Kumeda submitted a new wip update of his WarPad Gui Framework.

    Quote Kumeda :
    The aim of the “WarPad” is to create a high quality graphical user interface with a realistic feel to it for moders/mission makers to use. Three things I want to achieve are that the next time you need a gadget you won’t have to spend much time on work of the outer shell and instead invest it in your awesome ideas. And secondly, the “WarPad” shall allow running different scripts from different developers without much effort. And third, beeing able to run many different useful scripts without having a tons of added actions *THUMBS UP*
    The work has reached now a point that, some of these points work theoretically. To get feedback on what could be improved, bugs, ideas I decided to share the recent development version with you. Remember that this is still a WIP when using it! Dependencies, Variable names might change with the coming releases of this alpha branch.

    Some things that have been implemented since last time:
    • Button icon’s overlays with pushing effect
    • A layer above main screen for a “display” effect
    • Added image as “background effect”
    • Turning light of button icons on and off
    • Structure for integrating “APPs” (grouped dialogs)
    • Home-screen “APP” for adding a visible link to your APP
    • Status bar showing the time (and battery status this is not functional so)
    • Shadow mask changes over time when “WarPad” is open or pinned
    • Switching “WarPad” on and off

    You can download a dev version of the WarPad Gui Framework from here: download Alpha V1.01

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the WarPad GUI Framework wip topic.

Written on 2014-03-08 by Kumeda


Kazimierz posted a new update showing the Harrier and the Marine Naval Aviator, which he is retexturing with permission from Meatball, on the Armaholic forums.
A release can be expected next week.

    Quote kazimierz :
    Currently working out the configuration set-up.. C5 will be released shortly..

    Currently, I have received permission to work on the mod by Meatball; the Marine Naval Aviator, to turn it into a British representation of flying personnel. However, the model still remains thoroughly US; the mask and equipment are american, not British. My re-skin is an approach to BAF flying personnel. All flyers are wearing the MK.3 helmet, unfortunately a HMCS is not yet available to the model.

    I have made three versions so far; ready-for-use but still in the config fase:
    • RAF Harrier pilot
    • RAF Helicopter Pilot
    • RAF Typhoon Pilot

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the Texturing Project wip topic.

Written on 2014-03-08 by kazimierz

C. Daley has submitted the 2nd mission in the Titan Stories mission series.

    Quote C. Daley :
    With conflicts heating up in Operation Titan, the last thing they need is for CSAT forces to side with the russians and enter the fight. This is where this missions comes into play. You are to kill CSAT officers in a meeting to delay their entry into the titan conflict.

Written on 2014-03-08 by daley42


AiZnhorn released in our forums the third part in this Brother in Arms series.

    Quote AiZnhorn :
    Altis 2035. Situation in Altis sharply worsened, the content increases not and constantly resistance centers flare up. Forces of NATO try to keep the island and perform various operations. Your group sent for undermining influence independent in Altis's east part.

Written on 2014-03-08 by Jayer

Citadel released a total overhaul of his earlier mission "AAF COIN" in the BI forums.

    Quote Citadel :
    This is a lightweight, straightforward coop mission for between one and sixteen players. It's designed with less powerful computers in mind, so it will work well on either a dedicated server or a local host. Players can perform just about any battlefield role, thanks to the presence of both the VAS and VVS. Furthermore, the mission is highly mod-compatible, so additional weapons-packs, vehicle addons, and AI modifications should run without conflict.

    It works great for a "gather around the server" mission as well as something to occupy the entire afternoon.

Written on 2014-03-08 by Citadel

bravo 6 released in the BI forums an update for this cooperative mission where you have to rescue the POW.

  • some tweaks and improvement.
  • Farroq 1.5 running.

Written on 2014-03-08 by bravo 6

roy86 released a new version of Patrol Operations for Arma 3 in the BI forums.

