granQ released an updated version of the Swedish Forces Pack for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote GranQ :
    The Swedish Forces Pack is more than just new soldiers and weapons. It includes features such as buddy reload, backblast and advance missiles.

    A new version of SFP that includes fixes and new content. The Swedish fighter jet JAS 39 Gripen, a hellfire missile launcher, a gas mask for zombie missions and a Swedish radio for Task Force Radio.

    • consider hot fix. Just make sure the JAS 39 Gripen actually can fly with ACE3 enabled.
    • Also a few minor things, so small not worth mentioning.

Written on 2015-10-03 by granQ


B. Robertson released in our forums an update for the Chernarus versions of this sandbox style mission where the player must escape from a region where there's been an outbreak of a highly contagious rage-inducing virus, which turns those who have been infected into blood-thirsty, violent lunatics.

  • Changed the base units and added new textures to the infected to make them look like they're more suitably well clothed for a temperate environment.
  • Made some changes to the Infected AI, spawning rate and side to fix a bug that crept in with the recent Arma 3 patch.
  • Added another 2 spawning locations for the Fuel Trucks.

Written on 2015-10-03 by [SEN]Robertson

Quiksilver has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission where you take on a series of combat search and rescue missions.

  • [TWEAKED] Caved in to international political pressure. The mob has spoken. Rotor Lib Simulation now optional.
  • [TWEAKED] Unloading incapacitated units from vehicles sometimes did not return them to correct animation state.
  • [TWEAKED] Mission alert sound now louder and more audible around base.
  • [TWEAKED] Corrected more typos in mission briefings.
  • [TWEAKED] Mission task briefings, to provide more information on the current mission.
  • [TWEAKED] Default rifle in the ammo crate now has a HAMR optic. (Completing missions can unlock Virtual Arsenal support).
  • [TWEAKED] Field Hospital doors locked in the open position to mitigate congestion.
  • [TWEAKED] Restored intro Establishing Shot SITREP text.
  • [TWEAKED] Alternate spawn position for helicopters (Altis) when Rotor Lib Simulation is not forced by default.
  • [TWEAKED] Tightened radius for ambient civilian spawning near the base.
  • [TWEAKED] Role selection screen no longer defaults to Curator role when client connects.
  • [TWEAKED] Added more localization for our non-english-speaking counterparts. (Ongoing process)
  • [TWEAKED] Streamlined mission notifications.
  • [TWEAKED] Remote Sensors disabled on both Clients and Server by default (subject to change).
  • [FIXED] Soldier Tracker (Map Icons) was showing enemy weapon emplacements.
  • [ADDED] Randomization of icons during Establishing Shot.
  • [ADDED] Parameter to select weapon system of UH-80 Ghosthawk.
  • [ADDED] Extra magazine of ammunition for UH-80 when using .50 caliber weapons system.
  • [ADDED] Parameter to toggle Remote Sensors (AI related) for both Server and Clients.
  • [ADDED] Show HUD options to description.ext.
  • [ADDED] More Third-Party Credits to forum thread.
  • [ADDED] Helicopter Service Bay now replenishes First Aid Kit supply of Helicopters.
  • [ADDED] Action for players to manually respawn respawnable vehicles.
  • [ADDED] Zeus whitelisting explanation to FAQ at top of forum thread.

Written on 2015-10-03 by Quiksilver


Deltagamer released an updated version of his DEGA Merlins addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm aiming to release and update all of the work from my previous mods. The content will be open source, all of the releases will be from previous mods I've worked on with a few exceptions being approved to release open source by fellow modders. Each vehicle/equipment will have its own separate release under this thread to keep mod sizes low. I may also do a large modular release however I feel that releasing each thing individually would be best.

    I cant release everything in these mods as I don't own the licences to some of the vehicles (ie stuff I can't release apl-sa as I'm only allowed to use them to an extent without full permission to release openly - example being the puma helicopter), so if its not listed above then it won't make an appearance in this thread.

    • Added Collision Lights
    • Added Landing Lights

    Current Releases:

Written on 2015-10-02 by deltagamer

Twisted released an updated version of his All The Weapons addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    All The Weapons is an addOn that automatically lets you use any and all of your other weapon addons in any Single Player mission inclduing Official ARMA 3 missions.

    The addon will check every newly spanwed unit and assign them a a random rifle load out based on their side.
    To prevent breaking survival type missions, if a character spawns without a weapon this script will not run. This is intentional.

    • Machinegunners get machinguns ago.

Written on 2015-10-02 by Armaholic

Mathias_Eichinger released in the BI forums a new version of this mission following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative. This mission is inspired by a Selous Scout operation during the Rhodesian Bush War.

  • Deleted some unwanted addons that crept into the mission.sqm

Written on 2015-10-02 by mathias_eichinger

Desusa has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission for Arma 3 where you go door to door looking for Ammo hidden in the red Zone.

  • Change the lops that's the I was having problems white.
  • Added save gear in ammo box.
  • There is 3 new missions
  • How to get intel in the bottom of the ocean
  • Take the Airfield And many more good stuff.

Written on 2015-10-02 by DonDesusa

thhamm informed in the BI forums about the release of a new version of this CTI (crCTI).

Written on 2015-10-02 by Armaholic

WASP Team released in the BI forums a new version of this CTI mission, based on the RHS Escalation mod.

  • added the condition for vehicle light repair: it's available if a player is near a damaged vehicle;
  • decreased timer for garbage collector;
  • terrain grid option has 50 value as max limit again;
  • tweaked camp positions on Stratis, Takistan, Cherno and Altis;
  • tweaked mg nest's positions near camps on Stratis, Takistan, Cherno and Altis;
  • mission PV-based netcode replaced by the RE-based one, providing better traffic control, improved reliability, stability and JIP sequence at the cost of slightly increased load on the client (and decreased load on the server)
  • added condition for vehicle spawn process, preventing them from spawning inside of buildings, rocks, etc. (MHQ included);
  • added friendly fire protection to the MHQ;
  • added a script preventing a player to get in the unfolded MHQ;
  • medevac respawn distance has been increased to 500 m;
  • price for assault helicopters (e.g. AH-64, Mi-24, Ka-52) and heavy cargo ones has been decreased by 15%;
  • RotorLib simulation is now hard-disabled due to the nature of CTI gaming process (pop-up menus, dence town grid, etc.);
  • added ASP-1 Kir, somehow filling the gap instead of VSS Vintorez;
  • M32 grenade launcher added;
  • various new M113A3 versions added;
  • fixed: vehicle crews now correctly receive payments for capturing towns;
  • fixed: tactical menu is now available for all to get access to ballistic calculator;
  • fixed: commander vote results and messages are now multicasted to the side, instead of to be broadcasted for all:
  • fixed: town alterations are now correctly multicasted to the side only. You won't see the enemy capturing town at the other side of the map anymore;
  • fixed: AI teamleaders are now correctly disband their units after respawn to buy the new ones;
  • MHQ health is increased to 200%

Written on 2015-10-02 by Armaholic

Zbug released in the BI forums a new version of this CTI mission focused on cooperative gameplay.

    Quote Zbug :
      - new revive/damage handling system rocks! :)
      - respawn @ai squadmates also working as intended
      - no sector activation bug till now

Written on 2015-10-02 by Zbug

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