Dap, from the VTN Team, informed us an updated version of the VeteranMod has been released on the BI forums .

    Quote :
    This version is designed primarily to demonstrate new and reviewed features of the game, as well as the general direction of our work.

    • Fixed: .308 HP ammo
    • Fixed: USMC cap icons
    • Fixed: Backpacks in Arsenal
    • Fixed: Missed sound shaders on MK12
    • Fixed: Bulletproof vest does not work after respawn
    • Fixed: Body duplicates after heavy wounds in MP
    • Fixed: Disposable launchers duplicates after knockout by backblast
    • Fixed: No recoil on RPG7V2
    • Fixed: Vanilla sights on some disposable launchers
    • Improved: Supression effects
    • Improved: Advanced grenade throwing
    • Improved: Backblast visual effects

Written on 2016-07-26 by Dead Kennedy


Freakylein submitted an updated version of his Extended Base Mod.

    Quote :
    Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod
    With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod.
    For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, some are following.

    • new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m, Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass
    • lootspawn fixed!
    • excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus

Written on 2016-07-26 by Freakylein

Blazenchamber released an updated version of the Specialist Military Arms on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    We would like to present SMA version 2.4!

    SMA (Specialist Military Arms)
    is an ongoing project\Addon for ARMA 3 to create and replicate some unique and rare weapons from all over the world.
    This project started Late 2013 and set out to bring high quality weapons and attachments for the ARMA 3 community as Authentic as possible.
    We hope people enjoy using the content as we enjoy creating it.

    • Apex Update patch
    • Reset Audio on all weapons for new sound engine
    • Fixed sound bugs
    • Adjusted Reload anims on AR weapons
    • Adjusted Recoils on all weapons
    • Updated Fire Sounds on ACR L85 TAVOR HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17
    • Updated Reload Sounds on ACR M4 MK18 HK416 HK417 SCAR-MK17 SCAR-Mk16
    • Updated Suppressor sounds 7.62 5.56
    • New SCAR textures now better represent the Gen 3 of the SCAR
    • New SCAR Versions OD green
    • Fixed SCAR MK-16 Muzzle acc now share same as the other 5.56 weapons
    • Config clean up

Written on 2016-07-26 by Armaholic


Fry02312 released his seelenlos Zeus mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod allows the serveradmin to use Zeus in every mission. You just need to press the Zeus Button (Default: Z). We use the mod to play missions in different ways, "unstuck" broken mission flows or add mod weapons to vanilla missions. That means, you get the ability to play a mission again with different loadouts, vehicles and enemies without the effort to change it with scripts or the editor (unpacking, changing, testing, packing, uploading). The use of the ARES-mod is strongly recommended.

    • Reworked code:
        - remove while do loops, replaced with a per frame eventHandler
    • Fixed:
        - known issues from 1.1

Written on 2016-07-26 by Armaholic

Animander submitted an updated version of his Helvantis terrain.

    Quote :
    Helvantis is a fictional Germanic Eastern-European nation in a winter climate, designed to add a little more variety in terrain types and climates currently available for Arma 3.

    • Roughly 100 km^2
    • Heightmap resolution of 5m/p
    • A variety of locations from thick forests and open fields, to heavy condensed urban areas.
    • Several large towns, including one large sprawling city several kilometers in size, and one city of ruins.
    • Large variety in elevation from valleys to mountains

    • lighting fixes to comply with Arma 1.6
    • change the dependency to CUP terrains

Written on 2016-07-26 by Animander

Sakuraba informed the community on the Armaholic forums he started working on the French Special Force- Ground project.

    Quote :
    I am new here and novice in edition and mod creation, and on ARMA also.
    But I'm impress by the Arma univers and the Community I would like to give back something. I decided to try to make my small contribution to the Community.

    I present you my "French Special Force- Ground" project.
    This is a retextur project, (I know there is already few french mod like this , but they give only the regular units and unifomes, and we dont have also of Snow untis and stuff and no french camo for our Air units helicopter).

    • Uniforms : Tshirt, guerilla uniform.
    • Helicopters : AH-6, Mowhak, Havok
    • Equipements : bags, helmets, vest, patch sleeve etc.

You can find more screens, videos and information in the Mod French Special Force Ground wip topic.

Written on 2016-07-25 by Armaholic

Jeza informed us Road runner released an updated version of his Tier 1 Special Operations Forces II desert uniform on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Road Runner/Hawaiian Tier1 SOF II (Desert Uniforms).
    Another addon I was working on prior to the crash now recovered.
    Here's 9 different desert camo uniforms from various countries to include:
    • AOR1:US
    • DCU:US/Any
    • CADPAT ARID:Canada
    • M/98: Norway
    • Daguet:France
    • Trpentarn:Germany
    • M90:Sweden
    • Desert Tigerstripe
    • Desert Multicam

    The DCU's can be worn pretty much by any country, the SAS/SBS have used them before in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    • fixed Blood mist error

Written on 2016-07-25 by Road Runner

Heros released an updated version of his Heros Survive on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon makes it easy to survive in the big wide world of Arma.
    You can eat, drink, check on your body temperature and use many items.

    Many parameters can be set. As a result, this addon can combined with all islands and all other addons.
    It is important to look at the Mission which is examplary to show you the world of Arma. To get experience you shod make as many experiments as possible. (#_Heros_Survive.Stratis)
    The description of the parameters requires some experience. But for that it is independent of other addons.
    It should all be described in the exemplarily Mission.

    • Added: New Glasses: Gas Mask (G_her_GasMaskA)
    • Fixed: JIP. Now works correct
    • Improved: Mission adjusted. A simple example of the gas mask.

Written on 2016-07-25 by Armaholic

StanThaMan released his Helmet Mounted IR Strobe A3 addon on the Armaholic forums.
These addons add the ability to turn on and off a helmet mounted IR strobe at night time.

    Quote StanThaMan :
    CJTF_IRstrobeA3 adds the ability to turn on and off a helmet mounted IR strobe at night time with a supporting helmet. CJTF_IRnoHelmA3 does not limit the use of an IR strobe to any headgear.

    There was a problem with the bisign in the previous version that has now been fixed and verified using DSCheckSignatures and server tests.

    • Added additional helmets from Apex expansion for the CJTF_IRstrobeA3 version.

Written on 2016-07-25 by StanThaMan

Jeza informed us Duda released the first version of his Advanced Urban Rappelling on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Rappel of anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc. Everything works as long a you can walk to an edge.
    Fire while rappelling! You can switch between your rifle and pistol while rappelling.
    Custom animations and sounds
    Supports swinging side to side, pushing off wall, and climbing back to the top.
    Supports rappelling AI units.
    Can be installed as server-side only addon. However, clients without the addon won't be able to shoot while rappelling and won't see custom animations and sounds. Still looks great though!
    SP and MP compatible.

Written on 2016-07-24 by Duda

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