BlackDog has submitted a remake of the true battle that took place in Iraq February 26th, 1991. Desert Storm. The battle was between the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, and Iraqi republican guards.

    Quote BlackDog :
    The Battle of 73 Easting was a decisive tank battle fought on 26 February 1991, during the Gulf War, between American-British armored forces and those of the Iraqi Republican Guard. This mission is one of the last armored engagements America has fought. Battlefield 3's mission "Thunder Run" was based off this event.

Written on 2014-01-17 by Black-Dog


24292 has submitted heavily story driven singleplayer mission.

    Quote 24292 :
    NATO and CSAT forces have withdrawn from the island completely after a ceasefire that lasted nearly a year. To keep the situation on the islands of Altis and Stratis from degenerating into a bloody civil war between the locals a U.N. Peacekeeping operation has been activated by the U.N. Security Council, the United Nation Mission on Stratis and Altis (UNMISAA).

    U.N. troops were reinforced by the private security contractor ION which established a small HQ on Stratis.

    UNMISAA has been mostly effective so far in maintaining the fragile balance on both islands since their arrival three months ago, and has been able in fact to lay the foundation for a more stable peace. The future was looking better for the locals every day until the incident at ION HQ.

    An explosive loaded car was used to attack the ION HQ on Stratis, one ION employee and three U.N. soldiers were killed in the attack and several soldiers and bystanders were injured. This was a week ago and the attack was not claimed by any group.

    The U.N.S.C. decided to end the contract with ION and reinforced the mission with more U.N. troops.

    Even though there has not been more hostilities since everyone is still on edge.

Written on 2014-01-17 by DrSci

Maarten11 has submitted a mission where you have to clear the outskirts of Chernarus from any hostile.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Maarten11

Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission where your objective is to escape from a military tomb.

  • Player gets a teleport flag when a point has been reached
  • Fixed Wall Glitching i hope it works.
  • The ending is now working when it should.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Krigshjälte


Slatts released an updated version of his US Navy Seabee addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Slatts :
    This was another texture sitting in the shadows of Arma WIPs for several months, with some redoing, that can now see the light of day. It's adds a retextured marine to represent a Seabee wearing AOR/NWU type 3.

    • SWCC style unit added

Written on 2014-01-16 by Slatts

JaWattDiX has submitted a mission where you must destroy seven transformers of energy before extraction.

    Quote JaWattDiX :
    • French version
    • Ammobox VAS
    • Revive script ADO
    • Pole Flag script Para-jump
    • Pole Flag recruiting IA (for singleplayer)
    • Script IA spawn patrol

Written on 2014-01-16 by JaWattDiX

Krigshjälte has submitted a new version of the remake for Altis Island of his original Ghost Commander cooperative mission.

  • Military dog friendly until a enemy is bitten.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Krigshjälte

82ndAB.Bravo17 submitted his subtracthours.dll.
Downloading and installing dll files can cause issues and is always done at own risk!

    Quote 82ndAB.Bravo17 :
    Subtracthours dll for Arma 3 (Compiled with Visual Studio 2013).
    Called with the number of hours x to subtract from the current time, returns the time that was x hours ago as an array.
    For example "call compile ("subtracthours" callExtension ["10"])" will give you what the time was 10 hours ago:
    • 1st value 0 if success, 1 if a error occurred then
    • Day of Month (1-31)
    • Month (1-12)
    • Year (4 digits)
    • Hour (0-23)
    • Minute (0-59)
    • Seconds (0-59)

Written on 2014-01-15 by Bravo17

Meatball has submitted a new version of this mission where a USMC Force Recon section spearheads an invasion to create chaos, confusion and destruction in western Altis.

  • No longer need to search through the huge task list to find task information when looking at your map. Simply click near the marker on your map and the task information will be displayed!
  • Tweaked VAS Box to limit available gear to Blufor equipment.
  • Added a Parameter to allow disabling of the VAS. Will limit roles to default loadouts.
  • Continued balancing of AI in an attempt to remove some of the AI load from the server.
  • Added in a few 'surprises' for players.
  • Tweaked the out of bounds triggers.
  • Few task and mission fixes.

Written on 2014-01-15 by MeatballCB

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