Spliffz released his TacVision (Tactical Vision) mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is something I made so that those nifty Tactical Glasses could finally be used.
    My original idea was to have something cool, something futuristic but realistic at the same time.
    Maybe playing in to the whole 2035 idea a bit, but then most things we consider cheating now, would be cool then.
    As we are still living in the 'now', and me not being able to code it properly, I've downtuned it a bit so it works. And pretty fancy too!
    Still, my to-do list is long and I hope that all the features can be implemented over time.
    But for now, enjoy this release. Hope you find use for it and any feedback is appreciated!

    • current heading
    • wind dir/strength
    • GPS Coordinates
    • current in-game time
    • ATR (Automatic Target Recognition) - The Tactical Glasses & Shades are now able to scan your view for possible threats & targets
    • MTR (Manual Target Recognition) - With the Tactical Glasses & Shades on you can scan what is directly infront of you, and pass it to the ETI for detailed information.
    • ETI (Extended Target Information) - Does what it says, Gives Extended Target/Threat Information

Written on 2014-04-01 by Spliffz


Zorrobyte released the Group Link 5 Core, an AI Enhancement addons, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    To maintain the core AI enhancements from Group Link for the Arma 3 engine and to further develop Group Link for the next iteration of Armed Assault.

    DEBUG is on for version 1.0, it will be turned off by default in next version. If you'd like to turn it off simply go to "Arma 3\userconfig\GL5\GL5_Global.sqf" and comment out GL5_Global set [61, True];

    There are no dependencies known as of yet, GL4 suggested CBA however GL5 has been tested without CBA with no notable issues.

Written on 2014-03-31 by zorrobyte

Flax submitted an updated version of the RAF Chinook HC3.
This is a modified version of the MH-47e addon created by Konyo.

    Quote :
    As many people will have seen there is an awesome MH-47e addon out there created by Konyo. Some of the features in this helicopter along with the updated model and high resolution textures made it the perfect replacement for the vanilla Chinook - great if you are an American group. I am part of 42 Commando a British unit operating around current day Royal Marines Commandos, we wanted to have this chopper in an RAF skin to use for our operations. So I got in contact with Konyo and he gave us permission to modify the work he had done. I would like to thank Koyno and all the guys that helped him with this mod for creating it, and for allowing us to modify the work. Furthermore I would like to thank Leeds and Porter at 42 Commando for their work with the re-texturing of the aircraft and to the rest of 42 for testing.

    A few weeks later and here we have it the RAF Chinook HC3 (Fat Tanks). For more info on the real life counter part see here or here. Some features have been removed and tampered with for various reasons which are listed below:
    • Working Features:
        Correct Number of Flares/Countermeasures in a Forward Direction.
        Lock Dectection System Complete with Warning Sounds.
        Walkable Fuselarge.
        Digital Cockpit for Pilot & Co-Pilot.
        Option to Level, Lower & Raise Ramp.
        New & Improved Flight Engine Sound's.
        Fueselarge Night Lighting.
        Cockpit Night Lighting.
        Improved Gunner Animations.
        Improved Blade System, bend when under load etc.
        Custom Cargo Positions. (BackCrew & Loadmaster)
        Co-Pilot Camera is fully animated. (Thanks yurapetrov!)
        FLIR & Laser Marker on Co-Pilots Camera.
        Animated Loadmasters Hatch.
        Animated Windscreen Wipers.
        ACE Compatability.
    • Removed Features:
        Custom slinging (Will be re-added when working with British Vehicles)
        Custom fast roping (ACE Fast roping works fine for now)
        Ambient Radio Sounds
        Multiple Models (We chose to use the SRO model as it most closely fits the HC3)
        Wrecks (The wrecks are using the wrong model and will be updated)

    • Fix minor spelling mistake in config and folders

RAF Chinook HC3 v1.01

Arma 2: British Armed Forces

Written on 2014-03-31 by flax


Fusion13 released his Battlefield 4 "Killcam" script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Well guys with the Battlefield Re-spawn System (BRS) out well playing BF4 I thought of something, and here it is.
    A script which shows some data of the the player who killed you.

