Arkhir released his ACE3xRHS fragmentation configs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tiny mod fixes RHS grenades and some other explosives, removing the inherited ACE3 fragmentation effect where it's unneeded, and adding it where it should be.

    All values are realistic and based on sources I could find on the internet, including US Army field manuals, Bulgarian OG-7 round manufacter website and SAAB-Bofors documentation. Missing data was replaced by realistic, but made-up values. Feel free to update me on anything I might've missed.

    List of changes:
    • Removed frag from American and Russian flashbangs
    • Removed frag from concussion grenades
    • Removed frag from CS gas grenades
    • Removed frag from thermobaric rounds of all sorts
    • Added frag to HEDP round from AT4
    • Fixed RGN grenade so it doesn't explode in your hand killing you instantly

Written on 2015-10-23 by Armaholic


QuickDagger released an updated version of his Dagger Scopes for Arma 3 on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    All scopes were made for extremely accurate range estimation and bullet drop compensations (when using Dagger Ballistics ammo)!

    • made many scopes FFP (they zoom the reticle)
    • added more scopes

Written on 2015-10-22 by QuickDagger

KokaKolaA3 has submitted, using our Public FTP, this reskin of the T14D Tomcat (Blackbird).

    Quote KokaKolaA3 :
    This adds a reskin of the T14D Tomcat (Blackbird)

Written on 2015-10-22 by KokaKolaA3


Dscha released a first beta version of his Truck and Trailer - Standalone addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Okay, finaly i found some time, to make a Standalone Version of that wobblewobblething (aka Truck and Trailer):
    1st of all: Keep in mind, that the Truck and Trailer are just a Test-Objects! There are Textures missing, Wheels are not 100% perfect, etc. blabla. But for most of you guys, it should be enough to play around with and get the Idea, how it works.

Written on 2015-10-22 by Dscha

Greywolf907 has submitted a new version of this mission where you take the role of an sniper.

  • Updated to Arma 3 Current version

Written on 2015-10-21 by greywolf907

Demon Cleaner informed us he released an updated version of his DMC Air Patrol script on the BI forums.

    Quote Demon Cleaner :
    This is something that has been gathering some dust on my hard drive. Originally written for one of my ArmA II missions I've decided to revive it for ArmA III in the hope that somebody might find it useful. If you do implement it into your missions I'd be happy if you would let me know where to download them. I'd love to see how people make use of this script.

    DMC Air Patrol is a script that can spawn a configurable amount air patrol vehicles including crew. It will read the configuration file of the current map and use the predifined locations in this file to plot a randomized flight course for each patrol vehicle. If an air patrol encounters an enemy presence in it's flight path it will attack and try to obliterate the enemy. When done the air patrol will return to it's flight path and repeat as new enemies are encountered. If a patrol vehicle is destroyed a replacement will be spawned after a configurable timer runs out.

    • Fixed an error in waypoint generation
    • Added code to remove Air Patrol specific markers when not in debug
    • Refined waypoint generation and added debug markers
    • Added OPFOR air vehicle class names
    • Removed functions folder for simplicity
    • Fixed cfgFunctions.hpp

Written on 2015-10-21 by Demon Cleaner

Ligthert submitted an updated version of the NLD Units by Lowlands Tactical.

    Quote :
    Lowlands Tactical is proud to present the NLD Units, a mod which adds Dutch units to Arma 3 in several delicious flavours! With over 30 units with 8 different camouflages accompanied by the necessary items and backpacks this mod adds over a massive 300 new classes to the game!

    Lowlands Tactical is proud to release v201508154 of @NLD_Units.
    This is a maintenance release.

    • Added APC's (YPR, Buffel, CV9035NL, Cheetha PRTL, KMAR YPR, KMAR Buffel).
    • Added KMAR Units.
    • Changed Textures of MLRS & PzH2000.

Written on 2015-10-21 by ligthert

Kuzuri submitted the Armed Forces Of Pakistan.

    Quote :
    This mod adds the Armed Forces of Pakistan as a playable faction, added under the "INDEPENDENT" side keeping in view the demand for it to be BLUFOR and OPFOR. This mod will focus on adding assets already in possession of the AFP, adding future projects at a minimum. The mod is being designed for the 13th Cdo Bn, SSG, a Pakistani Arma 3 milsim unit.

Written on 2015-10-20 by Kuzuri

Intothevoid has submitted a short SP mission, intro to a planned campaign using Halek's awesome Ravage mod.

    Quote Intothevoid :
    mix of scripted story line and free roaming zombie survival action

Written on 2015-10-20 by intothevoid

Evil Organ released in our forums a new version of the classic "steal the car" mission from the Operation Arrowhead/British Armed Forces expansion.

  • Added more AI patrols

Written on 2015-10-20 by evil organ

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