TeTeT submitted his Lake Chester.

    Quote :
    Lake Chester was an attempt to get a map made for flying and carrier activity into Arma 3. It is a rather large map with 100 x 100 km, but it's mainly sea, some spread out islands and to the northwest a continental landmass. Unfortunately I do not have the time to push this any further and so it sat idle on my harddisk for the better part of 10 months.

    Which is a bit of a waste, as the map is functional for the purpose of placing a carrier and flying over large amount of empty space :) So it essentially is a test map for flying and not much more. I've had some fun on it with using a plane vs Pookie's SAM pack, though. There's also a small number of buildings that can be bombed...

    While it would be nice to continue to work on this project, I doubt that I'll have the time. If anyone is interested in pushing Lake Chester further, please let me know.

    Please do not send me bug reports or feature requests for the terrain, it will stay as is for the time being. Thanks.

Written on 2016-09-03 by TeTeT


Kerc Kasha released his Weapon Eventhandler Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hi guys, sorry its taken so long to update this I've been in the process of rewriting the mod for better performance and haven't finished it yet, in the meantime this is a release to fix the config issue that was appearing since Apex release. I apologize for not releasing this sooner as I was looking in the wrong place for a solution when it was right under my nose the entire time.

    This mod is designed to act as a framework for other mod makers to extend the base games weapon event handlers to allow for easy to configure sound effects and animations upon firing a weapon. For the most part it's designed around the idea of bolt action rifles, pump-action shotguns and any other manual bolt operation weapon.
    Another benefit to the mod is it allows for manual bolting of weapons, which is currently set for when you're looking down a scope allowing you to see where your shot lands before bolting.

    On it's own the framework does nothing but with a configured mod (such as Toadie's upcoming AWM/AWC modpack), these features come to life.

Written on 2016-09-03 by Kerc Kasha

Strohvogel submitted his Ares Compositions for EDEN.

    Quote :
    This adds multiple compositions to your Arma 3 Eden Editor.
    All compositions were made by antonstruyk & Vernei.
    They were converted by StrohVogel
    Since they were published under by-nc-sa, i was allowed to modify & redistribute them under the following conditions:
    I release them under the same conditions.
    If i made any mistake in the way i published those files, feel free to contact me here or on the BI forums.

Written on 2016-09-03 by StrohVogel


Mre released an updated version of his Supremacy Framework - Multiplayer framework addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I wanted to learn more about how ARMA 3 modding worked, and there is really no better way than "code to learn". Everything is coded from the ground up, except for the below mentioned 3rd part scripts.

    I don't know much about "best practises" in this language yet, or how I should or shouldn't code things, so feedback is absolutely more than welcome!

    • Features/Changes:
        Updated configs to include all (hopefully) new vehicle, items and weapons from APEX.
        Updated price list, now include all (hopefully) items and vehicles from APEX.
        Updated clothing shops, so they only sell items for the faction of the player (Config updated).
        Updated the unconscious system, removing animations and relying more on ARMA 3 official methods.
        Updated the (long overdue) mission briefing.
        Updated the github url in all files.
        Updated all loot scripts.
        Updated vehicle sell distance from 10 to 25m.
        Added location saving and spawning. You can now choose players to spawn where the logged out (Config, DB and ExtDB ini - updated).
        Added magazine repacking (see player menu).
        Added "<player> was injured by <player>" when becoming unconscious.
        Added option to enable/disable the abillity to get executed while unconscious.
        Added blur effect to players who are unconcious.
        Added black out when killed.
        Added timed EXP rewards (EXP granting scipt updated, Config updated).
        Added "reward" sound, used for timed rewards.
        Added a Zeus menu detection (client side), with server logging.
        Added a few extra items from APEX to the configs.
        Changed the air drop smoke duration from 10 to 5 minutes.
        Changed the UI update interval from 0.25 sec to 1 second.
        Removed obsolete code from several files.
    • Bugfixes:
        Fixed various debug logging in files so they only log when debug mode is on.
        Fixed desk and nato crate not getting removed from unavailable shops.
        Fixed cloths menu prices being cut off.
        Fixed bug in playerUnconscious script, potentially breaking the script.
        Fixed an issue in dbCalls returning data without needing to.
        Fixed some event handlers not getting removed from corpses.
        Fixed setting placeables, loot crates, vehicles etc to 0 in the config, will now properly skip it during server initialisation.
        Fixed "LineMarker" errors.
        Fixed relogging while unconsious would save your gear.
        Fixed issue where you would never die form grenades.
        Fixed bug where player would not eject from vehicle when unconsious.
        Fixed goggles not saving with gear.
        Fixed secondary weapon adding a rangefinder on certain occations.
        Fixed rangefinder not equipping on character load.

Written on 2016-09-02 by Armaholic

Firewill released an updated version of his Hunter GPK Kit System on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hunter GPK Kit System for Vanilla Hunter MRAP.

    • TOW kit added
    • Hunter TOW version added

Written on 2016-09-02 by firewill

Maxjoiner released his Max Terminator on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds Terminators Units.

Written on 2016-09-01 by maxjoiner

Acowardreleased his Rally Point and Grass Cutting script.

    Quote :
    There were requests from our group members to make a Project reality type rally point system. This is what I came up with. There were requests for a grass cutting script as well, so I made one of those too. Both worked out really well, so here I show you how you can implement it into your own games. The example mission is attached, with the scripts, dialogues, and instructions on how to use it.

    • Rally Point system used in our missions. (Multiple scripts working together)
    • Grass Cutting script

Written on 2016-09-01 by acoward

Soronelite released updated versions of his =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Soronelite :
    The "=ARC= NATO Offensive" (ARC:NO) mod aims to add content to the blufor side of Arma 3. More exactly, the mod add new units and vehicles from differents NATO countries.
    From a technical view, this units and vehicles use the 3D models of the vanilla game with new HD textures.
    You have to keep in mind that this is only re-texturation, so some units will use clothes and gear which are not used IRL.
    The mod is splitted in "packs". (So people can take only units they wants etc.)

    Formely "-E3- Units" mod, so you'll be able to find the units and vehicles from the E3's Mods.

    • Invisible uniforms fixed
    • Armor fixed

Written on 2016-09-01 by soronelite

AIF_Infantrymen released his Fire Support Base Hamal on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds the Fire Support Base Hamal on the Summer Chernarus terrain.

Written on 2016-09-01 by Armaholic

AIF_Infantrymen released his Forward Operating Base Exeter template on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to my workshop, I making base template that can be used in both single player and multiplayer missions
    This adds the Forward Operating Base Exeter on the Kunduz, Afghanistan terrain.

    • Minor Fix due to CUP updates

Written on 2016-09-01 by Armaholic

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