Magnet Ass submitted his CSAT AAF Vehicles.

    Quote :
    This addon gives CSAT forces access to reverse engineered AAF vehicles, great for any PvP or PvAi mission requiring balanced forces.

    • CSAT camo scheme and name for the following vehicles:
    • CH-49 Mohawk
    • WY-55 Hellcat
    • WY-55 Hellcat Unarmed
    • A-143 Buzzard (CAS)
    • A-143 Buzzard (AA)
    • FV-720 Mora
    • MBT-52 Kuma
    • Strider
    • Strider HMG
    • Strider GMG
    • AFV-4 Gorgon

Written on 2014-09-28 by Magnet Ass


Leight released an updated version of the AFTP CompassFix addon on the BI forums.
This adds the compass from Arma 2 which is a bit bigger than the default Arma 3 compass.

  • Added bigger compass on map

Written on 2014-09-28 by Leight

Goblin informed us he released his =VQI= E.O.D System on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This will be my third official project for ArmA! This one will be a lot a fun to do, as its going to be more on the creative end and less on the technical programming side.

    As most EOD stuff is just a BIP (Blow In Place), I wanted to do something a little closer to the fictional side, and have a system where you have to know what you are doing and solve a step-by-step procedure to disarm the explosive. I will be including my IMS "BombBuddy" Ion-Mobility-Spectrometer to detect both in-game mines & explosives, and all the IEDs included in this amazing mod.

    I do not like the "I see a mine!" in the game. So what? If you see it, where? When you have all the nonsensical "helpers" turned off, he still shouts out he spots something. This is silly. So I'm building my own detector that will 'sniff' the molecules in the air to detect various chemicals and the additives in explosive materials. It will only display a readout of various indicators and a vague 'strength' signal (parts-per-million).

    I also have in production several, ok numerous, oh wait... no, over 100+ IEDs coming to put into your missions that all will have unique ways of disarming! I have 10 prototyes each with 10+ levels of disarming procedures with numerous types having a complex muti-step process to disarm. Total of 100-200 Bombs!

    Memorizing how to disarm will be virtually impossible do to with the sheer vast number of randomly generated IEDs. If you do not go through the training process and do not understand what you are doing, kaboom! No more just clicking the X to disarm. You will need the right tools, and click exactly on the part required.

    Several types will even have anti-handling devices. Motion sensors, light sensors, etc. complete with random timers and other surprises that I won't reveal here. Explosives will be C4, Mines, Chemical, Radioactive, etc.

Written on 2014-09-28 by Goblin


Laxemann released his L_NV - Restricted nightvision on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    In vanilla A3 you can pretty much see as far as you want with night vision devices. The realitiy, however, looks different and it's fairly hard to see further than a few hundred meters, even with modern ones.
    So I decided to do something about it, similiar to the approach that ACEĀ² did back in A2.
    I know that you can spot bright lightsources from further away but that unfortunately wasn't possible.

    Feedback regarding the view distance is more than welcome, by the way!
    Also, the AI can still see perfectly fine with night vision goggles. If anyone of you know how we could counter that, contact me please!

Written on 2014-09-28 by LAxemann

Surfer released in the BI forums the first open beta of this mission that starts as a sabotage mission and turns out to become kind of a postapocalyptic free roam adventure, playable as a 4 player coop or single player.

    Quote Surfer :
    The story unfolds with every location you explore, enemies you capture and allies you find. The atmosphere is inspired by STALKER or FALLOUT and features lots of custom sounds and music.

    Technical mastermind IndeedPete and me (Surfer) have modified mine detectors that show zones of dangerous radioactivity, biological and chemical threats. There's further anomalies you don't want to step into, some of them can be revealed by throwing chemlights into them. The beautiful Thirsk Winter map of 5 x 5 kms can be explored on foot until you manage to steal or repair vehicles. At the moment the mission runs with Farooq's Revive, you can switch between team-members but once you lose all four of them the game is over. Gametime is around 2 - 5 hours. There's no respawn. Since IndeedPete and I took weeks to create this mission it's only fair if you take some time to complete it ;-)

Written on 2014-09-28 by Surfer

Rytuklis released in the BI forums this mission that is part of his upcoming campaign that follows its own plot and timeline and disregards the main campaign events.

