S@ndBob released his Arab Civilians addon on the forums.
This addon contains different retextured arab civilians (man and woman).

Written on 2015-01-27 by S@ndBob


Chairborne informed us he released an updated version of the LAV-25, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Chairborne :
    I spared some time to work on this beast.
    The most relevant change was new woodland textures to replace the old standard BIS ones.
    They're not god-tier quality but i'm happy enough for now.
    Next, some complained about the high loss of details over distance, i tried to change that a bit but i'm afraid it's just how the engine works and there's no way to improve details from afar without sacrificing performance.
    If you notice any major performance issues please let me know.
    I also did some other minor changes here and there, added sling load capability (even though the game has no helicopter capable of lifting them).
    Finally, i changed how the editor menu displays them, AKA it's a copy of the old A2 style faction.
    You can read the rest in the changelog.

    • Detail improvements over distance
    • Driver now has the magic radar/compass again
    • Tweaked exhaust smoke
    • Commander M240 now has muzzle flash
    • Commander now sits at correct height
    • Commander M240 max zoom reduced
    • Commander M240 now has proper zeroing
    • Changed editor menu layout
    • Toned down hull reflections
    • New woodland textures
    • Added sling loading functionality

Written on 2015-01-27 by Chairborne

MyCatSaid submitted an updated version of his AAF Desert addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote MyCatSaid :
    The AAF Desert module is a complete retexture pack which adds a desert style variant to the standard green AAF uniforms, units, vehicles and weapons.

    • Folder order changed to match Play withSIX structure @AAF_Desert, @AAF_Desert_Replacement and @AAF_Desert_Extra
    • Added:
        - Updated base classes 02, 03, 04.
        - Special Forces class.
        - Static weapons.
        - Standard marksman unit.
        - Zeus support.
        - Squad XML support.
        - Weapons to vehicles.
    • Fixed:
        - Side Empty no longer restricts units to only AAF Desert variants.
        - OpFor no longer show as two AAF factions.
    • Known Bugs:
        - Dropped weapons ignore modified hiddentextureselection
        - Gorgon and Mora with incomplete hiddenselection

Written on 2015-01-26 by mycatsaid


EvroMalarkey released his ASCZ AiA TP Extensions and Fixes addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I've decided to share some config fixes for AiA TP. I've made it mainly for CTD fixes and minor improvements for our community, before these things were added into AiA TP. Most of the stuff is already in AiA TP now, but because AiA TP will not be updated any time soon, I will release this mod so AiA TP can be slightly maintained.
    The latest AiA TP release with the hotfix is stable, without any game breaking problems. But if there would be some minor issues (eg. with Arma 3 Updates), I will try to fix it here.

Written on 2015-01-26 by EvroMalarkey

Niko released an updated version of his USA Uniforms Megapack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Features 130+ new uniforms! Units wearing the uniforms ARE included, but the primary use for this is for custom loadouts, be it through init lines, VAS or Virtual Arsenal.

    By default, this includes both the rolled and unrolled sleeve configs. This results in a whopping 258 uniforms total in your uniform list, which might be too many for your purposes.
    If you only want one version of the uniforms, just remove whichever version you don't want.

    • 129 uniforms in both rolled and unrolled variants! Vests to come in a separate pbo.

Written on 2015-01-26 by NikoWZRD

Hywel submitted an updated version of his ATLAS Squad Manager.
This script allows players to create and join custom groups during play.

  • added: Spanish translation by MiguelDarius
  • fixed: Now uses setGroupID for group names

Written on 2015-01-26 by Hywel

Pinaz93 submitted the first version of his F-16C Ukrainian Air Force Retexture.

    Quote :
    Given the recent events ,what will happens if the Ukraine joins NATO? They will buy NATO planes like Poland or Romania? So I make a retexture to represent the fictional F-16s of ukrainian air force!

Written on 2015-01-26 by Pinaz93

Pinaz93 submitted an updated version of his F-16C USAF Aggressors inspired retexture.

    Quote :
    I have made a retexture (is still a work in progress) inspired from the aggressors units of the USAF.
    The five planes (snow, desert, green, grey hexagon and green hexagon) are present in NATO, AAF and CSAT sections, so is possible to use them in every situations.

    • Improved textures

Written on 2015-01-26 by Pinaz93

Pinaz93 informed us he released an updated version of his F-16C Italian Air Force Retexture for the recently released F-16C Fighting Falcon by Firewill on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a retexture of the Firewill F-16C.
    I made a retexture in memory of the 30 F-16A ADFs of the italian air force, who served from 2003 to 2012.
    37° Stormo - 18° Gruppo Caccia / 37th Wing - 18th Fighter Squadron.

    • Added skin of the 37th wing-10th fighter squadron, you can find it under "F-16C Fighting Falcon (AMI)(37°S/10°G)"

Written on 2015-01-26 by Pinaz93

D-Day & BOX has submitted a new version of this template of a platoon size base, inspired by a old large Danish battalion size NATO base during the 90'ies war in Bosnia.

    Quote D-Day & BOX :
    F.O.B VALHALLA version 2.0 is a platoon size base, inspired by a retired, large Danish batallion size NATO base during the 90'ies war in Bosnia.

    This is a base / FOB ment for the community that want a 'real life feel' experience of a base layout.
    - With this update (version 2.00 from 1.00) we have totally remade the FOB and made it better. We have removed all MOD requirements and this v2.00 is now totally Vanilla, so anybody with Arma3 can run this template.

Written on 2015-01-26 by D-Day

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