Skruis released an updated version of his Athena mod on the Armaholic forums.
Athena is a 2nd screen mod providing those players w/ multiple monitors and/or gaming pc's as well as notebooks w/ an interface that displays friendly unit and group locations, compositions (sl, ar, at, medic, etc.) and marker data.

    Quote :
    I've just released the latest version of my Athena mod. Athena is a 2nd screen mod providing those players w/ multiple monitors and/or gaming pc's as well as notebooks w/ an interface that displays friendly unit and group locations, compositions (sl, ar, at, medic, etc.) and marker data. This is not meant as a replacement for the ingame map. The mod does not yet have any functionality that feeds data back into Arma3 but it will extract data from the game and then use that data to provide the user with a glanceable interface. Where is the nearest friendly group? Are the other groups in position? Where is the nearest armor? Is the helicopter inbound? Those kinds of questions can be answered quickly and easily with Athena w/o having to bring up the ingame map. Simply glance from the game to the Athena app and it will provide you with an instant update on unit positioning raising your battlefield awareness.

    Some background on what the mod does:
    The mod runs scripts that collect information about the mission itself (name, author, etc.), the markers known to the player (or rather, the players instance of Arma3) as well as units and groups on the players side and all vehicles they occupy. That data is exported to a JSON file via the Athena.Extension.dll (the path is configurable via the settings.cfg in the @athena folder). That JSON file is then polled by the app (if you use a non default location, update the app's settings via the File->Settings dialog) which then parses the data and generates the markup in the application. On my PC (i7 4770k), I've run BIS's showcase missions as well as test missions in the editor w/ around 100 units and I have not noticed any impact on performance.

    This is a 2nd release of this mod which was originally packaged as a server side mod. That introduced additional complexities and dependencies which limited uptake and caused unnecessary issues. The mod and app have been retooled as client side focused though I have goals of introducing Internet focused app to app communications.

    Again, this is an early work. Expect some bugs. Any comments/bug reports are appreciated.

    • Athena Desktop changes:
        - Added - Multi Ink
        - Added - Initial background image
        - Added - Clear Map Controls Menu option (clears the map to remove data left over from previous missions)
        - Added - Logic to detect mission change (Mission Name change)
        - Added - Ability to rename groups
        - Added - Cursor to indicate map panning
        - Added - Ability to use scroll bars to pan map
        - Added - Additional unit descriptions (crew, pilot, officer, ammo bearer, rifleman)
        - Added - Alpha blended colors for GreenFor and Civ Group Icons
        - Changed - Map Panning Logic
        - Changed - Layer Management
        - Changed - Group Icons Controls (Left Click on toggle unit list, Right Click to change size, Touch to change size)
        - Changed - Group Icon display logic
        - Fixed - Unable to ink near labels
        - Fixed - Unable to ink near group icons
    • @Athena Mod changes:
        - Added - Support for Multi-Ink
        - Added - Support for player based Athena variables
        - Changed - Methods for grab files from network source improved

Written on 2015-06-04 by skruis


maquez [Q-Net] released in the BI forums a dynamic and asymmetric team versus team (Zcoop/TVT) battle mission.

    Quote maquez [Q-Net] :
    I liked to know what ALiVE is really capable off, so this mission is a result of it.

    BLUFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own.
    OPFOR's main goal is attack enemy positions and defend your own.
    INDEPENDENT's main goal is to sneak deep into enemy territory and destroy with explosives military objects.

    Independent is hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR
    Civilians are hostile towards BLUFOR and OPFOR
    Civilians are friendly toward independent so don't kill as independent need them.

    Squadleader's/Zeus main task is with the use of Zeus to set new respawn points and support team with spawn vehicles/equipment.

Written on 2015-06-04 by Q-Net_maquez

SPhoenix released in the BI forums this infantry-centric mission that focuses on the timing and precision of your attack strategy rather than your ability to take out vast groups of enemies.

    Quote SPhoenix :
    [iA deal has been struck with the Altis government to receive the remaining yellowcake uranium after the dismantling of the nuclear project AERP in conjunction with Turkey. This was a good deal for both; CSAT was getting its hand on some uranium for its nuclear programme and Altis wouldn't have to build the expensive facilities for uranium disposal.

    Someone leaked some intel early on and the AIEA had wind of it all. They convinced the Altis government to go back on their agreement in exchange for wider energy cooperation.

    As you can expect, this made a huge mess in the relations between CSAT and the Altis government.
    It would have been left alone if only the deal wasn't supposed to take place on the birthday of our beloved leader...

Written on 2015-06-04 by SPhoenix


Zigomarvin informed us he released an updated version of the Tactical Hand Signals addon by him and Emperias on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    When distances are too long for voice communication and as a quick alternative to radio communication at short range, we are proud to release the Tactical Hand Signals. The THS provides, in a MilSim vision, some simples an clear hand signals you can use in any situation.

    • Tap shoulder action to informe your mates without a word
    • 8 original animations based on real hand signals, designed to accomodate gameplay as well as aesthetics
    • Customisable key bindings to fit your keyboard configuration

    • fixed : minor script error

Written on 2015-06-03 by Zigomarvin

Cruoriss informed us he released a new version of his open wolrd pve mission with multiple tasks to complete in the BI forums.

