SpectreRSG informed us he released another hotfixed version of his TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear addon on the BI forums.

    Quote SpectreRSG :
    So I had a small bit of free time this week. I'm going to push out an update below. Regardless, I just checked the fatigue, armor values on current BI stuff and mine.. My armor values are still higher than BI and all my mass values are lower than BIS. Unless I'm misunderstanding everything my stuff is still stronger and lighter than vanilla stuff - so fatigue and armor should be fine. But I made tiny tweaks here and there. Stuff may not even be noticeable.

    Anyways, this is going to be a final update for a while or until I have a want to add something or have to fix something. I truly hope people enjoy this mod and continue to use this. This will also be on Steam Workshop shortly. This is v3.90 and includes the following, but note that for the new camos, I will not be tweaking much as I didnt even want to include them or put time into them as other modders have done the stuff to hell already, if someone wants to open it up and make a tweak for me, I'm open to that however.

    • Fixed _c_ related popup editor message

Written on 2014-10-01 by SpectreRSG


Megahurt has submitted a hotfix for this cooperative mission where a Rapid Deployment FOB is tasked to destroy and capture ISIS assets.

    Quote Megahurt :
    Players man a Rapid Deployment FOB in Takistan against ISIS. Perform airstrikes, hostage rescues, gather intel, assassinate ISIS leaders and sieze Isis payroll assets in a fast moving continuing operation that evolves as your team performs tasks successfully in order to move on to the next objective. Standard insurgency goals that include clearing roads of IEDs and insurgent held towns, destroying ammo cashes and arresting or killing suicide bombers also apply.

    • Fixed one hostage wasn't scripted and remained undamagable and unretrievable

Written on 2014-10-01 by Megahurt

Sudden informed us he released an updated version of his East vs West mod, inspired by OFP, on the BI forums.

    Quote sudden :
    I really missed the spirit of old good OPF so I decided to edit some BIS models and see what happens.
    Also this mod features Russian Radio Protocol edited by me for Arma3.

    • Helicopters MI-8, UH-60
    • New units: engineers and sappers
    • New items: RD-54 and ALICE backpacks
    • Ammoboxes added
    • New magnificent Soviet helmet SH-68 model made by Vladimir (aka _boby_)!!!!
    • Some fixes and tweaks

Written on 2014-10-01 by sudden


Brainslush released version 0.8 of his =TSS= NameTag addon on the BI forums.

    Quote brainslush :
    As you may know in elite mode of Arma3 no names of units or player are displayed. This is of course very much appreciated if you care about realism. But since Arma doesn't features customizable faces or physique, distinguishing between two different soldiers becomes extremely difficult. Not all players like to see the names all the time or just in a certain way, so I created this addon to give every player the possibility to adjust the addon, to meet his expectations.
    Furthermore I implemented (untested so far) the possibility for the missionmaker to turn off the addon or overwrite partly the usersided config to match equal criteria for TvT or other gamemods.

    • Added GUI for configuration
    • Added CBA-Keybinding system
    • userconfig has become obselete for the clients
    • some code tweaking
    • rewrote some of the code

Written on 2014-10-01 by Foxhound

Dezkit released his UH-1Y Venom on the BI forums.
This adds the UH-1Y Venom in the following variants:
  • Unarmed
  • Armed

Written on 2014-09-30 by dezkit

Bracer released a new video showing the upcoming version 0.5 of his Minihattan Island, for Arma 2 and Arma 3, on the Armaholic forums.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the following topics:

Written on 2014-09-30 by bracer

Kamaradski submitted an updated version of his Ahoy Server Tools.
This is a ccollection of batch scripts that will help you manage your dedicated Arma3 server on a windows machine.

    Quote :
    This is a collection of batch scripts that will help you manage your dedicated Arma3 server on a windows machine. We use these scripts to manage our own servers, and thought to release them in the open, as they might be beneficial for other server managers too.

    • Restarter script (Restarts Arma & BEC when crashed)
    • Updater script (Updates all your arma servers at once, using SteamCMD)
    • Backup script (Simple script that can be run to make remote backups)
    • File UNlocker (Used to automatically unlock files in use by Arma3Server.exe)
    • Log Compressor (Compresses your old log files in zip containers)
    • Rebooter (Simple script that restarts your servers upon box restart)

    • Log Compressor V1.3:
        - Fixed: #16: log-compressor - Create 1 big log-archive instead of singular archives
    • Rebooter V1.2:
        - Fixed: #8: Reboot script keeps hanging at last job
        - Added: New closing information on screen
    • Backup_Tool V1.1:
        - Fixed: More small issues
        - Added: Some changes to the information displayed
        - Fixed: #22: backup_tool - Add support for userconfig directory
        - Added: #9: add EU3 to Backup-script
        - Fixed: #18: Several small bug fixing
        - Added: #17: Add TADST to backup script
    • Arma_Updater V1.3:
        - Fixed: #19: a3_updater - Add support for seperate logfile location
        - Fixed: #7: Add cleaning exception rules for TADST in updater
        - Fixed: #20: a3_updater - Add cleaning exceptions for more file extensions
        - Fixed: #23: a3_updater - Add cleaning exception for userconfig
    • Arma_Restarter V1.4:
        - Added: #11: a3_restarter - make loopbackping hard-coded
        - Added: #12: a3_restarter - Improve readability of onscreen messages
        - Added: #13: a3_restarter - Add logging capabilities
        - Fixed: #14: a3_restarter - HOTFIX: BEC not starting
        - Fixed: #15: a3_restarter - Unlocker not starting
        - Added: #6: add port indicator to restarter
        - Added: #10: Generic improvements to a3_restarter script

Written on 2014-09-30 by kamaradski

CAPTNCAPS submitted an updated version of his Press Assets for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    As I am very new for modding, the textures etc. look bad, but I hope to improve that.
    This pack contains everything a real journalist needs.
    I could need your help though, so if someone would help me.

    • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Added scope for camera

Written on 2014-09-30 by freakyone

Ruthberg released an updated version of his Advanced Ballistics addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces advanced external and internal ballistics to the game. It is entirely client-side and only affects small arms fire from human players.

    • Added a userconfig entry that allows you to enable the advanced ballistics for rounds fired from vehicles
    • Fixed a bug regarding muzzle velocity variation due to ammo temperature

Written on 2014-09-30 by Ruthberg

Syncie released his DEVGRU Hangar Template on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    For some missions I am creating I have build a DEVGRU Hangar. Just to have something where we can start from.
    I like to share it because maybe others like to use it too.

    I did not use a hangar that's already on the map but used the hangar object from the editor. So you can place it where you want on Altis or in any other map you like.

    Does it have the Lock & Load table from the movie Lone Survivor? Ofcourse it has! You can setup or load your gear on it. It has VAS 2.6 and ASOR Gear Selector.

Written on 2014-09-30 by syncie

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