Spirit6 informed us he released the Mission Template Stand Alone GAIA on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    With this template you can speedup your mission making and add intelligence to the AI without scripting one word.

    What you get without one word of scripting:
    • Automated patrols of any kind. Air patrols, footpatrols, vehicle patrols, boat patrols.
    • Automated fortifications
    • Working mortars, artillery, transportation system. Basicly any type of unit is recognized by GAIA and you dont need to do one thing.
    • Smart AI system that will coordinate the attacks and adjust to what ever the player is doing.
    • Integrated caching system.
    • Integrated respawn system (so you can create endless battles)
    • A shitload more
    • All of the above by simple adding a line in the init of a group without having to understand anything.
    GAIA is the AI system that is used in the mod MCC. With this you can add GAIA AI system to your missions without MCC addon.

    This tempLate serves 2 goals:
    • How to use GAIA if you have MCC and want to use the BIS editor.
    • Run GAIA stand alone and make missions fast. Completely independent of MCC.
    For who?
    This is meant for mission editors. I will answer anything gaia related but I will not teach you how to use the bis editor. So basic knowledge of the bis editor is required.

    Why stand alone?
    I know some wanted it for a longer time. I also wanted a showcase for people that have MCC but want to use it in the bis editor. So now you can learn how to do that. The other is to make people aware of the use of this system so you can be our next big MCC fan!

Written on 2014-09-10 by Foxhound


PetraCephas released an updated version of his ARMSCor Mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    ARMSCor is a ARMA 3 mod that include Southern African military equipment, both locally developed and license build from 1966 to 2035. This has been a labour of love for a very long time and will be for a long time to come. This is only the beginning, so make sure to check out the "WorkInProgress" folder to see what we are currently working on. We have lots more to come.

    In the extras folder you will find additional factions. Where South African weapons, vehicles or aircraft is also in use by other countries, I have included skinned versions of them on request. To use these you will need to copy the *.PBO and associated *.bisign files over to the Addons folder.

    In the optional folders we have PBO files that you can choose to use if you so feel. To use these you will need to copy the *.PBO and associated *.bisign file over to the Addons folder.
    Currently we have the SANDF faction replacement mod. This will replace some of the NATO factions soldiers, equipment & vehicles with SANDF equivalents. This is still experimental and incomplete so use at own risk. It can be undone by simply removing it from the Addons folder again.

    • General:
        - Added: Zeus support to All units & vehicles
    • A109 all versions:
        - Added: ARGOS 410-Z FLIR pod
        - Added: Gunner
        - Added: MFD3 display toggle so pilot can see what gunner is looking at, on the central cockpit display
        - Fixed: Instruments don't light up at night.
        - Fixed: Lights not correctly positioned.
        - Chngd: Flare count down to 60.
        - Chngd: NATO version now has UN paint scheme.
        - Fixed: Doors can be closed while passengers are sitting in door.
        - Added: UserAction to switch central display for FLIR observation.
        - Added: RAV_Lifter_A3 support
        - Added: Laser designator
        - Added: Hitpoints
    • A109LUH:
        - Added: Search-light
        - Added: Winch
    • A109LAH:
        - Added: Working service menu (Only accessible when near hanger or (green) ammo truck.)
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] FFARx7
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] FFARx7 Smoke
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] FFARx7 APKWS
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] FFARx19
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] FFARx19 APKWS
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] 20mm Gun Pod
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] ZT3 Pod x4
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] ZT3 Missile
        - Added: [ServiceMenu] ZT6 Missile
    • Weapons:
        - Added: ZT3 Ingwe 4 tube launcher
        - Added: ZT3 Ingwe missile
        - Added: ZT6 Mokopa 2 rail launcher
        - Added: ZT6 Mokopa 4 rail launcher
        - Added: ZT6 Mokopa SAL Missile
    • FNMag:
        - Fixed: DefaultItem1 issue
    • Milkor Y2:
        - Added: Milkor Y2 40mm grenade launcher
    • Milkor M79:
        - Added: Mikor M79 single shot 40mm grenade launcher
    • SANDF:
        - Added: Badger
        - Added: Luiperd
        - Added: CH-49 Mohawk
    • SADF:
        - Added: Rifleman
        - Added: AutoRifleman
        - Added: Medic
        - Added: Team Leader
    • Documentation:
        - Updated: A109 section.

