militarized form. (Its civilian counterpart is the Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma.) The AS532 has been further developed as the Eurocopter EC725.

    • now fully dependence on FFAA mod

Written on 2016-08-27 by MSGvassiLi

[Dust]Sabre released an updated version of the Airco DH.2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Airco DH.2 was a single-seat biplane "pusher" aircraft which operated as a fighter during the First World War. It was the second pusher design by Geoffrey de Havilland for Airco, based on his earlier DH.1 two-seater.

    • fixed apex update errors
    • fixed sound
    • small tweaks

Written on 2016-08-27 by Foxhound

[Dust]Sabre released an updated version of his Albatros Flugzeugwerke on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Contains the Albatros B.II (C.I, C.III) and the Albatros D.II for Arma 3.
    These are ports of Helijah's Albatros B.II and ESPANA's Albatros D.II.

    • fixed apex update errors
    • fixed sound
    • small tweaks

Written on 2016-08-27 by SabreD

[Dust]Sabre released an updated version of his Curtiss JN-4 Jenny on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" was one of a series of "JN" biplanes built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company of Hammondsport, New York, later the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. Although the Curtiss JN series was originally produced as a training aircraft for the U.S. Army, the "Jenny" (the common nickname derived from "JN") continued post-World War I as a civil aircraft as it became the "backbone of American postwar [civil] aviation.

    • fixed apex update errors
    • fixed sound
    • small tweaks

Written on 2016-08-27 by SabreD

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