mons00n released in the BI forums an update for this Team versus Team gamemode mission playable also in cooperative and singleplayer modes.

  • Switched from ASOR to Virtual Arsenal
  • Removed DAC markers
  • Random reinforcements when a cache is blown

Written on 2015-01-29 by Armaholic


Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of his open-ended cooperative mission featuring random objectives surrounded by enemy patrol.

  • Fixed: Possible issue with code execution from an eventhandler
  • Improved: Logic to not place insertion or objectives on any small island or at the edge of the map
  • Improved: Various improvements and fixes included in my latest framework

Written on 2015-01-29 by Zenophon

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this medium-length co-op mission focusing on small-scale infantry tactics, with heavy randomization for maximum replayability.

  • Fixed: Possible issue with code execution from an eventhandler
  • Added: Starting position and resupply point map markers
  • Improved: Logic to not place the starting position on any small island
  • Improved: Next random supply point is now calculated from average player position
  • Improved: Various improvements and fixes included in my latest framework

Written on 2015-01-29 by Zenophon


Soldat Ryan released in the BI forums a pack of 10 maps (5 day / 5 night) for TDM fight in PvP.

    Quote Soldat Ryan :
    Freely inspired by "Wrecked - Skirmish Pack".

    • Scored with ticket system. First team with 0 ticket lose the round.
    • Ticket number = 50 (feel free to change it in initserver.sqf)
    • Arsenal with weapons limitation by side (CSAT /NATO)
    • Nigh and day versions

Written on 2015-01-29 by SoldatRyan

released in our forums the sequel to his Operation Trident Fury mission.

    Quote :
    After the SEALS did a good job on Operation Trident Fury 2 days ago, the AAF took a major beating and are still wandering what hit them. Now is the time to use the momentum and cause the AAF more damage.

    We are executing a combined raid with the objective to seize the AAC Airfield. After we take over the airfield, we will make it our FOB for further operations on Altis.

    You will lead a two men recon mission to initiate a joint operation. Your objective is to insert behind enemy lines, get to the designated observation point undetected and observe enemy movement.

    Once you are dug in and ready, you will initiate our full scale attack at the airfield.

    Semper fi!

Written on 2015-01-29 by Tombabr

Axelius released an updated version of his RDS compatibility and Faction extensions for Leight's OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a couple of config files that adds RDS static weapons to Leight's OPFOR pack armies and adds Iraqi and Afghan Army to Blufor and ISIS, ChDKZ, African and Afghan Militia as Independent. The allocation of RDS weapons have been done with thought to what weapons each faction has or could have their hands on. Units inherit from Leight's OPFOR so it should work with the HLC config.

    Groups should work with ALIVE, but as I don't use it myself I cannot guarantee it and I have not tested it.

    • add proper pbo files

Written on 2015-01-28 by Axelius

Fullerpj released a new version of the United States Air Force addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to the USAF mod. Ive played arma for awhile now but this is my first ever mod to the community. Little bit about myself i am prior Air Force Security forces Staff Sergeant(E-5) ive had my fair share of both of the wars majority in Iraq. I love to play military related games as an outlet but that's about it. For this mod i and my good friends have attempted to recreate some of the main assets of the USAF I hope you like what we have done for you the community members..I am very open to criticism but dont let it be crazy outright attacking criticism..I bite back This mod will be in a staged Alpha with more aircraft coming as we get closer to beta and Final release

    • Latest AC-130

Written on 2015-01-28 by Armaholic

krigshjälte has submitted a new version of his latest cooperative mission where you have to escape from jail and eliminate the dictator.

  • rewritten unitspawn to avoid lagg.
  • Added ammoboxes with explosives in prison.
  • No silent kill to buggy. Find wepons in armory store.

Written on 2015-01-28 by Krigshjälte

The DAFmod Team released a new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic fourums.

    Quote DAFmod Team :
    This modpack adds the Dutch armies and other Dutch content to ArmA2: Combined Operations. The compilation has been constructed with many different addons contributed by members of the BohemiaInteractive (ArmA2) community. The mod is not finished and should be considered a work in progress so use it at your own risk!

    • added: SOLTG Scorpion 1 Unit pack
    • added: Patriot missile defence systems
    • added: DAF Trucks (6x) as test object!
    • added: landrover army ambulance
    • added: BO105 (Army, KLM & ANWB / ADAC) (8x)
    • added: City Bus (Connexxion lijn 300)
    • added: M-113 Tiger Camo + BattleBox FOB (Tiger Camo)
    • added: naval mines, barricades, kayak & M109 ammo Palets
    • added: 30 ghillie colors & changer script
    • added Scania R500 Woodland Camo
    • added: RNLAF F-35 Pilot & ANWB Crewman
    • added: camp castor sign & Notice Board (360deg Taliban)
    • updated: LR KMARN texture & medic sign on various vehicles
    • updated: fox medic texture fix & missing Fremm texture
    • updated: rg31 MK19 ammo types & zeroing, daf_missilebox typos
    • updated: removed some duplicate files, small name changes

Written on 2015-01-28 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

Austin(medic) released the first version of his Basic AI Medic FSM on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This FSM creates AI behaviour to simulate a medic standing around in a base that will heal people that are injured inside the defined radius.

    Medic doesn't need any FAK's or medkits, he will auto-heal units once he is within 5 meters of them, or if he can't get to them, he will give up after a few minutes and the unit will be auto-healed.

    The unit probably won't stay in the radius for long, he will eventually begin to wander farther off from the first place he started as he runs around healing people.

Written on 2015-01-28 by austin(medic)

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