Tom_48_97 submitted an updated version of his Poseidon text editor, an advanced text editor for Scripts & Configs.

    Quote Tom_48_97 :
    It's based on the text editor "Sublime Text 2". Then, basically, it's a kind of sophisticated text editor (yet another notepad) with some options for any type of text/code file and other options and features dedicated to content developments for the Arma series.

    I developed it a long time ago (maybe a year or two...) for internal use and just decided to share it last month.

    Note: The name, "Poseidon", is a tribute to the very first version of the Real Virtuality engine. "Poseidon" is the base of all the Arma series.
    You can find a very sketchy document here.

    • Added: SQF definitions for Arma 3 1.60+
    • Added: Utility to refresh the installation (Preferences > Refresh registry)
    • Added: Utility to browse and edit the snippets (Preferences > Explore snippets)
    • Changed: The snippet Param now used the correct scripting command
    • Fixed: Default indentation for internal build
    • Fixed: RPT file type configuration
    • Fixed: Wrong indentation of some file types
    • Tweaked: Simplifies status bar
    • Tweaked: init process
    • Removed: The community update is now removed, awaiting to have a reliable update process

Written on 2016-05-29 by Tom_48_97


RPFramework team informed us they released in the BI forums a couple of updates of this modular roleplaying mission, server, and addon framework for Arma 3.

  • Core & Modules
      - Finally switched away from BIS_fnc_MP, sorry that it took so long
      - cursorTarget > cursorObject
      - while > for

  • v2.0.0
  • Core
      - ExtDB2 >>> ExtDB3
      - Removed some log spam I used for debugging

Written on 2016-05-29 by Kerkkoh

Unluckymonster has submitted an alternate version of his Toxic Paradise mission with this Head gore-mod.

    Quote Unluckymonster :
    I like MrSanchez's 'Head gore mod' so much that I want to release earlier released Toxic Paradise mission alternate version with this Head gore-mod. Of course, if you don't like head gore you can still download the original link:

Written on 2016-05-29 by Unluckymonster


SHJ-Studio has submitted a new version of this campaign where you take the role of Robert Ryback, a black op soldier.

  • fixed: Somewhere on Nogova, all Spetsnaz (AllItems and Backpack) Removes.
  • All missions have been adjusted CWR² version to the current and exchanged some addons for new ones.
  • Some Script Errors and RPT entries correct and Removes.
  • All weapons have been adjusted with the CWR² modification and change.

Written on 2016-05-29 by SHJ-Studio

DonbassCZ submitted his FOB Price, Helmand province, Afghanistan template.

    Quote :
    This FOB is remake of real FOB Price located near Gereshk town in Afghanistan. I tried to capture as many facts which were in the base. At the base you can see the runway which measures around 800 meters, a dining room, a gym, a heliports, outposts around the base + checkpoint.

    In March 2008 czech contingent with my father went to Afghanistan to help other states here in the most dangerous part of the world to fight against Taliban fighters. For the time spent at FOB Price My dad took some photos that I would like to share with you.

    • FOB Price + outposts and checkpoint

Written on 2016-05-28 by Donbass

Lifetap informed us he 3 Commando Brigade released a hotfix for their 3CB BAF Vehicles addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm very pleased to announce Version 5.0 of the BAF Vehicles
    New to version 5.0 is the AW101 MERLIN HC3, along with a long list of updates to our existing vehicles.

    This contains different vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.

    • Added support for legacy versions of the Merlin

Written on 2016-05-28 by 3cb

d3f3ct3d released his IslandZ addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Airport with Night Lights working. Just airport Buildings, Lots to add.

    • Helicopter Pads
    • Runway lights fix
    • Hangars
    • Barracks
    • SandBags

Written on 2016-05-28 by d3f3ct3d

[FOXHOUND] Azza released his Foxhound Siberian Guard - RHS Retextured Snow Units on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hello! First public mod release, all feedback welcome.

    This is a retexture pack of the RHS Gorka uniforms and a few different vests, helmets etc to suit snow terrains.
    Inspiration came from this guy for those fond of MGS

Written on 2016-05-25 by Armaholic

FoxFort submitted an updated version of his Blastcore Tracers A3 - FoxFort Edit mod.

    Quote :
    This is my improved version of "Blastcore Tracers A3" which was originally made by Opticalsnare.
    Instead of boring ArmA 3 vanilla lasers, now you have bullet tracers instead.

    • Added: Tracers for 105mm cannon shells.
    • Added: Tracers for To-199 Neophron cannon rounds.
    • Changed: Plane's cannon tracer rounds are now little smaller.
    • Changed: Tank cannons now use different shell model.
    • Fixed: Missing rvmat files.
    • Tweaked: Tracers should now work better with new Visual Update in v1.60 of ArmA 3.

Written on 2016-05-25 by FoxFort

Kydoimos submitted his Eden Objects addon for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Eden Objects is a concise collection of highly-detailed models for Arma 3, created to celebrate the release of the new 3D editor.

    Each item has been fully localized and comes with all the relevant LODs (levels of detail). Some have been assigned hiddenSelections too, allowing you to add new textures via the setObjectTexture command; a number of PSD files have also been included and can be found inside the download folder. If you cannot access Photoshop, I recommend downloading and acquiring the necessary plugin.

Written on 2016-05-24 by Kydoimos

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