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Screen of the week

Sgt.Grimm has submitted a singleplayer mission where your objective is to eliminate the heavily-armed convoy.

    Quote Sgt.Grimm :
    "You will take off at 17:40. Head to north of Altis and then get to the island and destroy the convoy before it reaches it destination. The convoy must be found and destroyed at all costs. We're all in you're hands now.

Written on 2014-07-09 by Sgt.Grimm


Ruthberg submitted his ATragMX - Handheld ballistics calculator addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon introduces a new item to the game, which helps you to calculate firing solutions.

    • Supports most rifle calibers used in ACE
    • Supports manual entry of gun data
    • Multiple Targets (up to four)
    • Rapid ranging with a Vectronix Pocket Laser Range Finder
    • Range Card Generator
    • FPS corrected wind drift
    • Target Range Estimator
    • Target Speed Estimator
    • Clicking Memory
    • Handles both English (Imperial) and Metric units of measure
    • Display in Mils, MOA, Clicks
    • Calculates bullet drop, wind drift, lead (moving targets), time of flight, remaining velocity, remaining energy

Written on 2014-07-09 by Ruthberg

Cat24max submitted his Altis Telecom Cellular Network template.

    Quote :
    This template adds 29 cellphone towers on Altis. Existing towers are used.
    There's a laptop at every tower, so you can add this e. g. to an Altis Life Server and add a script for cellphone reception.

Written on 2014-07-09 by cat24max

Zeealex released the first public version of his FEMAL3 addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Today, following much thought and mulling, i've decided to release an early version of the FEMAL3 heads module. This version is called Crude.
    What's inside:
    • 2 caucasian heads
    • 1 asian head
    • 1 Black head
    • 1 Persian head

    And the headgear friendly versions, except for the black one, it's okay with helmets anyway, but I need to add it in. The headgear versions are good for use with helmets and may be good with some caps/hats, over time these will be refined so they are good with every bit of headgear.

Written on 2014-07-09 by Zeealex

Goodson released the first version of his Rooftop Static Weapons Script on the BI forums.
For the example mission additional addons are required (see at the bottom of the downloadpage), the script itself does not require additional addons.

    Quote :
    As the name suggests, this script will take a given area (defined by a marker) and spawn static weapons (such as DShKMs or KORDs) on rooftops. Taking inspiration from Insurgency for Arma 2, rooftop static weapons add much more variation to battles and make jobs harder for both infantry and air support.

    This script was originally made for a private mission, but I thought other mission makers may also find this useful.

    How it Works
    When called, the script will first scan a given area for enterable buildings. Positions within each building will then be identified. Since there is no command for finding rooftops, this has to be done manually by checking for obstructions above each position and deciding whether or not it is a rooftop. A final check is then performed to ensure that there is enough room for the static weapon to spawn and that the rooftop position is not obstructed by any nearby walls or other solid objects that may prevent the weapon from manoeuvring properly.

Written on 2014-07-08 by MisterGoodson


Drongo69 released an updated version of his Drongos Artillery addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Drongo69 :
    Drongo's Artillery is an addon for Arma 3 (both SP and MP supported). It is heavily based on CoC Unified Artillery for OFP. The aim is to put AI-controlled batteries of artillery under player control. A degree of skill should be both required and rewarded by the system. Hopefully a balance between realism and gameplay can be struck.

    The system gives you control over aimpoint, warhead types, rounds to fire, high/low angle, sheafs (circular or box), groundburst/airburst/mixed and airburst height. After inputting the aimpoint, it is usually necessary to fire spotting rounds and adjust the fall of shot. Once the spotting rounds are on target, the spotter can call fire for effect, or store the mission for later use (with a reduced delay). Typically, it will take 60-90 seconds for the first shell to land (though this can be increased by using the "Realistic Delay" module).

    The are modules for no delay, realistic delays, no initial error and debugging (text, markers and smoke trails for shells).

    Supported Units:
    The default BIS artillery assets (and 3rd party addons that inherit from them) are supported. Simply place them on the map and they will be detected and available to the appropriate side:
    • Mk6 Mortar
    • 2S9 Sochor
    • M4 Scorcher
    • M5 Sandstorm MLRS

    This can be considered a hotfix release. I still plan on adding WP rounds, further tweaking accuracy and damage and adding Reyhard's mortar in a future release.
    Also note that I have still not fixed the profiles of each weapon to match the corrected dispersion. This means that if you select "No Initial Inaccuracy", the shell will probably still not hit exactly where you expect.

    • Fixed TFAR compatibility
    • Increased mortar and howitzer HE shell lethality to attempt to match real-world values
    • Tweaked configs to change the dispersion of BIS shells to almost zero

Written on 2014-07-08 by Foxhound

BlackViperGaming informed us he released in the BI forums a editing template that has every single placeable object from the Stars Editing Suite placed down on the salt flats.

    Quote BlackViperGaming :
    I have created a editing template that has every single placeable object placed down on the salt flats so you can freely look at every object to see what they are and easily copy and paste them over to your mission. I also included a sample tarmac runway version of the salt flats airstrip, and a sample cave for other to draw inspiration. This only contains the objects made placeable through Stars Editing Suite addon

Written on 2014-07-08 by BlackViperGaming

barbolani informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of his dynamic sandbox mission for resistance, sp and infantry lovers.

  • Markers on fast travel are messy. Will change it.
  • Winning conditions for counterattacks and stratis airport more "relaxed".
  • FIA bases despawning not depending only of the player's distance, they will depend on all attack forces distance.
  • Fast travel option from anywhere, not only maps in friendly bases.
  • Current classes of units for player's squad mechanix has no sense and subject to exploits until you recruit the guy you want. Recruitment will pick medic and engineer first (yes Neofit!!), and the rest, will have a fine tuning skill depending on prestige and type of unit.
  • Added TPWCAS script.
  • Reworked vehicles despawn system. No surprise despawning should appear.
  • Tweaked a bit more the conditions on winning rescue missions.

Written on 2014-07-08 by BARBOLANI

Noven informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this class-based modification for ARMA 3 that turns it into a "MOBA" game similar to DOTA or League of Legends.

  • Vehicle price adjustments
  • item saving improvements

Written on 2014-07-08 by Big

If the video is not available, use this proxy's link.

madbull has informed that Team R3F's [R3F] Logistics collection of scripts is out now on Arma 3, with lots of enhancements since the last Arma 2 release.

    Quote Team R3F :
    • Movable objects : the player can carry an object and walk with it.
    • Transportable objects : objects can be loaded into vehicles or containers to transport them.
    • Helicopter lift : light vehicles, containers, ammunition crates, etc. can be lifted.
    • Towing : some objects, vehicles, and boats, can be towed to a vehicle.
    • Creation factory : one or more creation factories can be used as a spawning system.

Written on 2014-07-08 by madbull

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