VanZant released an updated version of his Copy My Stance addon on the BI forums.
With this addon the AI units you are commanding will copy your stance. It works in a individual way, so you can make only 2 units follow your stance while the rest will remain in their own current active stance.

  • Removed: Dependency on CBA and BIS functions
  • Changed: Multiple code optimizations

Written on 2014-02-01 by VanZant


T-800a released an updated version of his Downlad data from a laptop script snippet on the BI forums.

    Quote t-800a :
    Here is a small script snippet from a coop mission I created to play with some friends. Maybe someone finds this usefull...
    Because I thought downloading intel data from a Laptop by just adding a simple addaction to the Laptop is a bit boring I added a small downloading GUI window to it which has some changing texts.

    The download is only useable by one player at a time, you can abort the download / close the window by hitting ESC or clicking the X. When the download is finished a public var is updated whis triggers the task to succed.

    • support for multiple laptops / objects
    • you can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished
    • you can check if someone uses the object

Written on 2014-02-01 by t-800a

TankiSD released in our forums a five missions pack meant to be played as a campaign.

    Quote TankiSD :
    Iran refused to leave the island Алтис. NATO forces come into effect.
    Participate in special operations represented by the commander of the group Phantom 220.
    Step and defend in the face of the commander of a tank platoon "Dandy chief and commander of infantry platoon "Tau-2".
    Command your troops in the face of the commander of the Operational Tactical Group "70-2-30".

Written on 2014-02-01 by TankiSD


brightness released in the BI forums a mission where your objective is to maintain security around Grippler as if it does get under attack, hold it at any cost..

    Quote brightness :
    That's right, I'm now releasing a mission I've worked on few days (Constructing the idea as the base and then doing the ai scripting).
    The mission is quite simple, hold the FOB as the waves come over and over during a 60 minutes time!
    Interested? Feel free to download it, all you need is the UNSUNG mod 2.5 and if you'd like to, ACRE!

Written on 2014-02-01 by Big

DaOarge released in the BI forums this Search & Destroy mission.

    Quote DaOarge :
    Several explosions have been reported from Agia Marina. Intel believes that enemy forces are trying
    to overrun Agia Marina in order to prepare a direct attack on the NATO base located at Stratis Airfield.

    Your primary mission is to clear Agia Marina of enemy forces. That means checking each and every house down there! Once Agia Marina is clear, wait for further orders.
    Secondary objective is to spare civilian population, buildings and property!

    Mission time: April 9th, 00:25 - Full Moon

Written on 2014-02-01 by DaOarge

L etranger informed us he released an updated version of his VTS Simple weapon resting addon on the BI forums.
This addon allows you to rest you weapon and improve you shooting stability.

  • Removed CBA requirement
  • Addon now compatible with singleplayer save & reload

Written on 2014-02-01 by L_etranger

Panicsferd has submitted a singleplayer mission where you must destroy three aaf buzzards stationed at airport.

    Quote Panicsferd :
    Our NATO Forces station on Altis are being torn to shreads by AAF fastmovers that are in the area. Satellite imagery shows that this airport is the source of the fastmovers and we need you to parachute in then plant charges on the planes, and then we will extract you out of there.

    Parachute in. Plant Charges on A-143 Buzzards. Get Extracted.

Written on 2014-02-01 by Panicsferd

ForzaJuve informed us he released an updated version of his Liberation of Chernarus campaign on the BI forums.

  • Fixed issue in mission #7 where the A-10 on occasion will continue attacking targets after the initial objective is completed
  • Fixed issue in mission #8 where squad 'talking' may be disabled for the whole mission. Also greatly reduced the probability of this happening in some other missions
  • Also stopped enemy squads from patrolling Moglievka in mission #7

Written on 2014-02-01 by ForzaJuve

Molly has submitted a PvP mission in a Chernarus Forest with heavy fog.

Written on 2014-02-01 by Molly

AntoineFlemming released an hotfix version of his Mediterranean Operations (NATOSOC + SCOJFC bundle) on the BI forums.
You can also download a small patch if you already installed version 1.51. Otherwise download the full archive.

    Quote AntoineFlemming :
    Here is my Mediterranean Operations bundle, which features uniform, vest, and helmet reskins.

    • standardized faction classnames, fixed ALiVE compatibility issues
    • added US 10th SFG (Alternate) group with desert snakeskin camo

Written on 2014-01-31 by antoineflemming

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