Written on 2014-09-10 by PetraCephas

Big_wilk released an updated version of his Gear / Load Out Weight mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod alters the default gear UI to include a displaying showing your units total weight in Kg. This display will also change colour to indicate how much fatigue carrying (X)Kg. will cause you.

    • Added Signing and Keys

Written on 2014-09-10 by big_wilk


Gulozwood released an updated version of his Infected Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Based on the "Shaun: a Simple zombie AI" script by Bluebär posted on Armaholic few month ago,
    I kept sounds from his script and the "contact" function that check if targets are visible or not.

    How infected work:
    when spawning he start walking at random points, 100m around his spawn position.
    regurarly the infected check if there any uncover target in his line of sight.
    if he detect a target he start running at him, if distance <2m he does damage, he will
    lose his target if distance >100m then will return walk around his spawn point.

    • cleaning the mess
    • added "firedNear" eventhandler
    • infecteds will investigate gunshot sound position except in case of silenced weapons usage
    • infecteds can now change target when attacking.

Written on 2014-09-10 by Foxhound

Tortuosit released an updated version of his Dynamic weather script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The script creates dynamic weather, is heavily configurable, has starting presets, weather trends and min/max values. Standard behaviour is that script lets weather cycle between min and max values. But you can also pin the weather at a specific level with the "constant" trend.

    - Presets are respecting min/max values.
    - Rain min/max is not available, as rain control is usually taken over by ArmA.
    - Generally, fog levels are more likely to be low.

    Weather changes / trend changes are executed every 20 minutes with no brute force, i.e. no abrupt changes and no cpu spikes (except at startup). After all, especially cloud/overcast change is slow in ArmA.

    Script is for SP usage, I have no clue about MP. The script is derived from a script of forum user Meatball.

    • Support menu: refinements, added templates, fixed bugs

Written on 2014-09-10 by tortuosit

Legislator released an updated version of his GLT Mod on the Armaholic forums.
The GLT Mod is a compilation of missions and addons created and designed by the German Liberation Taskforce. The GLT itself is a fictional German Armed Forces bases faction of the 2030s which is taking part in the war for Stratis and Altis.

    Quote :
    GLT Mod 1.23 is providing some new features for the civilians. I was tired that all A3 civilians looked like tourists. Now there is the option to use the good old ArmA 2 clothes instead.
    New mission features include random insignias for the GLT forces, the Friendly-Fire-Module and a new fancy mission intro text.

    • changed: Stratis intro has a new music file now
    • changed: 3D models of carglass items
    • changed: some stringtables
    • changed: GLT mission intro video
    • fixed: wrong texture path for tropentarn offroad
    • fixed: B_Pilot_F was hidden
    • fixed: author of civilian backpacks has been added
    • fixed: wrong texture paths of GLT_fnc_Kamaz
    • fixed: wrong p3d model for GLT steerable tropentarn parachute
    • new: 4 farmer hats (black, brown, spotted, squared) (port of Arma 2)
    • new: 4 farmer civilians (port of Arma 2)
    • new: 6 jogging civilians (port of Arma 2)
    • new: 30 middle eastern clothes (port of Arma 2)
    • new: 30 middle eastern civilians (port of Arma 2)
    • new: priest clothes (port of Arma 2)
    • new: doctor clothes in 4 variants (port of Arma 2)
    • new: jogging clothes in 6 variants (port of Arma 2)
    • new: suits in 2 variants (port of Arma 2)
    • new: rocker clothes in 4 variants (port of Arma 2)
    • new: woodlander clothes in 4 variants (port of Arma 2)
    • new: middle east backpack configurations
    • new: AK-47 Gold
    • new: villian "Judas the Priest"
    • new: brown and grey spray cans
    • new: backpacks for armed middle east units
    • new: armed middle east units
    • new: composition glt_camping3
    • new: GLT 22: Crash Site
    • updated: inventory icons

Written on 2014-09-10 by Legislator

Tisor informed the community on the Armaholic forums the FFAA Mod Team released an updated version of the Spanish Army Mod for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    We are pleased to present you our next update, the 6.0.2 version is available now.
    As it has been stated before on our Roadmap and on the previous posts, this version bring to the game more new content like almost all VAMTAC series, the Santana Anibal car, the VCI Pizarro, improved weapons and new uniforms like BRILAT and MOE. Also, a total of 5 new detailed vests models with woodland and desert camo (we will do the pixelated in the future) and equipments.

