Zigomarvin released the Tactical Hand Signals addon by him and Emperias on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    When distances are too long for voice communication and as a quick alternative to radio communication at short range, we are proud to release the Tactical Hand Signals. The THS provides, in a MilSim vision, some simples an clear hand signals you can use in any situation.

    • Tap shoulder action to informe your mates without a word
    • 4 original animations based on real hand signals, designed to accomodate gameplay as well as aesthetics
    • Customisable key bindings to fit your keyboard configuration

Written on 2015-02-14 by Zigomarvin


evil-organ released in the BI forums a new singleplayer mission set after the events of "Nuclear Dawn".

    Quote evil-organ :
    The successful destruction of the trucks at Pefkas Bay have came at a cost. Two FIA members were taken hostage by CSAT forces. They are being held somewhere near Sofia. You are tasked with securing and extracting the hostages back to the FIA base.

Written on 2015-02-14 by Armaholic

Drifter released an updated version of his 1st Ranger Battalion - Re-textured addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is my second addon release. My first being my Kryptek units, and upcoming my new Work in Progress USMC units. This addon was suppose to be strictly 1stRB members only, but due to corrupt downloads and what not I am publicly releasing this addon. Hopefully soon to be released on PlayWithSix and ArmAholic for public use and for easy installation for the unit.

    • Added different camouflage top pieces.
    • Added different types of helmet textures for the ECH, Light, Plain and MICH.
    • Added Trainee vest in ACU only
    • Added green vest
    • Added TeamLeader Spec. to all groups
    • Added SquadLeader Spec. to all groups
    • Replaced MCAM with Scorpion W2 MultiCam

Written on 2015-02-13 by Armaholic


Shape has submitted an update for Part #1 of his Grand Theft Arma campaign.

  • "Burial at sea" now can end mission normally.

Written on 2015-02-13 by shape1996

Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his =VQI= SpookWarCom mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SpookWarCom is an ArmA III Module System that is designed to add numerous elements of Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops, and other darker immersion and gameplay options for the player who wants that ominous 'deep behind enemy lines' feel conducting secret operations in the most dangerous countries in the world.

    Just place any of the Modules you want to use on the Map, and set your options. Works great with ALiVE, AGM, RHS, TPW, CSE, AB, and any other Mods you want to run with SpookWarCom. Use as many or as few modules as you prefer. Very user friendly. Designed mostly for Spec-Ops, but standard infantry and all other gameplay styles, are of course, possible.

    Under the command of JSOC and overseen by the CIA and MI6, you will be conducting clandestine operations around the globe in both an official and unofficial capacity. The most secretive Special Forces consisting of the best operatives throughout the entire combined Spec-Ops community.

    • SpookWarCom:
        - Tweaked: Numerous Code/Bug Fixes
        - Fixed: Image & Addon Entry
    • SOCOM:
        - Fixed: Desk Placement/Collision Code
        - Added: Generic Mission X
    • Diver:
        - Fixed: Desk Placement/Collision Code
        - Added: 2nd SDV on Submarine
    • HALO:
        - Fixed: Cargo Lighting
        - Added: Altimeters to Airborne Craft
        - Added: User Custom Keybindings
        - Added: More Module Options!
        - Added: Automatic Activation Device
        - Added: Leather Thermal Jumpsuit; Onxy Black
        - changed: Increased Cargo Space in Jumpsuit
    • SNIPER:
        - NEW: Complete Re-Write of SniperSystem!
        - Added: User Custom Keybindings
        - Added: 'Sparse' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
        - Added: 'Normal' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
        - Added: 'Thick' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
        - Added: Debug/Testing Feedback Script; ALT+D
        - Added: More Module Options!
        - Tweaked: Simple Ballistics
    • EOD:
        - Added: Skeleton
    • EDITOR:
        - Tweaked: Testing/Example Map

Written on 2015-02-13 by Goblin

Grace submitted an updated version of his Joint Task Force 121 Addon Pack which consists of different vehicles, weapons and units.