    - Added : Every spawned vehicle can now be an MHQ, just click the box when choosing a vehicle to spawn
    - Added : Leights OPFOR Pack civ factions
    - Changed : Replaced old MHQ functions by a dynamic MHQ list to which you can teleport
    - Changed : MenuPosition used on respawn instead of Counter, so you can respawn directly on any MHQ
    - Changed : Improved clean up script, moar fps
    - Changed : Replaced A3 Wounding System by a custom version of BTC quick revive
    - Changed : Dynamic weather disabled by default as weather changes cause desync
    - Changed : Skill param now affect every sub skills (except courage which is still maxed out)
    - Changed : Recruited AI skill now depend on choosed skill param
    - Fixed : Leights OPFOR Pack classnames of V1.0 are now used
    - Fixed : Every drones are now properly fetched inside drone spawners (and not plane one like RHS drone)
    - Fixed : Player won't loose control of his squad anymore (disabled player negative score)
    - Fixed : Base syncing hint is now global
    - Fixed : Improved static weapons placement in zone (less falling over)
    - Fixed : AI won't loose their backback anymore when HALO jumping, they'll open their parachute at 150m now, and also won't randomly die anymore when opening their parachute
    - Fixed : Player could start the mission without a map (again, broke it in last update)
    - Fixed : Vehicle spawners now delete nearby vehicle wrecks before spawning the vehicle to avoid blowing up
    - Fixed : Recruited AI can now also revive players that didn't recruit them
    - Removed : Helicopter lift script, obsolete since helicopter dlc

Written on 2015-06-03 by Cruoriss

CimaleXXI has submitted a new version of this mission for CWR2 and DE West German Army Expansion: Soviet invasion of Eilte West Germany.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    Hi gents, after the last beautiful expansion addon for CWR2 by Wulle and Marseille77, I decided to finish and update an old CWR2 mission made ages ago for P85, and forgot in the wish list for a long time.
    After the last addons released by the CWR2 team recently, I decided to finish it and finally update without external dependancy

    • Eliminate all former P85 vehicles
    • Added new CWR2 DE and NVA troops and vehicles
    • now the mission is more fluid and relatively difficult

Written on 2015-06-03 by cimaleXXI

ted_hou released in our forums a new version of this campaign that follows the events after his In Our Time campaign.

  • Added: Voice acting! 400+ lines from 5 dedicated voice actors. Huge thanks to voice actors Mathieu Abdi, Morgenstern, Cliff Thompson, Cary Reese, and Lucas Walkowicz! Special thanks to Jonathan Cross for editing the script and including proper British army procedures and slangs.
  • Fixed: Mod support for latest HLC weapons pack, RH m4/pistol packs, and RHS:AFRF and RHS:USAF.
  • Fixed: Game crashes on loading "Blinded Eyes".
  • Fixed: Some tasks not marked as complete in "Clear Skies".
  • Fixed: Plastic container in hub mission did not store items.

Written on 2015-06-03 by ted_hou

cortez471 informed us an updated version of the EPM RCon Tool by Uncle Dave has been released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a tool to help manage your Arma 2 or Arma 3 server.

    • Removed more old code
    • Rcon is correctly detecting disconnects / lost connections
    • Updating UI correctly on disconnects
    • Fixed a threading issue causing playerlist updates to fail.
    • 100% cpu usage should be fixed once again.

Written on 2015-06-03 by EPM Cortez

firewill released an updated version of his FIR Pilot & Crew Pack US on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This Pack is provide of USAF/USN and NATO Countries Pilot, Crew.
    More Contents is will be updated.
    current version is Preview Alpha version.

    • Add USMC Pilot Uniform Series, Helmet
    • Add ROKAF,JASDF Pilot Uniform
    • Change the New USAF Ground Crew Model
    • Add Helmet type For Night ops

Written on 2015-06-03 by firewill

Leet, from the VTN Team, informed us an updated demo version of the VeteranMod has been released on the BI forums .

    Quote :
    This version is designed primarily to demonstrate new and reviewed features of the game, as well as the general direction of our work.

    • Error #82: Injuring system overloads the server
    • Error #166: Signal cartridges
    • Error #183: AKM GP25 iron sight
    • Error #184: AKMS bipods compatibility
    • Error #185: Saiga bipods compatibility
    • Error #186: AKM iron sight
    • Error #187: AK105 bipods compatibility
    • Error #191: VSS and AS muzzle light
    • Error #192: PB muzzle light
    • Error #196: 6B34 view lod
    • Error #198: PB sound
    • New: Aimpoint Micro T-1 reflex sight
    • Added: Gorka-S various camouflages
    • Added: HMMWV and MK23 MTVR
    • Improved: AKM, AK104, AK105 bipods compatibility
    • Improved: Hand gun sounds
    • Improved: Super sonic sounds
    • Fixed: Ammo crates ZEUS compatibility
    • Fixed: Fara-PV mobile radar ZEUS compatibility
    • Fixed: Insurgents stringtables
    • Fixed: Fara-PV functions
    • Fixed: AT launchers crashes
    • Fixed: M16/M4 magazines
    • Fixed: M249 SAW model
    • Fixed: Insurgent model shadow lods

Written on 2015-06-02 by Dead Kennedy

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