Chairborne informed us he released an updated version of the C-130J addon, which he ported from Arma 2, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I present you yet another port from A2. This time it's the C-130J.

    Brief update, added compatibility with Deltagamer's static line parachute.
    Also user actions for opening the side doors are now available for both passengers and pilot and a small RPT error was fixed.

    • Added compatibility with Deltagamer's static line parachute
    • Added user actions for side doors
    • Fixed animations error

Written on 2015-05-24 by Chairborne


Alexander released an updated version of his XLA FixedArsenal addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a mod for Arma3. This mod improves the way the virtual arsenal works when using 'whitelisting' mode. The 'white listing' feature of the (vanilla) arsenal allows scripters to determine what items are or are not available. However, the vanilla white-listing has a few issues. E.g. by default, saved outfits that contain non-whitelisted equipment cannot be loaded. This mod introduces partial loading, i.e. loading all whitelisted parts of a saved outfit. It also includes fixes and improvements related to the white-listing feature.

    • version 3.1.1:
        - Hotfix to remove some debug output
    • version 3.1.0:
        - add/remove from white/blacklist now properly updates the ammobox white/blacklist
        - force-replace is now also used on loading an outfit and on import of an outfit
        - added an example of how to fall-back to vanilla

Written on 2015-05-24 by Alexander (ImperialAlex)

MisterGoodson released his 3CB Kill Zeagle addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ever feel like the Zeus eagle slightly breaks the immersion barrier or makes it super obvious that you're
    Zeusing above your team-mates/enemies? Do you also find the "Player is now Zeus" notification a little irritating?
    Well, so do we - so I made this small mod.

    • fixed for latest A3 update

Written on 2015-05-24 by MisterGoodson


Audiocustoms released an updated version of his HAFM NH90 Bundeswehr Retexture on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I decided to do a German Bundeswehr Retexture of the fabulous HAFM NH90 by Aplion
    I also added AGM fastrope on the ramp to it.

    You can also download the HAFM NH90 Bundeswehr Retexture .psd files to create your own retextures. The link is available on the downloadpage.

    • Overall coloring lighten up
    • Audiolevel correction mainrotor and internal sound

Written on 2015-05-24 by audiocustoms

Fuiba released in the BI forums a new version of the 4th pack in the PMC Versus coop missions series.

  • Fixed mission #13 objectives, vehicle inconsistencies.
  • Fixed mission #17 trigger areas.
  • Minor tweaks for mission #19.
  • Unified weapon loadouts in missions #6, #13, #20 and #24.
  • Reworked mission #13 primary objective.
  • Added ambient battlefield effects in missions #13, #14 and #24.

Written on 2015-05-24 by Fuiba

Himmu released in our forums a mission where You are a part of a 4 man KSK team tasked to infiltrate the zone around an arms deal to take out the most notorious arms dealer in mankind’s history.

    Quote Himmu :
    This mission was created to be as realistic as possible. You are a part of a 4 man KSK team tasked to infiltrate the zone around an arms deal to take out the most notorious arms dealer in mankind’s history. He did trade his weapons all around the globe from South America to Africa and now all over the Middle East. And your task is to catch him while he will meet a supplier in the Kunduz region of Afghanistan.

    You will strike at night, Alpha Squad (Ghosthawk) will support you from the air when needed, as well as bravo squad (seal team hidden in the west of the objective). Call them over the radio when needed.

Written on 2015-05-24 by Himmu

Himmu released in our forums a short mission, but very hefty which might requires multiple runs. One runs basically takes around 10-15 Minutes.

    Quote Himmu :
    Welcome to Afghanistan in 1982. A hellhole full of fascists fighting against their aggressor called the Soviet Union. This is a real old school type of gameplay. Everything is as authentic as it can be in ArmA 3. You´re back in the cold war! No laser sights, no super light mini-computer big binocular visors and the AKM also known as the AK-47. High calibres, poor body protection. Hard times to survive. This is for those of you who like it hard-core, pure and without mercy.

    Be a part of a spetznas team which were sent to support the western area but stumbled into a setup of Al Quaida. 6 of them barely survived but, while trying to flee from the site their vehicle died on the way back to the base. Evac is already called, but this endless wave of fascistic muslims won´t wait to crush on you. They do not fear death, do you?

    You managed to prepare and deploy a small Sandbag wall as well as a heavy MG. Air support is close by. But don´t think this will be easy, because the CIA equipped your enemy’s with useful tools to fight their invaders. Also make the best out of those 3 salvos you have from the BM-21, you will need to use this, do everything you can to survive!

Written on 2015-05-24 by Himmu

W. Carruthers has submitted a singleplayer mission with over 7 training camps he created.

    Quote W. Carruthers :
    This is a training map still under construction, but I have no time for it due to the current Outcry Project I am on. I made this a very long time ago and wish to release it to the public before it no longer becomes vanilla. Included in it is over 7 training camps with my favorite killhouse I made. The killhouse took several months just to get where it is at. Hopefully, this reaches any new player that wishes become a more experienced player. Its a perfect map for even getting pilot experience. It is scripted to accept any client side weapon mod you want to use. And you will will be able to spawn in any air mod as long as it designed to be in the same class group as the vanilla air vehicles.

Written on 2015-05-24 by W. Carruthers

PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar has submitted a survival type sp mission with random events, random spawn player, loot, enemy, custom sounds and music etc.

    Quote PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar :
    Test your survival skills to the limits at the beginning of the Civil War in Republic of Altis… This mission is made for every player who like survival type missions (scavenge, loot, eat, drink etc.) and lone wulf strategy with larger brains than balls… because last in combination with rushing can lead only to your death… This is survival type sp mission with random events, random spawn loot and enemy, custom vehicle skins, sounds, music, surveillance cameras and monitors etc. Fully replayable, location of main task, marked with question marker, always is different…

    You are currently on duty at the police station, you just heard about civil unrest in all parts of the country. The radio station said that it was unknown outbreak of rabies virus, and that citizens are in a panic and that they attack each other and some were also armed and shooting at everything that moves. A curfew was declared and authorized the use of deadly force all members of the Altis state police… the situation is further exacerbated by a group of rebels who want to come to power by force. Your ''Eat & Drink'' inventory is obtainable by scrolling your mouse. If you don't eat and drink during this mission you will die, so try to have food and water always in your gear inventory…

Written on 2015-05-24 by PnK2

JoeMac90 released in the BI forums this Capture The Island gamemode mission..

    Quote JoeMac90 :

    This is a modification of the Total War Mission (by eRazor) a team/squad based PVP mission incorporating multiple mission scenarios included in one mission file.

    Now features a New Kunduz RHS Mission

Written on 2015-05-23 by JoeMac90

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