Goldenfiver released his Tar-21 Camo addon on the BI forums.

    Quote goldenfiver :
    I always felt like the TRG rifle could use some love so I made a couple of reskins for it.
    There are 10 different types of camouflage included (classlist is located inside the folder) in this pack:
    • Black
    • Desert digital
    • Jungle Green
    • Urban Camo
    • MARPAT variants
    • CADPAT
    • Winter Camo

Written on 2014-02-26 by goldenfiver


1212PDMCDMPPM released an alternate version of Taosenai's Tao Folding Map on the BI forums.

    Quote 1212PDMCDMPPM :
    This is an alternate version of Taosenai's Tao Folding Map.

    Tao Folding Map will allow you to toggle a usefully-large map anytime in game by pressing Shift-M (or Shift-<your map key>). It will automatically close when you open the big map or open your gear. Of course it does not restrict your movement or anything.

    It is unique in that it is not centered on your current position. Instead, it is 'folded' into areas. This lets you keep a continuous perspective on the battlefield. The page is changed automatically when you cross over the edge.

    If you have a GPS or are playing on Regular or lower, your position will be shown. Map markers are shown.

    • Added proper map scale for Altis and A3MP v1.3
    • Added zoom in/out capability (Ctrl-Shift-Up and Down)

Written on 2014-02-26 by Foxhound

Maxjoiner released some new screens of his Max Police Mod on the Armaholic forums showing the refined Marshal units and vehicles. He also added the Marshal heli prisoners transport.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Max Police Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-02-26 by maxjoiner


Gersen released an updated version of his Gersen Unit Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote gersen :
    This addon is a retexture of NATO units. It adds several camouflage uniforms plus custom made headgear and retextured gear in order to implement different kind on camouflage:
      - A-Tacs AU
      - A-Tacs FG
      - A-Tacs LE
      - New Zeland Defence Force MTP
      - Ghostex Kilo-1
      - Ghostex Delta-6
      - Temperate
      - Pencott Greenzone
      - Pencott Badlands
      - Pencott Sandstorm
      - Altis1
      - Roggenwolf Warg
      - Roggenwolf Ryewolf
      - Roggenwolf Warg 5D
      - Omnipat

    • new pattern
    • backpacks added

Written on 2014-02-25 by gersen

SPARTAN-563 released an updated version of the squad voice command utility for Arma 3 "Articulate" on the BI forums.

    Quote Mpstark :
    Articulate is a custom written voice control program designed for ArmA. It makes controlling your squad simply a matter of saying what you wish them to do.
    For example, instead of having to remember that the Open Fire command for your whole squad is ~ 3 1 you can simply say "All, open fire".
    For more information on the commands currently available, take a look at the wiki's commands page.

    Compared to other voice recognition solutions, Articulate offers the following advantages:
      - Only accepts valid commands
      - Doesn't require pauses between sections of a command
      - Tailored to ArmA's command menu
      - Completely Free

    I've made this release since there were a few small issues which needed to be addressed, there was a new translation in the pipeline and I think it's about time we got some kind of automated error reporting tool integrated with Articulate to help make both your lives, and ours, a little bit easier. There aren't any new features, but I encourage you to update anyway - especially if Articulate has been crashing for you - as it will give us the opportunity to fix issues which might not have been caught otherwise.

    • Added a Swedish translation courtesy of Mange
    • Fixed problems with the Supression commands courtesy of Will Hart
    • Added automated error reporting code to make finding bugs faster - uses Sentry

Written on 2014-02-25 by mpstark

Bigpickle sent us the newest beta of his Speed Of Sound soundmod for Arma 3 which he released on the BI forums.
This is a full update, make sure to completely uninstall any older version you may have previously installed!

    Quote Bigpickle :
    SpeedOfSound has been nearly a 2 and a half year project culminating in a release for ArmA 3, many hours of work have gone into creating and heavily resampling the audio within the mod. My Aim with Speed Of Sound is a full conversion sound mod, this make take some time but what I had achieved so far is more than ample to play with, but please understand its still not complete yet.

    SpeedOfSound is fully modular so if you don't like certain effects, create a STORE folder outside of Addons, then look for and move the unwanted pbo & bisign and place into the store folder and they wont run.

    • General:
        - 90% of placeholders replaced with better quality audio samples
        - Lots of balancing and de-clipping
        - Selector switch samples in ready for main branch update
        - Removed the BIS Breathing samples
        - Changed mod folder name
        - A good comprimise between version 1 & 2 for reverb (back to single mod version now)
        - Too much to remember sorry ...
    • Core:
        - Added Rotorwash sounds
        - Added lots of new distant sounds
        - New samples for listening to shooters inside buildings when your outside and further away

Written on 2014-02-25 by bigpickle

AiZnhorn released in the BI forums a new cooperative mission for Arma 3.

    Quote AiZnhorn :
    The US Command made the decision to perform large strategic operation in Paros. It is planned to strike meeting blows from Almira. Striking forces will arrive for cleaning of Paros, having surrounded CSAT armies.

    Описание (РУССКИЙ/Russian):
    Американское командование приняло решение провести крупную стратегическую операцию в Паросе. Планируется нанести сходящиеся удары с Алмиры. Ударные группы прибудут для зачистки Пароса, окружив войска CSAT.

Written on 2014-02-25 by Jayer

AiZnhorn released in the BI forums a new mission where you must destroy the guerrilla's weapon caches.

    Quote AiZnhorn :
    Altis 2035, June 24. Your squad was sent to Altis's east part to search caches with weapons of guerrillas. Your missions is search and destroy caches with weapons. This map is more or less hardcore.

Written on 2014-02-25 by Big

[KGB]Cartman released the KGB Bundeswehr ReTexPack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Contains re-textures off the BI Strider and Kuma to change them into the Fennek and the Leopard 2. We made them for use in our own community, but we thought it would be nice to share. So we hope you enjoy.

    This isn´t related to the German BwMod, but we used their units as crewman. So you need to install this Mod as well. But if you like to play with german units you will have this already installed anyway. If not, you should check it out. We hope our simple re-textures fill the gap till they release more vehicles. Keep up the good work.

Written on 2014-02-25 by [KGB]Cartman

McFlaw released his Reload From Cargo script on the Armaholic forums.
This script adds extra ammo for a vehicle mounted weapon into a virtual "cargo".

    Quote mcFlaw :
    Ever been annoyed that those technicals come with only 4 boxes of ammo for their machine guns and no way to rearm? I sure have.

    In fact, I was so annoyed that I decided to try my hand at scripting and threw this little thing together.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated. Especially feedback on performance in MP and tips on how to make the search-for-ammo action be an active action for the gunner (currently it is done in the background, allowing the gunner to fire while searching etc).

    Writing this script made me want to learn more, so feedback on code structure and such is also very welcome!

    • Mission makers can initialize any vehicle with extra ammo in a virtual cargo space
    • Gunners can search through said cargo space for the ammo they need
    • If ammo is found, it's added to their gun's inventory
    • If no ammo is found, the action is removed and the gunner has wasted his time. Better keep count next time!
    • Any compatible ammo for a gun can be stored, allowing for the technical to carry the 500 round AA magazines for instance.

    Hope this can be of some help to all of you trigger happy gunner friends out there!

Written on 2014-02-25 by mcFlaw

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