Kol9yN submitted the Seabob Magnum Water Shadow 730 addon.

    Quote :
    With its patented E-jet power system the Seabob Magnum Water Shadow 730 is provided with high performance jet propulsion. The motor performance of the E-jet power system is controlled by 10 power levels. The SBS 730 is virtually silent and absolutely emission-free thereby deployable in all waters.

    Personal Underwater Delivery Vehicle for 2 persons, like the QuadBike but for now for underwater actions.

    Used by divers in US Army for underwater operations, humans and cargo devilery to silend exctraction points on water.

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-10-21 by Kol9yN


Iceman77 released an updated version of his Light Vehicle Respawn Script on the BI forums.
With this script you can easily respawn destroyed and abandoned vehicles.

  • Re-wrote and consolidated the versions as 3 were too many. Now there's just Larrow's NSLVR & LVR.
  • LVR now has a new veh init structure. Users now (OPTIONALLY) simply create their small function files (registered in cfgFunctions this time) and have the vehicle call the function upon respawn to set it's init.

Written on 2014-10-21 by Iceman77

Sudden informed us he released an updated version of his East vs West mod, inspired by OFP, on the BI forums.

    Quote sudden :
    I really missed the spirit of old good OPF so I decided to edit some BIS models and see what happens.
    Also this mod features Russian Radio Protocol edited by me for Arma3.

    • Helicopters: Mi-24, Ah-1w
    • Support vehicles for both sides
    • Weapons: Metis, M47
    • Fixed bug with vanila scopes

Written on 2014-10-21 by sudden


A.Cyprus released his Cyprus Quick-Release System on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Cyprus QRS adds quick-release buckles to Backpacks and Launchers so that you can drop them quickly, using a simple keypress, without having to open your Inventory first. User-configurable keybinds allow you to drop one or the other, or both items at the same time. If you are carrying or using a Map or GPS, QRS will automatically create a marker visible on your map only, at the location you quick-released an item. The use and appearance of these markers is user-configurable. When you pick up the backpack or launcher you quick-released earlier, the respective QRS marker is automatically removed from your map.

    You can:
    - quick-release in any stance, whilst stationary or running. When running, you will stop to quick-release your items, so taking cover first is recommended.

    You cannot quick-release whilst:
    - in a vehicle
    - using a static weapon
    - freefalling (e.g. HALO)
    - using a parachute
    - using a ladder
    - standing, swimming, or diving in water

    It is likely I have not foreseen all relevant situations, so please do report any dodginess you may come across - especially conflicts with other mods that introduce further actions.

Written on 2014-10-21 by A.Cyprus

***** Update *****

Abs released a fixed archive, it seems he forgot to provide it as a pbo before. If you already downloaded this please re-download from our downloadpage to get the proper files.


Abs informed us he released an updated beta of his Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack on the BI forums.
To stay up to date with all the latest news and get early access to beta releases make sure to follow Abs on the Star Trek: Road to the Stars Facebook.

    Quote Abs :
    Red Alert! Klingons sighted in the sector!
    An away team had been sent out to investigate the planet Altis when all communication with them had been lost. Starfleet intelligence then intercepted a message destined for the Klingon homeworld, shown below.
    Admiral Kurt has informed us that in order to defend against this Klingon threat, all Operations staff now be equipped with Type 3 Phaser rifles.
    I hope you remember all your training from the Academy, cadet. We are facing the possibility that the Organian Treaty will soon be violated, and we must stand ready to protect the Federation!

    Updated the Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack to fix the sound config changes. Sorry it took so long, but I've been very busy working on an FTL mod lately. It's amazing how much easier modding is when it's mostly just XML files.
    Please let me know if I've somehow messed this up, and I'll fix and release another update. Thanks.

    • fix the sound config changes

Written on 2014-10-21 by Armaholic

revide has submitted an Arma 3 Wasteland mission inspired by multiple others, concentrated on performance and tactical, but fair, gameplay.

    Quote revide :
    First things first, this Mission is dedicated to the community.
    I created this Mission without any commercial/financial aspects in mind. I want to create a mission for everybody to enjoy.
    This mission is an one-man-project with 12,615 (+5759 headers) lines of code. All graphics self-made or edited to avoid copyright infringements.
    The only thing not created by me is the soundtrack of the mission and the intro sound. These are made by my friend Sleet (Soundcloud).
    I'm competing in the MAKEARMANOTWAR Contest, as well. But still, this mission is for the community, not for making profit.

Written on 2014-10-20 by revide

Noam Aviad has submitted an Arma 3 singleplayer survival mission.

    Quote Noam Aviad :
    NATO forces withdrew from Altis as CSAT forces launch a full scale attack on the island.
    The AAF took an almost fatal hit in the firt wave of the attack, it broke down into a few groups of guerillas that have to use improvised equipment and weapons to fight CSAT and survive.
    Durring CSAT invasion the majority of the civilians have been evicted from Altis and Iranian civilians started occupying the island. but some places on Altis are still populated with Altian civilians, some of those civilians are willing to cooporate with the AAF, they might loan you vehicles, store your weapns and give AAF soldiers a place to hide at the time of need.
    Use whatever you can to put together the remains of the AAF force, survive, recover and fight the CSAT forces on Altis.

Written on 2014-10-20 by someone4

Iceman77 released an updated version of his Virtual Rearming Hub script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Simple rearming UI that provides quick and efficient rearming
    Displays useful ammunition based on your current weapons
    Displays misc ammunition such as hand grenades, mines, smoke, chem lights etc

    Recommended for usage out in the field when you need to rearm quickly.

    • Changed control type for the header
    • Removed un-needed controls
    • removed msg toggle feature / function
    • Optimized and cleaned up code

Written on 2014-10-19 by Iceman77

Br. released an updated version of his TAA name script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Br. :
    This script displays the names of the players when your cursor above and / or when you press keys windows.
    If you have specific demand post here or send me a private message.

    • Added : you cant see around corners or through buildings anymore.

Written on 2014-10-19 by Br.

Drill released his Map advanced markers addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    After publication of "Sweet markers system" by swatSTEAM, I decided to publish my old markers system too.

    This addon provides enhancements for the ArmA markers system.
    Main advantages are:
    • Markers type/color are stored between inserting - no need to set it every time new marker is placed.
    • Added new "marker" type in form of jugged lines.
    • Ability to assign hotkeys for marker type and color change, hotkey to send marker to particular channel (through userconfig).
    • Ability to show/hide channel and creator of existing markers.

Written on 2014-10-19 by Drill

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