shuko released in the BI forums this Old favorite mission from A2 that he ported for A3.

    Quote shuko :
    A UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Jolly Green 28) was forced to land in enemy territory due to being damaged by ground fire. The JFC decided there was no time for a TRAP mission, so they have ordered a CSAR instead. Enemy forces are very likely to search for the crash site.

Written on 2015-11-22 by shk


Mark Hood has submitted his Crye G2/3 Uniforms.

    Quote Mark Hood :
    Retextured Blufor combat uniforms. Using modified .rvmat for non-glossy kneepads. Based on Combat Uniform of Crye Precision.

    • Gen.2 Multicam Combat Uniform
    • Gen.3 Multicam Combat Uniform
    • Gen.3 Multicam Alpine Combat Uniform
    • Gen.3 Multicam Black Combat Uniform

Written on 2015-11-22 by MarkH.

Jester released in the BI forums an updated for this quick tutorial mission to help you practice your Helicopter Skills.

    Quote Jester :
    This is an updated version of the Helo Training Mission that does not require any addons.

    When Armaholic posted my first mission, I realized that I had been remiss in not offering a vanilla version that would run on any install of ArmA 3. This new version also has a new feature that allows you to practice your Sling Loading skills.

    HOG Mechanic for ArmA 3 is included in the example mission, so make sure you take a couple repair kits to help repair your helo in the field.

Written on 2015-11-20 by Theopolus


Elite Accidentyl released in the BI forums a new version of his campaign where the United States sent their most elite units to liberate the Altis island of ISIS militants.

  • Added failsafe trigger for mission 3 where plane wouldn't properly delete.
  • Reduced damage threshold for weapons cache from 0.5 to 0.3 for completion trigger on mission 4.
  • Added failsafe trigger for cache on mission 4 and removed RHS weapons cache completely.
  • Removed debug hint in mission 6.
  • Reduced accuracy and other AI skills for most missions.
  • Increased Delta Force AI sub skills to be more bad ass.
  • Changed player to "Demo specialist" on mission 4 so you can use the toolkit.

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armaholic

Sacha Ligthert has submitted a remake of an ArmA 2 classic.

    Quote Sacha Ligthert :
    I've ported the original Roadblock Duty by Reezo to ArmA 3. Because I loved playing the original version with my friends and the one of PFC Burnes just didn't cut it (sorry). So after all these years I decided to just write my own.

Written on 2015-11-19 by ligthert

Pierre MGI has submitted a kind of Alamo battle mission. You're up to 8 attempting to repel enemy assault.

    Quote Pierre MGI :
    THIS IS A R3F - RHS based mission.
    These great mods add a great immersion while playing with usual and known armament. The fans of 2035 environment can jump onto the arsenal crate.
    I added also the fine EricJ taliban addon. I just made easier to kill them according to the poor armored clothes they wear. BI engine decided to make stronger uniforms for OPFOR, stronger bodies for BLUFOR. The balance is reached in both it seems.

Written on 2015-11-18 by Pierre MGI

J0nes informed us he released an updated version of his ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I am proud to release the stand alone LHD from the ATLAS total modification from the MANW contest. While the rest of the mod has yet to go public, this part of the mod is something that we feel could be useful to some of the naval units out there.

    While it is not drivable, it does contain a large walkable interior as well as a functioning well deck. I hope to continue making improvements on the model and the useability of this ship, just know that updates may be few and far between.

    This is a simple template using map markers to help you place objects on the deck of the ATLAS LHD.

    Thanks to nagging from everyone (glad you all like it so much) I finally got off my ass an integrated the last update for this mod.

    Now, I mentioned last update, but dont lose hope! this will make the stand alone LHD playable, however I was contacted by CUP a few days ago, and they have asked to modify and include the LHD in their mod. So I trust they will be able to give this thing much more love and care than I can.

    I will continue modding work over at the Astorian Forces Project, so if you like this, check us out!

    • This should fix the loading problems, changed to the correct folder paths setup

Written on 2015-11-17 by J0nes

Drongo 69 released in the BI forums a new style of SP/COOP dynamic campaign for Arma 3.

    Quote Drongo 69 :
    Cleansing Europa is a new style of SP/COOP dynamic campaign for Arma 3. The campaign takes the form of a series of progressive missions across Altis, starting on one side of the map and moving forward as the players win. Each battle location is progressive and logical, but every battle has randomly generated objectives and randomly generated enemy forces. This provides a solid combination of logical progression, randomness and replayability.

    The players are AAF and the enemy are muslim invaders.

    Largely inspired by this terrifying video: With Open Gates

Written on 2015-11-16 by Drongo

EMSI has submitted a new version of the Final disposal of his PANDORA system. A SP multi-mission with selectable gameplay, player can select various teams with different tasks. .

  • small tweaks in scripts
  • added NV goggles to the gear of group EDGE
  • modified hint about utilization of light on a weapon for group EDGE
  • added short intro animation
  • added few hidden locations with ammo boxes

Written on 2015-11-16 by EMSI

Aylas has submitted, using our Public FTP, a survival singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote Aylas :
    In this Survival-Horror mission you will play as Captain Price who finds himself back in Pripyat alone, mysterious things are happening. Evil creatures everywhere, it's up to you to find answers and escape the nightmare.

Written on 2015-11-16 by Aylas

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