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Screen of the week

Iceman77 informed us he released his Group Joiner script on the BI forums.
This is a small UI that allows players to join and/or leave squads.

Written on 2013-10-19 by Iceman77


JasonB released a Military vs. Zombie sandbox & Bandit mission in the BI forums.

    Quote JasonB :
    You must bring back 'patient 0', a civillian who is immune to the Z virus being held by bandits in the village of Gravia. How you go about it is up to you! Do you take command of your rifle squad and go at it on foot? Customise your soldiers gear to be the ultimate solo warrior? Or if you prefer, grab a vehicle if you like; perhaps or chopper or a tank and drive into the heart of the hornets nest with an A2 Slammer tank? All is possible! The choice is yours.

Written on 2013-10-19 by Big

Molly has submitted his new mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Molly :
    Drive your squad to Garmsar in a Dingo 2 CZ and clear it out.

Written on 2013-10-18 by Molly

Sebj released his Beretta Model 93R "Raffica" on the BI forums.

    Quote sebj :
    Here is the model of Beretta Model 93R "Raffica".
    If you find bugs please thanks in advance to report them into the Bis forum thread.
    I'll try to do my best to correct issues.


    • fixed : wrong "mod.cpp" file that was crashing the game ("out of memory" error)

Written on 2013-10-18 by sebj84

Kommiekat released in the BI forums his first Arma 3 mission, a singleplayer campaign consisting at this point of two missions.

    Quote Kommiekat :
  • 01- Spread the Word: (Player is Blufor: CIA-SAD) Insurgent groups have shown keen interest in seeking our help and assistance through underground networks and we hope to assist them with the means to increase sporadic bombings and sabotage as well as civil unrest and demonstrations.
    You, as a CIA SAD member, shall distribute information on guerrilla warfare tactics, effective urban demonstrations and where to find soon to be covertly delivered supplies and weapons. We are counting on the Occupation to be unaware of anything taking place.

  • 02- Patrol Boat: (Player is Opfor: PLA-Navy) Story should smoothly continue from Part One. You and you're crew will be patrolling the South East coast of Stratis. You are ordered to shoot on site. Expect air, water and underwater Teams of Infiltrators.

Written on 2013-10-18 by Kommiekat


IanSky submitted an updated version of his Scope Mod A3.
With this update he added the Aimpoint T1, textures finalized and added details.

    Quote IanSky :
    This is a collaborated project that aims to add additional high quality scopes to the already brilliant Arma III.
    I'm happy to announce the release of the next scope, the DeltaPoint scope which features a compact and lightweight design for SMGs and pistols.
    It has the triangle red sight as on the real thing.

    • Aimpoint RDS
    • Trijicon RX01
    • Micro T1
    • Leupold DeltaPoint

Written on 2013-10-17 by IanSky

BloodoftheScribe released his FUTARM: Maritime Units Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote BloodoftheScribe :
    I downloaded the USS Nimitz port for Arma 3 and wanted some more atmosphere around the ship. Needless to say, this is the result of that. The FUTARM Maritime Units Pack.
    This is a re-texture of uniforms, Vests, and Headgear with a digital maritime camouflage engineered from scratch in Photoshop. This digital camo was inspired by breakthrough technology in the camouflage industry which uses complex algorithms of digital shapes and depth to trick the human brain into seeing something other than what is actually there.

    • Men:
        - Pilot
        - Gunner (Ship Turret style Gunner)
        - Blue Fatigues Soldier (Security Type)
        - Digital Fatigues Soldier (Security Type)
        - Yellow Jersey Crew
        - Red Jersey Crew
        - Blue Jersey Crew
        - Green Jersey Crew
        - Grape Jersey Crew
        - White Jersey Crew
        - Brown Jersey Crew
    • Various Helmets, Mil caps, and Vests

Written on 2013-10-17 by BloodoftheScribe

Celery released in the BI forums the an update for this Death Match gamemode mission.

  • Removed a debug message
  • Removed target leading visual aid because it doesn't show right in multiplayer
  • Added enemy speed information to HUD
  • Added Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead planes (requires All in Arma)
  • Added F/A-18E (requires addon by John Spartan & Saul)
  • Addons are required only if an applicable plane is selected in the mission parameters, and a failsafe mechanism reverts to the A-143 if the selected plane doesn't exist
  • Added more in-game instructions
  • Added time of day selection
  • Changed default cannon damage multiplier to 4x

Written on 2013-10-17 by Celery

hotshotmike1001 released an updated version of his Pistols Pack for Arma 3 on the Armaholic forums.
This adds The following handguns: Glock 18C Glock 19 Kimber M1911 M9 9mm Sig P220 45ACP

  • Fixed Glock 18C Animation so it does not grab Barrel when it fires

Written on 2013-10-16 by hotshotmike1001

Eggbeast released an updated version of the EB Air mod on the BI forums.

    Quote eggbeast :
    A fun mod for all pilots who like to play with big toys...

    The aim of this mod is to convert stock aircraft to work with many new features.
    This mod brings together a range of ideas and elements for mission makers to use all together and seamlessly, across the full range of stock aircraft.
    The mod is intended to work in my new Evolution Universe mission due soon. It will also be ported to Arma3.

    To balance the gameplay I have seriously reduced your fuel - choppers and planes will run out of fuel if in the air for more than 20 minutes, so keep an eye on your fuel gauge, and remember where the nearest refuel station is - I always felt Arma had put too much fuel in vehicles as they almost never run low.

    • support for the forthcoming F105 Thunderchief (E and F) by hcpookie (will be released in in unsung 2.6) - only for uns_missilebox
    • support for the F22 (CAP version) - works with stock, GLT, PRACS, RKSL and EB_missilebox air weapons - 6-7 combat roles for each set.

Written on 2013-10-16 by eggbeast

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