JoeJoe87577 released an updated version of his first script, a Helipad Light Script, on the BI forums.

    Quote JoeJoe87577 :
    This is my first script release so please be patient with errors or bugs.
    The script does the following, it creates lights around a helipad for a better visibility at night and if the helipad is set to invisble the lights also give a good visibility at daytime.

    • added: IR Strobes can now be deleted
    • added: changed classnames for IR Strobes from B_IRStrobe to NVG_TargetW, O_IRStrobe to NVG_TargetE, I_IRStrobe to NVG_TargetC

Written on 2014-01-01 by JoeJoe87577


VinceMagic submitted the Airsupport script, which was originally made for Arma 2 by Draper, which he ported to Arma 3.

    Quote VinceMagic :
    You can order troops (yours and those from HCommand) to embark into a heli, "good to go Pilot" pops up in the command menu of the player, Heli goes to extraction point and drops of the troops, flies back and gets deleted and a new support option is available.
    This is Drapers Air Support template ported to Arma 3.

Written on 2014-01-01 by VinceMagic1

Murcielago has submitted to celebrate the New Year with all of us a high difficult and high quality hostage rescue mission for Operation Arrowhead.

    Quote Murcielago :
    Today is an special day so I guess is good time to share with you something I created it some time ago...

    "Operation: Pitch Black" is a single player mission PROTOTYPE with amazing features:
    • SWAP technology that allows you to move your units like a TRULY SWAT TEAM and you will be able to create SYNCHRONIZED ATTACKS!
    • STEALTH KILLS SYSTEM: This will allow you to kill enemies with stealth!
    • COMPLETE HOSTAGE SYSTEM: The main goal of this mission is to rescue a colleague who has some explosives attached! You have a small team to achieve it!
    • COMPLETE SYSTEM OF CHAT-ANIMATIONS: You can ask to the civilian AI if they know the location of the hostage. The AI has different sentences and reactions! They will not help you if you kill a civilian. The mission features a rich set of English texts and voices.
    • DYNAMIC INTRO SYSTEM: You will see a cool intro like you never seen before in Arma.
    • DYNAMIC LIGHT SYSTEM: The AI will activate the houses lights.
    • RANDOM TECHNOLOGY: 3 different locations for the hostage and random location for units in and out of buildings! Every time you load this mission you will need to play it like if it is the first time or you will die before you shot a bullet!
    • You will never be lost thanks to the complete set of tasks, notes and messages.
    • Cool final camera! You must see it! Problem is that you must finish the mission -> rescue the hostage before he blows up!
    • A lot of quality details and even a touch of humour!

    Are you tired of poor quality gaming experiences? (In and out of Arma!)

    Try "Operation: Pitch Black" and let me know what you think.

    Happy New Year Armaholic!

Written on 2014-01-01 by murcielago


The entire Armaholic team wishes the ARMA community a very happy and successful 2014. We would like to thank all the addon makers, mission designers, script developers and all others who make the community enjoy the ARMA series so much!

This year we would again like to sent our thanks to many people for their support:
  • My good friend sunraa for keeping the and the servers alive!
  • My good friend Big and fellow admin who spends so much of his spare time to help on this website.
  • B4mBi for his support with the French file server.
  • DarkXess for his help on the forums.
  • Jeza for always sending us news we havent covered yet.
  • Fr3eMan for informing us about all Arma related news he finds.
  • All community members who supported us in any way!
  • All of you who support us by not using ad blockers, only thanks to your support we can pay the bills!
  • All donators who helped us to pay the bills.
Early 2014 the new Armaholic website will be released which will be a very big change for everyone. We hope you will enjoy all our work we did on it to further improve our website.
Additionally to this we have many more plans to improve our service to the community, more announcements about that will follow in the near future!

If you like you can post your "Happy new year" greetings in this topic or post in the comments.

Written on 2013-12-31 by Foxhound

(CSA38)PetrTlach released a new update on the Armaholic forums showing different wip units of the Czechoslovak Army 1938 - CSA38 mod.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the CSA38 (Czechoslovak Army 1938) wip topic.

Written on 2013-12-31 by (CSA38)PetrTlach

JTF-2 Psycho has submitted this fast paced but straight forward mission designed to aid team training.

    Quote JTF-2 Psycho :
    This mission was designed to help new players familiarise with ArmA 3 or experienced ArmA players to consider team tactics/ general gameplay, involving fire fights with infantry and enemy mechanised troops. The mission story involves a squad of infantry supporting an APC which has ran out of ammo, to get from A - B. A simple concept of following waypoints but a challenging one!

Written on 2013-12-31 by JTF2Psycho

Blazenchamber released a new update on the Armaholic forums about the Specialist Military Arms mod.

    Quote blazenchamber :
    Yes it has been a wait as it does take time to not just add these into game but to finalize the sounds, custom ammo, sites and weapon attachments, finish models, texture, animate and config.
    We refuse to place weapons in game half finished and until we are happy with the quality of the the mod.

    At the moment one of my modelers is away and our small team is working hard to get all this done as we are working on two mods at at the same time. If anyone is interested in joining us and helping with the project we need a modeler that is good with 3dsmax or textures and a second pair of hands for config. Please email us or sent a message here on the private message area.

    The good news is that our weapons and attachments are looking fantastic. we will have an update on everything we have done so far soon for you all

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the SMA - Specialist Military Arms Mod wip topic.

Written on 2013-12-31 by blazenchamber

Vilas informed us he released a hotfix version of his Modern Polish Army and Police - Military addon.
This contains military stuff, human models, weapons, policemen, apcs, tanks etc.
In his latest update (28-12-2013) he found a bug which is now fixed.
If you have downloaded that latest version already just install the small hotfix! Otherwise just download the Modern Polish Army and Police - Military v31-12-2013 as that is already updated with the hotfix!

  • a hotfix to the config

Written on 2013-12-31 by Foxhound

ProGamer informed us he released different scripts on the BI forums.

    Quote ProGamer :
    Here are a few scripts I decided to release:
    • Realistic Vehicle Handbrake:
        This adds the possibility to use a handbrake while driving vehicles.
    • Realistic Seat Belt:
        The seat belt script acts as though there isn't a seat belt and can send you through the windshield.
    • Vehicle Turbo Script:
        This adds a turbo to your vehicles, you can actually flip at high speeds.

    If you have any suggestions for this script please post them in the comments below or message me.
    Special Thanks to Zooloo75/Stealthstick for allowing me to create this standalone version of a vehicle handbrake script from his discontinued Stratis-RP mission!

Written on 2013-12-31 by ProGamer

Moerderhoschi released his latest cooperative mission in the BI forums.

    Quote Moerderhoschi :
    A eight man SpecOp Team is on the mission to sabotage enemy attack helo’s. Infiltrate the camp, blow the helo’s up and exfiltrate to the rendevouz point.

Written on 2013-12-31 by Moerderhoschi

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