Werthles submitted an updated version of his Werthles Headless Kit.

    Quote :
    Complete headless client setup kit. Up-to-date, configurable script, server config files, headless client setup all ready to go with only minor alterations required.

    • Waypoint duplication workaround no longer required. If a group is waiting for trigger activation while HC transfer occurs, the group will not ignore this trigger.

Written on 2015-08-10 by Werthles


Stick_Hogue has submitted an updated version of his StickSubA3 script which allows you to use a static submarine object to simulate a working sub as a ride for divers in your missions.

    Quote Stick_Hogue (aka Stick) :
    This is meant as a slick ride for divers.
    See this article on the "Tactical Trident" SSGN submarine for reference to the inspiration for this: SSGN “Tactical Trident” Subs: Special Forces and Super Strike.

    • tweaked the sub's missiles code to give them plenty of range to cover Altis
    • also added a map marker indicating the missile's position
    • also added systemchat feedback text as a reminder of your most recent commands for the sub
    • minor tweaks to the helicopter insertion waypoints and added an auto-eject if you're asleep for the jump
    • added Quicksilver's improved fatigue script
    • added MulleDK19's weapon holstering script
    • changed revive script to Monsoon's "Simple Revive Script"

Written on 2015-08-10 by Stick_Hogue

Alganthe released his MFFA addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    MFFA (More Factions For Arma) is a mod aiming to add, as the name indicates, new factions to Arma 3 by combining assets from RHS and TRYK as well as retexturing the CSAT faction.

    Available factions:
    • Takistani insurgents (OPFOR) and (INDEP).
    • Russian rebels (BLUFOR) and (INDEP).

Written on 2015-08-09 by Armaholic


Jeza informed us Buegeleisen released his Flying Saucer addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Time to get a much needed hookup with Nazi aliens: It spins, has Third Reich military signs on it and shoots from a big energy cannon.

    • Spinning aircraft with powerful energy beam cannon
    • Supports custom skins (template texture included)
    • New custom sounds for cannon and aircraft
    • Two crew seats: Pilot and gunner
    • Articulated automatic landing gear
    • Find it under CSAT > Air > Flying Disk
    • Server sign file + key
    • Cheesy over-the-top cockpit with spinning swastika and flat iron

Written on 2015-08-09 by Armaholic

austin(medic) his AUSMD Outpost/Composition Template.

    Quote :
    The .rar file contains a editor mission that has some different outposts, a small village, and a couple of checkpoints that can be copied over to other missions.

Written on 2015-08-09 by austin(medic)

Kuro released his Black SUV Retextured! 'Challenger' template on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I was asked to create a Costum Mod for a Server of a friend, he decided he doesn't want it, so I decided instead of throwing it away, I'm putting it up here. Maybe theres someone who's enjoying it.

    It's my first Arma 2 mod, be gentle!
    Added the .psd and .jpg and .poo (jpg edition) to a small .zip file!

    Enjoy and I would be glad to see some review's.

Written on 2015-08-09 by Kuro

H-Singh released an updated version of his U.S. Joint Special Operation Command addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I build this mod because of the requirements of JSOC special operations units.
    I added "75th Ranger STB (UCP & OCP Uniform) and will add more units in future like (USAF STS, USN Devgru, Marines Raiders) etc.

    This is a re-texture mod for the realism unit "U.S. Joint Special Operation Command".
    Right now, It includes 2 camos (uniforms, vests, headgear, backpacks, equipments, TFR Longrange Radios) & Flags

    Its fully compatible with ALIVE & MCC.

    • edited @JSOC_UCP
    • edited @JSOC_OCP
    • added @JSOC_ABU
    • added @JSOC_DMarpat
    • added @JSOC_WMarpat
    • added @JSOC_Black
    • added 6 Beret ( Delta Force, USAF ( PJ & CCT), SOAR, 75th Ranger Regiment

Written on 2015-08-09 by Armaholic

The 3 Commando Brigade released an updated version of their 3CB BAF Units addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod now fully utilises our 3CB BAF Equipment and BAF Weapons packs.

    With over 100 units and a multitude of pre-built infantry Sections to choose from, it is easy to create whole Company sized formations for your missions. Not only that, but every Troop or Platoon will look unique, thanks to an automatic randomisation routine which equips each infantry-man in gear suitable to his role from the wide choice of kit available.

    If the @Ace3 mod is detected then load-outs are automatically reconfigured to use additional Ace items, including medical supplies, earplugs, map tools and other specialised pieces of equipment. So although @Ace3 is not required to run, these units are fully compatible with it.

    Although we at '3CB' are a milsim Royal Marines Commando group, we have also provided the full range of units in generic 'Army' MTP too (without Royal Marine markings) for our friends in the ArmA community to enjoy.

    Individual Units are available with Bergens (backpacks) to suit the deployment type - take the light Bergens on short "Day Patrols", or for longer yomps over multiple days, select the "Overnight" option with the heavy Bergens, which include the full kit of bedrolls, sleeping mats, entrenching tools etc.

    • hotfix to address the load out issues experienced by players on MP servers

Written on 2015-08-09 by 3cb

LT. Drake Jackson released version 0.9 of his US Army and branches addons on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    • US Army and branches - US Army (OCP)
        I would like to present an ArmA 3 US faction pack (In this pack: OCP camo), plus Marksmen/Helicopters DLC support!
        Currently it brings all the regular soldiers, snipers in ghillie and recon units, all in G.E.A.R.'s OCP camo and with default A3 Loadouts.
    • US Army and branches - USMC MARPAT (Desert, Woodland and Winter)
      • I would like to present an ArmA 3 USMC faction pack in all 3 camos (Woodland, Desert and Winter), plus Marksmen DLC support!
        Currently it brings all the regular soldiers, snipers in ghillie and recon units, all in G.E.A.R.'s MARPAT camos and with default A3 Loadouts.

    • Open Beta.
    • Added: Bikey and bisign to my addons.
    • Added: Groups.
    • Added: Woodland MARPAT marines.
    • Added: Winter MARPAT marines.
    • Added: Custom weapon configurations in a separate addon.
    • Optimized: OCP configuration to a better standard, classnames remain unchanged!

Written on 2015-08-09 by DrakeHawkins

thhamm informed in the BI forums about the release of a new version of this CTI (crCTI).

Written on 2015-08-09 by Armaholic

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