    Quote Rytuklis :
    CSAT Coalition have invaded their neighbouring Altian Island. Sergeant Eugene Kostas finds himself in the middle of the CSAT invasion.

Written on 2014-09-28 by Rytuklis

Reynaert submitted his Carrier Template.

    Quote :
    I was making a carrier map for my unit when the ArmA 2 servers went to Steam. The unit was lost and I was sitting here with this template. The template has been tested 1 time with 6 players and works properly, we haven't discovered any errors so far.

    Template based on the Marine Corps

    • LHD elevator at the south side of the carrier, able to lift vehicles and personnel.
    • Artillery module able to fire all kinds of shells.
    • Tomahawk missile that can be pointed out anywhere on the map.
    • HALO option.
    • Steam catapult and arresting gear for aircraft.
    • R button for flares (Since this map was not designed for OA.)
    • Aircraft service.
    • Ability to save gear.
    • M136's are disposable and require no rocket.
    • Backpack for a 2nd primary firearm.
    • Special effects for nearby explosions.
    • Being shot causes the same as above.

Written on 2014-09-27 by Reynaert

Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his =VQI= Sniper System addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This Sniper System will immerse the player into a scout/sniper roll. There will be several different elements to this project with the emphasis on Training, Camouflage, and Stalking the Objective. "Ballistics" are a dime-a-dozen. This Mod takes you deeper into the realm of a deadly and mysterious Sniper!

    A Sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel.

    In addition to marksmanship, military snipers are trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition.

    Today its time for a big update!
    Added an accurate Target that's almost the exact dimensions of a Unit in the Game. I'm just learning 3D Modeling, and thought this would be a great time to add something simple to start.

    As you can see, the DataCard is now mostly filled in with more feedback than just hit location. I added a Log Book as well. Still WIP. You NEED this in your Map Slot to get it to pop up with my Targets. I also HIGHLY recommend you check out the Test Training Editor Map/Mission for a better introduction into these features and to practice your Marksmen skills. It's amazballz!

    I also added the Option to turn OFF the simple Ballistics (stilll WIP), so you can use this with other Mods that have Ballistics that you may prefer; like Ruthberg's, AGM, etc. Make sure you put the userconfig folder in your root A3 folder per standard setup.

    • Fixed SP/MP issue
    • Added New settings.hpp file

Written on 2014-09-27 by Goblin

Morten87 submitted his Operation Swordfish multiplayer/ singleplayer mission.

    Quote Morten87 :
    Your team are to seize the FOB, and to infiltrate the airfield, and destroy the secret weapon.

    You are sent behind enemy lines, to neutralize enemy objectives, and to destory as much equiment you can manage:
    • Task 1: Nautrulize the enemy resistance at the Forward operation base, resupply and take as much explosives you can before you destroy whats left. Look for intel at the FOB (inside the garrison)
    • Task 2: Main objective, destroy the secret weapon, that have been installed on an opfor tempest truck.
    • Task 3: Search the compound at the airfield, and look for computers, if you find anything, download it.
    • Task 4: Search the compound at the airfiield for Intelligence Items.
    • Task 5: Radio Alpha for extraction (0.0.1)
    • Optional Task 6: Destroy every helicopter stationed at the airfield.
    • Optional Task 7: Destroy all supplytrucks stationed at the airfield.
    • Optional Task 8: Eliminate the Opfor commander, at the airfield.

Written on 2014-09-27 by Morten87

Daku Kishi released in the BI forums a singleplayer mission where you take the role of a soldier of the British Army trying to capture an outpost, north of Altis.

    Quote Daku Kishi :
    You are Sgt. Simon Tanny, a soldier of the British Army in a specialist group attached to the 5th Battalion. Since the war on Altis we thought everything was back to normal until we got word that Altis has been taken over by a rogue general of the AAF, with the help of his allies from CSAT. We do not yet know the reason behind this uprising, but with CSAT being involved, it can not be good news.

    Not all is lost, a deserter of the AAF has given us a window of opportunity to establish a foothold on the island. He has set up a small EMP charge in the islands main radar systems array. With it temporarily down, we will be able to get a team on the ground.

    Your mission will be to capture the outpost, north of Altis' main airport. We can not fail this mission, that outpost must be secured for us to be able to push deeper into the island.

Written on 2014-09-26 by Armaholic

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