DemoCore submitted his Situational Music Script.
This script adds music to the game which is chosen from the current situation the player is in.

    Quote DemoCore :
    This script is still in a early version. So please do not expect a perfect experience.
    It adds music to the game which is chosen from the current situation the player is in. For example if you're in a fight, it will play heavy and fast music. In night it will player more sneaky like music and so on.
    The music titles come from arma 3 itself.

Written on 2014-01-29 by DemoCore


Hotshotmike1001 released his MX and Khaybar 7.62x51 Standalone addon on the BI forums.

    Quote hotshotmike1001 :
    This addon gives you a version of the Nato MX and the bad guys Khaybar in 7.62x51 Caliber. So you have more stopping power no more 5.6 ammo! You will not override any stock weapons! No worrys!
    You will no longer have to empty magazine after magazine into the enemy to stop them cold. Now you can just point shoot and move to the next target! This is a real weapon of war. More stopping power then you have ever seen for a basic infantry weapon.

Written on 2014-01-29 by hotshotmike1001

DarkHoliday released four Air Operations missions in the BI forums.

    Quote DarkHoliday :
    Hello everyone,

    I'm DarkHoliday a mission maker that wants to make awesome air missions because there isn't much focus on that in Arma 3.

    These missions are really fun and there is something for the whole team to do they can all be played multiplayer or single player.

Written on 2014-01-29 by Armaholic


chucknorris has submitted an edited version of the original Enemy Assault mission by Ghost.

Written on 2014-01-29 by ChuckNorris

Rydygier informed us he released a new version of his "Fire At Will" addon on the BI forums.
This addon creates functional AI artillery for people who wish to use such in their missions but lack any scripting knowledge.
Since version 1.3 this comes in an Arma 2 Standalone and an Arma 2: Combined operations version! The old Arma 2 version can be downloaded from here: "Fire At Will" - Functional AI artillery v1.2 hotfix.

    Quote Rydygier :
    Purpose of the "Fire At Will" addon is to give in simplest way possible fully functional AI artillery to battlefield for those, who can't or simply refuse to learn script language but still want functional AI artillery in his Arma 2 missions. It was created because in my opinion it is illogical to force a player to learn script language and to study BIS_ARTY Module commands and variables even if he wants just to set up some AI artillery in his missions, while such knowledge is not required for any other types of AI combat units, which are fully functional without any scripting.

    The addon supports all generic Arma 2 artillery units (howitzers: M119, D30; mortars: M252, 2B14; rocket systems: GRAD and MRLS).

    • minor code fixes.

Written on 2014-01-28 by Rydygier

Phantom informed us he released the STS24 MedEvac on the BI forums.
This replaces his previous STS24 UH-80 Ghost Hawk MedEvac release.

    Quote Phantom :
    This AddOn contains various MedEvac vehicles for BLUFOR and OPFOR and fully replace my first release.

    • UH-80 Ghost Hawk MedEvac (Black)
    • UH-80 Ghost Hawk MedEvac (Camo)
    • PO-30 Orca MedEvac (Black)
    • Hunter MedEvac
    • Ifrit MedEvac

    • Fix Textures

Written on 2014-01-28 by [24th STS]Phantom

Wraith420 released in the BI forums this coop mission taking place in Takistan.

    Quote Wraith420 :
    Protect the locals cannabis crop from being stolen by the bandits roaming Takistan, if they enter the villages the outcome will be much worse then theft.... head into the contested mountain ranges, and avenge the citizens of Kakeru by slaying the bandit scum.

Written on 2014-01-28 by Armaholic

B00tsy released in the BI forums the sequel of Morning WipeOut from ArmA 2! .

    Quote B00tsy :
    I noticed that I havent published this mission on the forum yet, so here it is.
    As I am most likely disabling the steam workshop all my missions can now be found here and on good old armaholic.

    For the ones that played the ArmA 2 version, you can expect the same mission setup.
    A lot of evading AA, tanks and HMG's shooting at you from the ground and intense dogfights against Opfor AI.

Written on 2014-01-28 by b00tsy

B00tsy released in the BI forums an update for the Chopper variant of his Morning WipeOut! mission.

  • Added 2 pilots
  • Added 2 more targets
  • Increased playable slots, now it is co-04

Written on 2014-01-28 by b00tsy

Ranwer informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this sandbox mission similar to Craig's Dynamic Zombie Sandbox, but without zombies.

  • Fixed: Addactions disappear when you respawn.
  • Intro improved for mission.
  • Fixed: Player loses gear after deploying/undeploying Camp_Script.

Written on 2014-01-28 by Ranwer

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