Taosenai released an updated version of his Tao Folding Map on the BI forums.

    Quote Taosenai :
    Tao Folding Map will allow you to toggle a usefully-large map anytime in game by pressing Shift-Map (default 'm'). It will automatically close when you open the big map or open your gear. Of course it does not restrict your movement or anything.
    A paper version is also available via userconfig.

    It is unique in that it is not centered on your current position. Instead, it is 'folded' into areas. This lets you keep a continuous perspective on the battlefield. The page is changed automatically when you cross over the edge.

    You can zoom in and out by pressing Shift-Ctrl-Zoom In/Out (default 'Numpad +/-').
    You can change to a night mode by pressing Shift-Ctrl-Nightvision (default 'n'). Sorry, the map is not perfect -- some colors are hardcoded it seems.
    If you have a GPS or are playing on Regular or lower, your position will be shown. Map markers are shown.

    Version 2.6.1 is released, which requires CBA RC3.
    Added support for several new BI and community maps. Thanks to Gundy!

    • CBA RC3 or later is required.
    • Added scaling values for many new BI and community maps. Thanks to Gundy!! (Bukovina, PR FATA, Ft. Benning, Celle 2, Bystrica, Fallujah)

Written on 2014-07-24 by Taosenai


Taosenai released an updated version of his Tao Modular Realism modification on the BI forums.

    Quote Taosenai :
    TMR is a modular, open-source modification for Arma 3 aimed at increasing realism and complexity without sacrificing engaging gameplay and accessibility. Currently it includes only a small number of features, but more are being developed. TMR is meant to be used in all environments: single player, multiplayer co-op, team vs. team, even open-world scenarios.

    I am the king of rapid updates for stupid bugs, but at least I get some little new feature in each time.
    Thanks to AW-Conroy for reporting the autorest directionality bug, which was the thoughtless result of an overenthusiastic last-minute optimization (which saved 0.06 ms!).

    Quick barely-tested release to get some of these major issues sorted out. (By putting alpha at the end I allow myself to do this!)
    There is also a CSO build for 0.5alpha3, though I have not had a chance to test it at all.

    • Requires CBA RC3.
    • Changed: ai - Machine gun bursts are shorter to better reflect a 6-9 round length. More adjustments are needed.
    • Fixed: ai - TAR-21 now has correct firing modes.
    • Fixed: hiteffects - Hilarious falldown slide when hit in a vehicle or turret removed.
    • Added: hiteffects - Will disable the TMR falldown when tpwfall is loaded and enabled.

Written on 2014-07-24 by Taosenai

Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his VQI - SpectreSniper addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This Sniper System will immerse the player into a scout/sniper roll. There will be several different elements to this project with the emphasis on Training, Camouflage, and Stalking the Objective. "Ballistics" are a dime-a-dozen. This Mod takes you deeper into the realm of a deadly and mysterious Sniper!

    A Sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel.

    In addition to marksmanship, military snipers are trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition.

    SniperBuddy I:
    • Wind Direction
    • Wind Strength
    • Compass
    • Weather Data
    • Elevation
    • Humidity
    • Clock/Time
    • more coming...

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to re-design this and go with a different setup. The current one is too sensitive to timing issues I think. V1 will rock!

    I fixed several bug issues and shortened big parts of some the timing so you can test and use it much faster. I also built and put in a userconfig element so you can see just how it's "thinking" in the background. You can turn ON or OFF these DeBug Hints. The userconfig folder is in the Mod Folder.

    • Fixed: several bugs
    • Added: userconfig (debug)
    • Removed: vqi_halo.pbo

Written on 2014-07-24 by Goblin


Max Delaney has submitted an "addon-free" version of his Takistan Insurgency mission.

    Quote Max Delaney :
    This is my insurgency i created for ArmA 3 its on the ArmA 2 map of Takistan and has a feel of the good arma 2 days.
    Also message me or tell me some other maps i could port over. One thing to note is that no ammo cashes are on the map as of yet ill think about adding some ammo cashes at a later date.

Written on 2014-07-24 by NPMproductions13

RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a vanilla sandbox cooperative mission.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a MP mission with which you have a plain map, zwo Zeus and several slots.
    It's a complete vanilla sandbox, so hop on with your friends and let them do whatever you want.

    The Zeus are in godmode and have universal power.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix

RedPhoenix released in the BI forums a Team Death Match gamemode mission for two team of six players each.

    Quote RedPhoenix :
    This is a 12 player mission where 2 teams with each 6 players fight against in an urban-like environment. Each time the map becomes loaded the layout changes, so you have everytime a new experience. 2 Loadouts are preset. You MUST play it on a server with other player. This is not a SP mission.

    Open a new server in the multiplayer tab and invite your friends!

Written on 2014-07-24 by RedPhoenix

Bux578 released an updated version of his open source tabler - Arma 3 Translation Helper on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'd like to present to you a new tool I'm working on. It emerged from the need to translate a lot of modules of an Arma 3 Mod without having to go through the hazzle of editing every single stringtable.xml one by one. And to be honest: It's not fun to work with XML files.

    tabler let's you define your mod working directory and parses every stringtable.xml file it finds in your mod's subfolders. From there you can view, modify or add translations and save all your changes back to the stringtable.xml files - with one click.

    • Lots of UI changes
    • More colors
    • More Excel-like behavior
    • A first "Undo" feature
    • Adding a language
    • more error prone

Written on 2014-07-24 by bux578

Stick_Hogue has submitted an updated version of his StickSubA3 script which allows you to use a static submarine object to simulate a working sub as a ride for divers in your missions.

    Quote Stick_Hogue (aka Stick) :
    This is meant as a slick ride for divers and it's all smoke and mirrors because I don't know the first thing about vehicle configs.
    See this article on the "Tactical Trident" SSGN submarine for reference to the inspiration for this: SSGN “Tactical Trident” Subs: Special Forces and Super Strike.

    • version 1.4:
        - several bug fixes/minor improvements, plus the demo mission
    • version 1.3:
        - added a deployable .50 cal tripod on the dorsal fore deck (via action at the main door when surfaced), added simSONAR capability

Written on 2014-07-24 by Stick_Hogue

Defk0n_NL released his DFK Action Camera addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This infantry modification binds the third person camera exactly on top of the head memory point.
    What this allows is both third person and first person having the exact same perspective of the battlefield only third person is slightly zoomed out.
    What this means is that third person users have less advantage over first person users without nerfing third person awareness.

Written on 2014-07-24 by defk0n_NL

RG Beats submitted his United We Stand single player campaign.

    Quote :
    United We Stand is a Single player Campaign trying to bridge the valley between cinematic and realistic gamers.
    This set of missions is meant to be difficult yet fun, with a flow similar to the Bohemia Campaign.

    United We Stand:
    You play are Sergeant Archer an experienced Demolitions Expert and Engineer who is deployed to Fort Ethos in Zargabad.
    Zargabad is currently under civil unrest as the Vice President of Afghanistan Saaed Akram continues to fund his luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the local population.

    Taliban forces are using this as excuse to recruit and cause harm to the locals.
    Parts of the city are now heavily influenced by the Taliban and its NATO'S task to suppress and extinguish any power the Taliban have over Zargabad.

    • Voice Acting
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Automated level progression
    • Working mission select and overview screen.

Written on 2014-07-24 by RGBeats

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