Infidel++ released his Infispawn++ script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I've been learning a lot over the years, and I've finally planned on coming out to you all.
    Well here's my first ever scriptset that I've upgraded and refined over time, and still am.
    I present to you InfiSpawn, a pretty simple script set for making spawnpoints for vehicles in your arma 3 missions.

Written on 2015-12-15 by Infidel++


Sigma-6 informed us he released an updated version of his The Birds and the Bees on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Plymouth Roadrunner and its later companion, the Dodge Super Bee were fairly unique. Based on the heavy luxury cars in the B-body line (Belvedere/Satellite), the Roadrunner was lighter than the smaller ’Cuda. To make it both light and cheap, the Roadrunner had few amenities - forget about carpet, for example. Creature comforts gave way to sheer performance and cost considerations.

    The vehicles in the 'Birds and the Bees' pack by Sigma-6 come in a variety of colours and configurations.

    The Roadrunners, which are a slightly upgraded version of my almost ten-year-old Roadrunner model from the 'Sigma-6 Vehicle pack for ArmA 1, come with the engine and gear ratios for the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with the 426 HEMI.

    The Super Bees, which are about half new geometry and textures (the rest being edited original geometry, textures, and materials from the old Road Runner model), come with the engine and gear ratios for the 1969 Super Bee 440 Six Pack.

    The two 1977 Plymouth Fury police cars, added to give you something to chase the muscle cars with, come with a somewhat anachronistic 1969 383 Magnum. These models lack LODs (though thy're not too hefty in terms of polycount anyway) and are model-wise essentially unchanged from the ArmA version, except that materials and textures have been updated with what ArmA III offers.

    • Fixed model.cfg problem. Was overwriting base classes in vanilla civil cars.
    • Fixed Road Runner hood shadow.

Written on 2015-12-15 by Armaholic

Educom released his FIA Replacement Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a little config that replaced the default weapons of vanila for the exelent work of HLC mod for give it a little more of realism.

    • The infantry is equiped with AKM, FAL and AR-15 several model
    • add FIA factions to OPFOR and IND in the editor and ZEUS
    • a optional File for ALIVE compatibility version ( it's for no cause conflict with OPFOR grups in editor)

Written on 2015-12-15 by eduardcomandox


Kydoimos has submitted an open beta version of the Make Arma Not War contest winner in the Singleplayer category.

    Quote Kydoimos :
    Follow Cpl. Coleridge as he and a small group of NATO survivors take on the combined might of the AAF and their CSAT allies. Running parallel to the events in SURVIVE, RESIST offers an immersive experience to compliment Bohemia Interactive's campaign.

Written on 2015-12-14 by Kydoimos

Genesi has submitted the first mission, a prologue, or introduction to the series.

    Quote Genesi :
    The Undead Chronicles will be a series following a set of main characters throughout Altis during the zombie apocalypse. Characters range from fishermen to military officers, as the player will get to experience the story from multiple different point of views. Go from house to house as you look for the 3 main supplies: Food, Water, and Gas, while also trying to complete your objectives.

    This first mission is a prologue, or introduction to the series. It is short, and if played right, sort of scary and immersive.

Written on 2015-12-14 by Genesi[s]

barbolani released in the BI forums this multiplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote barbolani :
    "Anything but serious" mission for those who want fast fun in Arma. Totally focused on being fun, unrealistic, and everything what Arma is not supposed to be :)

    Have fun!

    Designed for minimum 4 players, maximum 18. Specially suitable for Open Dedi environment.

Written on 2015-12-14 by BARBOLANI

Lordprimate released an updated version of the Unit SFX - Body fall sounds & hit screams addon on the BI forums.
This addon has originally been created by mistergoodson but he allows others to release their own versions.

    Quote :
    This is this mod here Unit SFX - Body fall sounds & hit screams by mistergoodson with a few audio tweeks and some added sounds, and finished code.

    • Added Initial height and difference check to initiate the bodyfall sound. no time check required, all done off of eye height.
    • Added Gravel Bodyfall sounds. on sandy beaches and dry lake beds you get sand sounds. on soil and dirt etc you will get gravel sounds(testing idea)
    • Added Water Bodayfall sounds. when units are in shallow water they will make splashing sounds.
    • Added audible range param to sounds configs. Removed db adjustments. Sound engine and say3D augment sound appropriately.
    • Forest Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtForestPine sounds like green grass. appropriate sound now applies.
    • Marsh Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtMarsh sounds like dirt and soil. appropriate sound now applies.
    • Dried lake bed Areas used concrete bodyfall sounds, surfacetype #GdtDead sounds fine sand. appropriate sound now applies.
    • Configs for wood sounds now in place just need to find out how to detect interior of buildings/stairs surfaces.
    • Configs for Virtual Reality Area now in place and functional. #GdtVRsurface01 plays appropriate sound.

Written on 2015-12-14 by Lordprimate

Croguy released his Croguy's Uniforms on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ver felt like Arma needed more accurate uniforms of obscure countries, made with more effort and quality? Then my uniforms pack is just for you!

    The whole idea behind this pack is to provide the Arma community with some more unique, high-quality character textures suited for not only the current point in time of the Armaverse, but the world as a whole! More notably, that of the Cold War. There's been a lot of factions, nations, and uniforms made throughout that period -- and I'm looking to bring as many of them as I can to the table.
    The periods I'm aiming at are just about anything: From World War 2, to 2035, I'm sure there's plenty of patterns, designs, and uniforms that should definitely be in the game.

    The Units:
    The primary drive behind the mod's foundation is creation of cold war-era faction-specific uniforms and equipment sets. Of course, that's further down the line, and what I got now is enough that I think it should be shared with the general public! They're mostly just reskins of the CSAT Officer with a bit of a twist added in to make them more appropriate, but I'm striving towards increasing the quality as much as possible for an entry modder of my type.

Written on 2015-12-13 by Armaholic

Bp.sushi released an updated version of his Hostage rescue script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Creating hostage rescue mission can be realy frustrating. Especialy the "escort hostage to" part, and i think "join group" is not the best idea. Also ACE3 prisoner feature is not what i want for hostage rescue. So i wrote simple script that i would like to share.

    • added dedicated compatbility

Written on 2015-12-13 by bp.sushi

ZoneKiller released his ZKs Items Pack With Models on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ZKs Items Pack are Models in ARMA 3 that have been linked to inventory Items.

    No other Addons Needed

    You can add these items to a weaponholder then place them on the ground from your inventory
    or create them on the ground using a WeaponHolderSimulated weaponholder

Written on 2015-12-13 by ZoneKiller

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