Written on 2014-03-31 by Fusion13

OMAC released in the BI forums this singleplayer mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote OMAC :
    Takistani armor and mechanized infantry are poised to advance southward across the mountains. As the gunner of an Apache AH-64D Longbow, suppress all threats before they reach our weakly-guarded forward airbase.

Longbow (@)

Arma 2

Written on 2014-03-31 by OMAC

Feint has submitted a Submarine and SDV demonstration mission.

    Quote Feint :
    In this mission, I demonstrate how to generate the static submarine object in Arma3. I also demonstrate how to attach it to an SDV so that it can be submerged. I further show how to attach ANOTHER SDV to the hull of the submarine and attach a simple action to that SDV so that it can be detached.

Written on 2014-03-31 by Feint


Wisp released a new version of this cooperative mission in the BI forums.

  • Added text dialogue between characters.
  • Revamped mission situation to better make sense with the campaign storyline.
  • Updated ORBAT groups and markers.
  • Added zone restriction for wandering off.
  • Tweaked time of day.
  • Fixed broken task.
  • Slightly modified establishing shot.

Written on 2014-03-31 by Armaholic

In this weeks wip report we feature 19 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 3 - RKSL Studios: ArmA3 native Typhoon v3.000

    RKSL-Rock announced the RKSL Studios are hard at work again and will soon release the ArmA3 native Typhoon v3.000.

      Quote :
      Annnd we're back. After a 6month hiatus for personal reasons things have finally settled down and we're slowly starting to pick up where we left off. To that end I am delighted to announce that we will soon(tm) be releasing the ArmA3 native Typhoon v3.000.
      All the joys of ArmA3 features and the usual RKSL ones:
      • Fully working mirrors
      • BIS flares
      • Engine & Smoke effects
      • PhysX support
      • Tweaked Flight model
      • Improved Air Weapons Pack
      • All previous ArmA2 plugins brought over to ArmA3
      • And a few more...

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    Konyo released a new wip screen of the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E he is still working on.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Simple Retexure Project

    Shtebbie started working on his own retexure project and posted some first screens showing the work he has done so far.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - CSAT Modification Project

    TheEvanCat posted two wip screens showing the Boonies and the Patrol caps.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - 2035 Scottish Defense Force

    Blackadder informed the community he has started working on his 2035 Scottish Defense Force addon and showed some first images.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Harz

    NeoArmageddon informed us he released a video showing an early wip version of his Harz island.

      Quote :
      It is the first ingame test of a realworld terrain and satelite map. I will create a semi-fictive terrain (island) out of it. It will be germany themed and is 24x24 km large.

Click "read more.." to view this weeks entire Work In Progress report!!

Written on 2014-03-30 by Armaholic

Feint released an updated version of his Head Range Plus: Improved TrackIR Movement addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Feint :
    This addon will increase the limits in head movement that are possible in first person view. If you are using TrackIR, you will see the largest benefit.

    • Added ability to move head side to side and forward and backward and up and down (6 DOF) when in first person for all Vanilla aircraft and the SDV
    • Head movements customized for each vehicle

    • Added support for the To-199 Neophron and the A-164 Wipeout

Written on 2014-03-30 by Feint

Randomslap released an updated version of the Boeing C-17 on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote randomslap :
    A few months ago I was able to get the files for this C-17 project. Once I was able to get hands on the mod, I decided to port it over to Arma 3.
    This features different versions of the Boeing C-17.

    • Fixed: Invisible wall at cargo door
    • Fixed: Floating seats
    • Fixed: Walls are added to fix the no-clip (needs some work)
    • Fixed:: Flare patterns are accurately correct
    • Removed: Igiload by Igi_PL
    • Added: Pilot and CoPilot animation stick
    • Added: Attach and Detach/Detach all option
    • Added: Cargo can go halfway for cargo drop

Written on 2014-03-30 by randomslap

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