    As most of you know, we are participating on the Make Arma Not War contest and with this version we expect to get more support of the community with this news!! Maybe before MANW contest ends we get a new updated for the contest as we are working very hard to get some new (big and relevant) vehicles.

    You can support us by voting here, this will help us a lot to get more content in the future.

    • more new content like almost all VAMTAC series, the Santana Anibal car, the VCI Pizarro, improved weapons and new uniforms like BRILAT and MOE.
    • a total of 5 new detailed vests models with woodland and desert camo and equipments.

Written on 2014-09-10 by Tisor

Laxemann released the LAxemann's rangetables, an Arma 3 Artillery rangetables and manual firing crash course, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    One of my favourite toys in ACE2 were the mortars or to be more precise, the mortar system.
    The vanilla Arma 3, however, comes with no rangetables and has an artillery computer enabled by default, which cripples the art of using artillery to a "click and kill"-kinda thingy.

    I therefore began to make (basic) rangetables for the A3 artillery. I fired two shots with the same elevation and measured the impact distance via script, the average distance was then taken. The distances were measured on the flat VR terrain, so keep in mind that all values won't be 100% accurate when you're above or below your target, but they're
    very helpful guidelines!

Written on 2014-09-10 by LAxemann

Ghost released an update for the Altis version of his Enemy Assault co-op mission for up to 36 players on the Armaholic forums.

  • Removed MOD dependencies, all mods are optional and have an mp setting
  • Option to use AGM Medical module and set params for it
  • Option to Spawn EBU C130
  • EBU C130 has a PARA/HALO system by Dixon/Ghost
  • Added random side objective which may fire instead of main objective area. May be on land or in water
  • Hemtt respawn point removed
  • Removed CH49s from ramp
  • Moved FA18 to spawn list instead of on map
  • Moved Vehicle repair pad to a better area for taxing aircraft
  • AAF aircraft can now be spawned at aircraft spawn board
  • Put in check to see if vehicle spawn pad is clear and if not no vehicle is spawned
  • vehicle spawn pad area will be cleared of empty vehicles when dialog is opened even if vehicles do not belong to player
  • POW can now be a scientist or a journalist aswell as an officer or pilot
  • TOD param now has any hour available default is still 1200
  • Improved Rain and Weather system
  • Added Option for Nimitz carrier in SW ocean as optional spawn
  • Adjusted layout of MP Params
  • Markers for unconscious players needing medical support
  • Player now handles the spawn list for vehicles instead of server. Should eliminate some network traffic
  • Adjusted place charge and demo charge action priority
  • Demo and satchel charges can now be placed under water on objects but is still wip
  • Added option for Konyo MH47E
  • Added scores/ratings to tasks
  • Added action menu icons and colors and adjusted sizes for various actions
  • Improved HALO to have ventral backpack
  • Added interior lights to Terminal area
  • Added teleport action to move between base port and base terminal
  • Moved tracked ammo boxes to open field
  • Added various ramp lights to key areas
  • Added various lights for key areas
  • Option to use Raven's Lifter module for slingload and fast roping
  • Removed Raven's Lifter Module from mission
  • Player can now use Nimitz catapult for FA18s if both mods are selected
  • Map center is now found without a marker placed in editor
  • Converted most scripts to functions to improve performance
  • Can now specify a random enemy type which will choose one of the enemy types each mission location
  • Can now specify how many vehicles each player can spawn at a time
  • Tasks in buildings that are destroyed during mission should now complete or fail as applicable when building collapses
  • Added push boat action for any boat spawned
  • Added Virtual Arsenal to all crates and at base. AmmoCrate drop uses arsenal as well
  • Updated setloadout to use forceadduniform command
  • Removed atvs at base and port since they are no longer needed
  • New version of rooftopmgs function that should dynamically detect positions no matter what map is used
  • Slingload error for "picturething" should not be an issue anymore
  • Replaced Xeno reload with my own reload script

Written on 2014-09-10 by ghost644

Lynx75 from the GID Modding Studio, released an updated version of the NRF Units on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The NRF Units represent a fictional special force of the Nato Response Force.
    The mod add a new Nato faction, helmets, uniforms, MX custom serie, NVG, titan, backpacks, diving camo and rebreather.

    • Uniform texture tweaks

Written on 2014-09-09 by G.I.D Sacha

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