In this weeks wip report we feature 24 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 3 - LowLand Defense Force

    Blackout posted a few new screens showing the adjusted colors of the Belgian Jigsaw pattern on DPM.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Toadie's SmallArms

    Toadie2k informed the community on the BI forums about the new project he is working on.

      Quote toadie2k :
      This is a bit of a two-part work in progress thread, covering sort of related but independent weapon packs. All of it is brought together by the unifying theme that I'm doing all fresh character animation of all of it,because that's what I do.
      I want to, while I'm here, give props to Kiory for cracking the 3dsmax-to-oxygen/RTM pipeline for animation. I'd been working fruitlessly on solving it for months, and for him to have such a simple solution... practically inspired.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Sangin

    SmokeDog3PARA released a video showing his Sangin map for Arma 3.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Urban MARPAT Soldier

    Slatts posted a screen of an Urban Soldier variation used by an eastern European country, 2 screens showing the Urban Takistani troops and a compilation also showing the new CDF urban.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - BWMod

    KoffeinFlummi released a new video showing the G36 and all the attachments which will come with it.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Armor Improvement System (AIS)

    Bakerman posted a new video showing his work in progress on the new smoke launchers for vehicles and also a video of the fragmentation on the M67 and 40mm HE ammo.

    - BI forums

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Written on 2013-12-29 by Foxhound


It took us some time to review all submissions but today the time has come to announce all the winners for the Armaholic Xmas caption competition.

We will contact all people who have won and those people have 1 week (until january 5th 23:59:59) to claim their prize.
Any prize which is not claimed after that time will be given away at a random person who also took part in the contest and did not win yet! So, make sure to check your PM's later today!

Here are the winners of the prizes donated by Nicholas:
  1. Arma X: Aniversary Edition - cjph (claimed!)
  2. Arma 2 complete collection - K.Jewell (claimed!)
  3. Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition - DevilDogCro (claimed!)

Here are the winners of the prizes donated by Jeza:
  1. FarCry 3 - Siege-A (claimed!)
  2. Bioshock Infinite - Psychobastard (claimed!)
  3. Dishonored - DetCord ShadeOps21 Legislator

All winners should reply to a PM they recieve from Foxhound and give their email which they can use to claim gift games on their Steam account!

Here are all winning entries:
Nicholas' price winners

Jeza's price winners

Written on 2013-12-29 by Foxhound

NeoArmageddon released his Revive script on the BI forums.

    Quote NeoArmageddon :
    This script adds revive functionality to your A3-mission or mod.
    Instead of dying a unit will become unconscious (with ragdolling). Other players are able to revive a unconscious player.
    While unconscious a player is able to recover (triggering W or shift+W) and roll over. The player is then able to slowly crawl and empty his loaded magazine (without scope and reloading).

    This script was originally developed for co08 Escape Altis from Vormulac but I would also share it with everyone else.

Written on 2013-12-29 by NeoArmageddon


OHally submitted his OHally's Boats addon which adds packable and deployable CRRC Assault Boats to your Arma 3.

    Quote OHally :
    OHally's boats brought the ability to pack and deploy CRRCs to AMRA 2 in script form. Now meet the next level in evolution (a.k.a extreme boredom and tired of looking at CAF stuff for today).
    Now the boats are in addon format!
    Works with AI Section members, they can disassemble, pick up and assemble.

Written on 2013-12-28 by Ohally

Hotshotmike1001 ported the Vests, Helmets and Caps from Arma 2 to Arma 3 and released it on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote hotshotmike1001 :
    This addon will bring over the Arma 2 armor vests, helmets and caps using the bis mlod files. This has 17 uniform attachments.
    This comes with the following addons:
    • ACR helmet
    • ACR Vest
    • Delta Force Helmets
    • Delta Force Vests
    • Russian Vests
    • Russian Caps
    • Russian Helmets
    • US Helmet
    • US ACU Vest
    • USMC Vest
    • USMC Helmet

Written on 2013-12-27 by hotshotmike1001

-=XTRA=-Larsiano informed the community about the upcoming new version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    These are some of the changes to be made with the upcoming version 0.6xx:
    • attempt: implement NEO_'s TireChange script
    • added: 4 Fenneks
    • added: 1 backpack
    • updated: Skoda config (added hitengine)
    • updated: A320 Hostage config (added CfgNonAIVehicles)
    • updated: demography of Dutch units
    • updated: auto throw of smokegranade of marine pilot fix
    • updated: submarine, Leopard 2A6 desert & female pilot textures
    • updated: fighter pilot normalmap
    • removed: broadcast reloading addon (obsolete)

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Dutch Armed Forces wip topic.

Written on 2013-12-27 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

Moerderhoschi released a new cooperative mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Moerderhoschi :
    Remake of the original mission by DirtyHarry in ArmA II.
    Insurgent have entrenched in a storage section and threaten with blasting of an atom bomb. We have none confirmation whether she is real or not. go in clear the aerea and defuse the bomb.

Written on 2013-12-27 by Moerderhoschi

Zealot111 informed us he released an updated version of his Helicopter fastrope script on the BI forums.
The download includes an example mission to learn how you can add this to your own mission(s).

    Quote zealot111 :
    This Helicopter fastroping script allows players to toss ropes from helicopter and fastrope to the ground using these ropes. Ropes are 50m long (A3 has ropes only this length) so you can fastrope from that height.
    Helicopter must maintain speed under 5km/h while fastroping.

    • Added animation while fastroping.
    • Slightly increased fastroping speed.
    • Heli pilot now cannot fastrope
    • Helicopter doors close after cutting the ropes.

Written on 2013-12-26 by zealot111

W4lkn released version 2.0 of the Mirage F1 on the BI forums.

    Quote W4lkn :
    As promised, the second version of the Mirage F1 package is available with many new features. Thus, planes of sahranian (fictitious army of ArmA: Armed Assault) and chernarussian armies were added. New missiles and configurations are also now available. My imagination has also allowed me to create an aircraft of the 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron.
    This pack may well be in its final version unless that new ideas arise.

    This package requires the game Arma 2, its standalone expansion, Operation Arrowhead, and Community Base addons.

    A great thanks to renton for its model of Mirage F1 as well as Yac and Project RACS for their fighter pilot.

    • Added: 3 sahranians Mirage F1 (Air-air, air-ground and air-ship)
    • Added: 2 chernarussians Mirage F1 (Air-air and air-ground)
    • Added: 2 agressors' Mirage F1 (Blue et desert)
    • Added: 2 news takistanis Mirage F1 (Air-ground and air-ship)
    • Added: Chernarussian and sahranian fighter pilots
    • Added: Air-air AIM120 AMRAMM missile
    • Added: Air-ship Exocet missile
    • Fixed: Takistani pilot's classname
    • Fixed: Takistani Mirage F1's classname

Written on 2013-12-26 by W4lkn

JaWattDiX has submitted a mission where you must complete three tasks before the extraction.

    Quote JaWattDiX :
      * French version
      * Ammobox VAS
      * Revive script ADO
      * Pole Flag script Para-jump
      * Pole Flag recruiting IA (The case or to play it to you solo)

Written on 2013-12-26 by JaWattDiX

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