raginruffalo has submitted a new version of his armory mission where anything can happen.

  • Full multiplayer and JIP support
  • Fixed not every vehicle in the game spawned
  • Fixed Vehicle respawns

Written on 2014-09-21 by raginruffalo


DigitalGeo released in the BI forums this mission where you must cross the bridge before it disappears completely!

    Quote DigitalGeo :
    This bridge is entirely made out of containers which will sink over time. This will give you some time to cross before it sinks completely. Do it quick!

Written on 2014-09-21 by DigitalGeo

Dj Otacon released on the Armaholic forums a new version of his Ultimate Soldier mod set that provides to the player improvements using weapons and another features to improves the gameplay.

  • Removed support for dedicated servers to prevent cheaters.
  • Added @Half_sway: The sway is reduced to the 50%
  • Tweaks & Fixes

Written on 2014-09-21 by djotacon


EzRemake has submitted where you take the rol of a private military contractor with the Rustwater Company Mercenary Group.

    Quote EzRemake :
    You are a private military contractor with the Rustwater Company Mercenary Group.

    You have been placed in branch unit 6, tasked with inciting a civil war in Takistan between the local militia
    and the Takistani Army. All and any other third party factions are also to be targeted in this operation, as neccessary.

    Primary objectives consist of the routine destruction of key equipment owned by either the Militia, Army, or Private factions.
    Any key individuals discovered belonging to either of these factions are to be assassinated.

Written on 2014-09-21 by EzRemake

Typically Royal has submitted a very Short And simple script which allows you to blow your self up just like a suicide bomber.

Written on 2014-09-21 by Foxhound

VanhA released a new version of two of his cooperative missions in the BI forums.

  • Changed the execution order of certain files in init.sqf to prevent task malfunctioning

Written on 2014-09-20 by VanhA

Name11ess has submitted four civilian textures for the Zamaks.

    Quote Name11ess :
    Four civilians textures for the Zamaks, covered or not.
    • Sky blue.
    • Yellow.
    • Red.
    • White.

Written on 2014-09-20 by NamosaurusRex

654wak654 released an updated version of the Simple Rank Patches addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote 654wak654 :
    Simple Rank Patches makes this small addition to the game where it will automatically add their ranks to all infantry's shoulders using the insignia system. No extra work is needed, the rank patches are automatically added in any mission where the AddOn is running.

    • Removed something experimental

Written on 2014-09-20 by 654wak654

SgS_Sarge from Sarge Studio has submitted a singleplayer campaign where they try to demonstrate on the example of the republic of Altis, a small country how far racial discrimination and hate can escalate to

    Quote Sarge Studio :
    Deliverance is a story-based Single player campaign, in which we try to demonstrate on the example of the republic of Altis, a small country how far racial discrimination and hate can escalate to. The player will have the chance to get to know the problems and motivation of both sides of the conflict and realize, that nothing is only black or white, that no side is absolutely right and mostly that violence doesn't solve these problems.

Written on 2014-09-20 by SgS_Sarge

cerberusjin has submitted a 5 versus 5 battle between East team and West team that involves sector control and points system.

    Quote cerberusjin :
    The two teams will go to war to take control of the 3 sectors which add points to the team that took it.
    The location, gives no advantage to any of the team. Only teamwork, strategy and skill will ensure their victory.

    The first team to get the required points wins the game.

Written on 2014-09-19 by cerberusjin

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