Kosmonaut90 released in the BI forums the first mission is more of an exposition, focusing on the tough training and selection process required to become a member of the SAS.

    Quote Kosmonaut90 :
    This mission is based on what I have read SAS training and selection to be actually like from various sources, and includes the infamous "S.E.R.E" exercise, but adapted for the future setting of Arma 3, plus some minor diversions from reality for conveniences sake.

    This is a work in progress and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding any possible major inaccuracies, as well as of course bugs and suggestions. Once I'm satisfied it is accurate/bug free enough I will publish it to steam workshop and any other public mission depositories.

    The mission is fairly short, and while I have experience scripting for other games, this is my first attempt at a highly scripted mission for Arma 3. It is single player only and will most certainly break if you attempt to make this multiplayer.

Written on 2014-08-30 by Armaholic


Phantom Six released in the BI forums this cooperative mission where you have to eliminate all targets in Nagara without being detected.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    Kill all targets in Nagara without being detected.
    One guy watch the satcom and report, other guy move in and kill.
    If you are detected, eliminate all targets in Nagara plus the reinforcements.

Written on 2014-08-30 by Phantom Six

Grumpy Rhino released in the BI forums his latest singleplayer mission for Arma 3.

    Quote Grumpy Rhino :
    Leading a small squad, you must decide how to destroy an enemy comm station. When the comm station is destroyed, you will join a larger combat squad, and together you will eliminate all enemies from the valley.

    Your primary role in the battle in the valley, will be to apply medical assistance to soldiers.

    The mission will autosave after insertion into the valley. All other saving has been disabled. If you find it too difficult, you can activate a "no damage" mode. Press 0 - 0 - 1 to activate (radio protocol Alpha).

    Estimated playtime: 15 - 30 minutes. Depending on number of reverts.

Written on 2014-08-30 by Grumpy Rhino


goon released in the [url=]BI forums[/url].
has submitted the last in a 5 day Vietnam series he created for the United Operations Gaming Community.

    Quote goon :
    This mission uses special scripting and optimizations allowing for up to 1000 enemies; I consider this to be one of the hardest Arma 2 missions out there.

    Upon completing this mission (GOOD LUCK :P) there is a video ending for everyone to enjoy.
    Expect the rest of this series to follow very soon.

Written on 2014-08-30 by goon

Grace submitted the HAFM UK wheeled vehicle import - Grace edit.
This changes some textures of the vehicles and also fixes the wobble bug with Aplions release.

    Quote Grace :
    I have made a quick retexture and wobble fix of Aplion's HAFM UK wheeled vehicle import, nothing fancy just simple things like mud guards and trims.

    The wobble fix was implemented before but then removed in previous update, so I have re-implemented it.

    Couldn't find the bullbar texture.

    All credit goes to Aplion for the import and BIS for the models!

Written on 2014-08-29 by Grace

-=XTRA=-Larsiano posted a new update about the upcoming version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Dear DAFmod fans i would like to inform you about the upgraded F-35 Lightning II & AH-64 Apache models made by Eggbeast & John Spartan that will be implemented into the DAFmod shortly. The upgraded Apache will have the ability to replace all weapons on all weapon pilons on the helicopter including the onces on the side. This has been made possible by BIS releasing the models to the public and John Spartan & Eggbeast who together have upgraded a bunch of vehicles to a higher standard making them more functional (with multi loadouts) and fun to use all together.

    For the new F-35 the changes are way more drastic. This plane originally only had two bomb bays that held laser guided bombs that were not always usefull during a battle were no laser marker was at hand. But now John & Eggbest have added two fully modular pilons to the F-35 wings making it able to carry a full loadout in all kinds of configurations.

    F-35/A non VTOL version with new wing pylons:
    • CAP version with meteor and AIM132 (will be Iris-T eventually)
    • GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs
    • AGM88 and AGM154 long range SEAD
    • JDAMs (bomb rack is WIP)
    • Brimstones
    • Mk77 FAE (napalm basically)

    Summer is almost gone but its been way to quiet on this topic. I wonder if anyone has had the time to try the mod or has some ideas about that still could be done. Thanks to the great work of Eggbeast & John Spartan there is a lot less things todo on the agenda that i would never have been able to do on my own. At some point they might also help me with some armed assault convertions and help upgrade them to a proper arma2 standard (PC-7 Pilates, F-16A Demoteam, Boxer & Fennek).

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Dutch Armed Forces wip topic.

Written on 2014-08-29 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

Jarhead has submitted an script that turns smoke gernade into teargas.

    Quote Jarhead :
    This is just a simple teargas script that i put together for one of my missions along with a fellow TAW members mission.
    It is Designed to be used with yellow smoke sense the class name for white refers to all smoke grenades. I have included a demo mission along with a version with sound and version of script without sound.

Written on 2014-08-29 by battousai84

Chiefspartan submitted an updated version of his Phoenix Aggressors addon.

    Quote :
    Contains Regular Infantrymen, RI (Mosepat)-Made up camouflage pattern based off of Surpat, so not so made up-, Phoenix Shocktroopers-still only four of them-, Ground-WIP-, Air-WIP-, and Initiative Veterans-WIP-. The backpacks on the RI don't match their uniforms currently.

    "Created when one of the United States top deniable ops groups went AWOL on mission in 2027 the Phoenix Aggressors have been a thorn in the world powers' sides, but have never officially come into direct conflict with any world power. Until now. In 2038 when the Altian Armed Forces raised a new military force to once again go on a counter-insurgency offensive they hired some outside help. Since then a flashpoint conflict has threatened to break out as AAF forces backed by Phoenix Aggressors and PMC clash with NATO, SEATO, and FAI forces as well as a renewed FIA insurgency."

    • Updated uniforms
    • Added an officer and second guard unit

Written on 2014-08-28 by chiefspartan

DeltaITA has submitted this sector control mission where two teams that try to dominate the city of Telos. It can also be played in cooperative and singleplayer modes.

    Quote DeltaITA :
    In this mission there are two teams that try to dominate the city of Telos.
    In the town there are 3 points of interest (white flags) and the players must try to keep them under control as long as possible. When a player reach the flag , on the map the flag will change in the color of his faction. More time the flags are on your control and more points you have (beware , the enemy will do the same). There is a counter points on screen.

    Before the starting of the game you can setting the parameters of winning condition (time or points). Keep an eye on the map for the real time situation of flags color.

    This is an adversarial map (flags control) but you can play also coop with your friends or solo it because the AI is on and operative. Of course the AI is not good like humans to plan the strategies.
    Every faction has a starting/respawn base where there are some ammo boxes.

Written on 2014-08-28 by DeltaITA

KangarooSwag submitted his KS Russian Firebases & Airfields Pack template.

    Quote :
    A compilation of Russian Firebases and Airfields, complete with a fully equipped Artillery Base. All outposts have been fully fleshed out, containing many ambient features that add tone to your missions :). There are three main parts of the release:

    A Forward Operating Base
    An Airfield, fully stocked with air vehicles
    And an Artillery Base, equipped with multiple batteries

    All are situated towards the Northern Border of Chernaurus, which is keeping with the knowledge that Russia is north of the country.

Written on 2014-08-27 by KangarooSwag

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