  • [ADDED]: Research vessel distress mission a bit underwhelming
  • [ADDED]: Team players cannot carry support ammo for qualified role specialists (E.g AT rounds and MG Mags)
  • [ADDED]: Designated Headless Client slot
  • [ADDED]: Support units should be repair specialists
  • [ADDED]: AI Re-enforce objectives via Helo Insertion
  • [ADDED]: new all role class for small team
  • [ADDED]: Task Force Arrowhead Radio Support
  • [ADDED]: IGIload Logistics
  • [ADDED]: Replaced Existing Injury system with tweaked version of Arma 3 wounding system by [TcB]-Psycho-
  • [FIXED]: "Cancel First Aid" causes instant revive
  • [FIXED]: Vehicles are despawned too aggressively
  • [FIXED]: Defend Military Base mission not spawning enemies
  • [FIXED]: Downed players are invincible
  • [FIXED]: No supplies to pick up for "Town needs urgent supplies" task
  • [FIXED]: Capture officer mission does not complete once prisoner is returned
  • [FIXED]: "Ambient ground patrols" very scarce or non-existent?
  • [FIXED]: Dynamic Weather is not synchronized between clients
  • [FIXED]: AAF Return Point does not align to the Faction Side
  • [FIXED]: Rallypoint Removal at base not working
  • [FIXED]: Defend Missions have miss-aligned success criteria resulting in very high chance of fail despite actually succeeding.
  • [FIXED]: Squad leader resets after a new squadmember joins
  • [FIXED]: Team-leaders cannot assign roles or move members unless logged in as Admin
  • [FIXED]: Initiating "Assist" function when on static objects (rocks, buildings) causes you to fall-teleport through them
  • [FIXED]: Base grieving with explosives works perfectly
  • [FIXED]: Dragging players from the "crouched" stance not possible
  • [FIXED]: "Stop shooting at base" message is displayed to all players
  • [FIXED]: Medics unable to treat downed players
  • [FIXED]: Recover UAV mission: AI vehicles and the UAV
  • [FIXED]: VAS Saved loadouts available across every side
  • [FIXED]: Respawning in via halo results in reverting back to default gear
  • [FIXED]: helicopter explosions at base
  • [FIXED]: Spawned containers at the return point
  • [FIXED]: LaserBatteries Missing from VAS Crate
  • [FIXED]: Losing Group Leadership to JIP
  • [FIXED]: Cutscene start is delayed too long
  • [FIXED]: Headless Client ability to take control of AI is not consistent
  • [FIXED]: 3D Hud Altitude using visibleposition returns 0 altitude
  • [FIXED]: "Deploy Comm Tower" enemy waves spawn too close
  • [ADDED]: Capture Vehicle mission has closer optional return point
  • [REMOVED]: Repair Airfield and Sea Based Mission after game-play review

Written on 2014-03-08 by roy86

Maxjoiner submitted the first version of his Max UK Police Mod which he announced on the Armaholic forums earlier.

    Quote Maxjoiner :
    This Mod adds a new independent faction: United Kingdom Police and features:
    • New 2 Units
    • New 3 Vehicles
    • All Police Vehicles have police Horn
    • All Police Vehicles have 3D lightbar with night\day effects
    • The Engines of all vehicles have been enhanced for funny pursuits!

Written on 2014-03-07 by maxjoiner

87th_Neptune submitted his Manual Bombing Guide which he originally released on the BI forums.
Two video examples of using this technique can be found on the downloadpage.

    Quote 87th_Neptune :
    When we don't have the luxury of Laser Designation or CCIP and CCRP modes of a Fire control computer, you have to do it the old fashioned way. Like in the first two world wars!

    I came up with the idea of writing this manual when I saw many people on Public servers, squad coop missions and on YouTube, flying extremely low and diving far to steep. Just to get their bombs on target. What happend? They put them selves in range of small arms fire and left them selves no room to evade anti-air missiles. Some even killed all their maneuvering room, slamming into the ground amd/or tree tops.

    By working on this manual I was able to confirm ArmA's bomb physics ARE indeed correct unlike some state...
    The bombs as described in the manual follow a glide path wich is exactly the one from the Mk-82 in a standard atmosphere and so my release parameter table from real life IS usable.
    Bombs do act strange when released from very low speeds. (Under 100 km/h) But since that never problem.

    Hopefully people will read this manual and start correct practice. Then soon I hope these silly performances will eventually disappear from the Arma 3 community.

    • GBU38's physics is off > removed from Manual release table
    • Added level delivery table for both GBU12 and GBU38
    • Added LGB delivery parameters

Written on 2014-03-07 by Crielaard

Alduric released an updated version of his @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack - Additional Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote alduric :
    Today I am releasing a small addon, making few of Arma 2 maps working much better with my A3MP. You dont have to modify Arma 2 maps! Just download it and run as mod with A3MP and 3rd party map. Not all maps are supported with first release.

    This mod does not contain a map! You have to download maps by your own, from Armaholic of PWS or whatever you want and put it into ArmA 3 folder and run like other mods.

    List of supported maps:
    • Clafghan
    • Fallujah
    • FATA
    • Namalsk (Only map)
    • Podagorsk
    • Thirsk
    • Thirsk Winter

    • Fixed: "Getting some sort of startup error: 'Addon 'fallujah_v1_0_fix' requires addon 'fallujah_hou'"
    • Fixed: Some fog problems on Clafghan

Written on 2014-03-07 by alduric

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