    Quote :
    This is an addon pack for the JTF121 Community consisting of Vehicles, Weapons and Units

    • Custom Configured 762 & 556mm Bullpup Rifles
    • Custom Configured Zafir LMG
    • Custom textured and configured Uniforms, Vests and Vehicles
    • Includes Grace Warrior FV510 Retextures and Grace_Sway
    • New ACES_Unit pack with custom configured Huron

    • Cleaned up classnames and configs
    • fixed Land Rover wobble
    • added a JTF 121 version of Kio's L85
    • Added some new uniforms and Vests
    • Added a basic Mk7 helmet based off of SP's models
    • added LEA config > @JTF121>lea>

Written on 2015-02-13 by Grace

Siege-A released an updated version of his UnderSiege Patches and Insignias on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    905 New Patches & Insignias added. 1405 Total.
    This update has been a full overhaul of the entire package. The addon has been broken down into multiple addons, each fully standalone, in order to make the addon more modular. Due to this change, many of the previous patches have been relocated into different categories, as well as changes to their classnames. Furthermore, I will be going through all of the previous patches released and update their quality, mainly fixing ones which appear overly bright ingame. Main focus of this update has been additional US, Polish, Russian, and Italian patches, as well as a batch of new morale patches as usual. Although this contains a heap of new patches, I had planned to have many more with this release, especially for the Russian patches. But due to time constraints and a busy work schedule, I was unable to pack in as many as I had hoped. Needless to say, more to come.

    Quick overview of the new structure:
    UNS_Patches: This now contains all military related, non-country specific patches, such as morale, id, bloodtype, etc.
    UNS_Extra: This contains all non-military related patches, such as game, fictional, etc.
    UNS_World: This contains all additional country specific patches which don't have enough quantity to permit their own addon.

    The rest is pretty self-explanatory, once a specific country has acquired enough patches, it will branch into its own standalone addon, which will be abbrieviated by the country initials. All addons are standalone and require none of the rest to function.

    • fixed the server key issues
    • fixed the duplicate entries in the expansions menu.

Written on 2015-02-13 by Siege-A

Noven released in the BI forums a new alpha version of his mission that takes inspiration from Civ Life Mod for ARMA, Payday: The Heist and a few things from Grand Theft Auto among other games.

  • new mission: Drug Weapon Cache. Capture or destroy the weapons as heister or police! Bonus for every weapon destroyed!
  • new mission: Convoy Escort. Police can escort the convoy to a bank, or recover it at a police base. Hesiters can blow it up to recover gold!
  • new feature: gold pallets. Gold sometimes comes in a pallet of four sacks. Can be airlifted by any chopper!
  • added sound for police scanner
  • Vehicle actions nitro, repair, veh inuvln, etc. only available for driver (only works for driver in ARMA engine)
  • fixed bug with money calculation for police returning evidence
  • functions "registered" for better security/JIP issues/comparability

Written on 2015-02-13 by Armaholic

LKS has submitted two singleplayer helicopter missions.

    Quote LKS :
    Hum Aid:
      A rather linear mission where you have to transport some cargo to one of 3 random locations, pick up some civilians further north (again, 3 possible task locations) and bring them back to Kavala and then you have to do a troop pickup at a location south of Kavala, which is randomized just like the other two tasks.

    Sling It:
      You can customize the time, weather and fog as well as the cargo during the mission at a laptop which is in front of you when you spawn. The cargo can either be an ammo box with a weight between 100 and 4000 kg or a container with a weight between 1000 and 12000 kg. There is a task chain that will take you to all 83 locations one by one.

Written on 2015-02-13 by LKS

Cirav has submitted an updated version of the İmrali Island, a small Turkish island used as a prison island.

    Quote Cirav :
    İmrali is a small Turkish island in the south of the Sea of Marmara, west of the Armutlu-Bozburun peninsula within Bursa Province. It measures 8 kilometres in the north-south direction with a width of 3 kilometres, and has an area of 9.98 square kilometres. The highest peak is Türk Tepesi at an altitude of 217 metres above sea level.

    It is currently a prison island, so it is prohibited to fly over the island or fish near its shores.

    • Improve the lights streetlights
    • Improve Skybox

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar

Written on 2015-02-12 by [OFCRA]Cirav

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