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Screen of the week

Tonic released an updated version of his Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Tonic :
    This was created for a specific mission to cut back on network lag & ammo box usage and well decided to release for public!
    This script allows you to add or remove gear as well as shows you your current gear using an easy GUI.

    • Changed: forceAddUniform now added in so you can freely wear any uniform without being 'naked'.
    • Changed: TFAR radio patch from Robalo to properly remove TFAR radios from being added.
    • Changed: Exit condition for VAS preloading in the config builder.

    Virtual Ammobox System also known / dubbed as VAS made its release on 03-10-2013, Barely a week after the release of ARMA 3 Alpha to address the problems with the gear handling system for ARMA 3 at that time which was quite honestly horrid and beyond broken. Over time it has became one of the most single used script resources popular in casual co-op and armory missions along with other different types of missions but sadly due to recent events I feel Bohemia has made a cheese rat move and I really don't feel like supplying cheese to the rat if I get nothing from it like oh hey great tool we'll go make our own and make the name of it almost 100% identical to your system which is totally not a cheese rat move (sarcasm)... This could be considered the last update to VAS and possibly all of my stuff. I would like to thank everyone who has supplied feedback for VAS as well as submitted code changes to make VAS better, you guys are truly awesome and are the reason why I have released most of my stuff to the community so I thank you.

Written on 2014-07-02 by Tonic


EMSI released in the BI forums the final version of this Capture and Hold scenario for Arma 3.

Written on 2014-07-02 by EMSI

Raven_JJ released a new version of his Agile Helicopter mod on the BI forums.
This was previously known as Agile Littlebird.

    Quote Raven_JJ :
    This simple mod changes config values of all helicopters to make them more agile and true to life. I've tried to base on values from manuals, technical documentation and, where I couldn't find any, air-show and promotional videos. I've toned the maneuverability down, because there's no stalling and other flight mechanics that normally limit helicopter capabilities. For that, we'll have to wait for the Helicopters DLC.
    The mod is modular and should be compatible with most other mods.

    • renewed release

Written on 2014-07-01 by Raven_JJ

Legislator released an updated version of his GLT Mod on the Armaholic forums.
The GLT Mod is a compilation of missions and addons created and designed by the German Liberation Taskforce. The GLT itself is a fictional German Armed Forces bases faction of the 2030s which is taking part in the war for Stratis and Altis.

    Quote :
    GLT Mod 1.21 is upgrading all missions with a new AI skill array. The goal is to optimize the AI to be clever without having instant headshot-kills. This version also includes new content, bugfixes and some improvements.

    • changed: author of Puma and Leopard 2A6M
    • changed: various priorities in cfgFactionClasses
    • changed: GLT_Item_Map_Assault is now a real inventory item, not a magazine anymore
    • fixed: stringtable issue with LGS Fennek ambulance (Tropentarn)
    • fixed: GLT Mini UAV could not be disassembled when using a tropentarn backpack
    • fixed: Ion Inc. teamleader is equipped with M203 grenades now
    • fixed: US and CSAT Ghillie appear without clothes
    • new: bandit overall
    • new: bandit basecaps
    • new: survivor clothes
    • new: tools inventory items
    • new: GLT Medibox by [GLT]Turrican
    • new: GLT AI Skill Array has been defined in the glt_core.pbo
    • new: Civilian Merlin HC3 ambulance
    • new: hats (brown, brown bandit, black, AAF)
    • new: damaged basecaps (black, blue)
    • new: bandannas (AAF, blue, green, pink, red, yellow)
    • new: basecap (Doctor)
    • new: medical pilot overall
    • new: Infiniti Offroader (Police and Ambulance)
    • new: burning tyre heap
    • new: composition glt_barricade
    • new: Altis Police Units
    • new: Altis Ambulance Units
    • new: GLT Showcase Police
    • new: GLT Showcase Namer
    • reworked: textures of basecaps (GLT, ACE, Major League Infidel)
    • reworked: jerrycan script code by [MAD SIN] BTK aka sxp2high
    • updated: new cfgGroups GLT_A10X2_Squad
    • updated: more objects in the editor have been unlocked
    • updated: IR grenade has been added to GLT_fnc_Crate
    • updated: all Stratis and Altis missions (trigger and AI skill updates, various bugfixes)

Written on 2014-07-01 by Legislator

Dragon Zen has submitted a new version of this dynamic close combat singleplayer mission (formerly known as BlackHole) for Arma 3.

  • Player can create their own faction.
  • Replace blue smoke with 3D icon.
  • Airdrop Box now appear correctly.
  • Optimize AI take empty vehicle.
  • Save as Preset when buy weapon now saved out of mission, can be loaded after mission restart.
  • Adjust the price of weapons and add more information for backpack and so on.

Written on 2014-07-01 by Dragon Zen


Zorrobyte released his ZBE Caching addon on the BI forums.
The archive also contains a script version and only the addon version requires CBA.

    Quote :
    This caching script/addon enablesimulation false & hideobject true all AI units but Team Leaders if players are not within X distance OR enemy AI units are not within X distance. Also empty vehicles are enablesimulation false if no unit near (including AI) allowing the mission dev to spawn thousands of vehicles with minimal server/client FPS drop.

    I was toying with an ambient vehicle spawn script and found empty vehicles still simulated Physx on all clients and killed framerate when spawning 100s/1000s of vehicles. AI caching greatly improves server performance in Co-Op if mission is heavy on AI.

Written on 2014-07-01 by zorrobyte

Chairborne released an updated version of his Delta Force Helmets addon on the Armaholic forums.
This small addon contains replicas of the helmets used by Combat Applications Group / Delta Force.

    Quote :
    Coso and I proudly present to you this new helmet model, a reproduction of the Mich 2002 used by Delta Force.

    The biggest feature for this update is the addition of the AN/AVS-9 night vision goggles.
    However we made some minor tweaks to the helmet as well.
    Now it's more accurate with a better round-shaped cap and the LPBP mount repositioned and resized in order to fit the new AN/AVS-9.
    We are still working on the RVMATs for now, the next step will be moving on to the Paraclete RAV body armor.
    Have a nice day.

Written on 2014-07-01 by Chairborne

Jacob88 informed us he released an updated version of his BASIX Serverside Anti-Hack / Administration Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    BASIX is a serverside addon developed to aid in the defence against hackers ans script-kiddies, BASIX achieves this by remotely sending code to each client that joins the server which runs in the background until illegitimate activity is found.

    • version 1.2.2:
        - CheatEngine scan now 100% more effective
        - Added chat-log function
        - Added chat-filter
        - Added chat based commands
        - Added version checker
        - Other misc changes
    • version 1.2.1:
        - Simplified Config Explanation
        - Players detected as teleporting are now kicked rather than banned

Written on 2014-07-01 by jacob88

Etzuu released in the BI forums a new version of this 12 player coop mission based around 2 fire teams and 1 pilot/recon team.

  • Updated to fix some bugs
  • Added Backpacks

Written on 2014-07-01 by Big

Chris has submitted a dynamic Mission, you can choose the way you wanna do the mission, no need to follow a specific way.

    Quote Chris :
    Its been a year since CSAT invaded Stratis and exterminated, the NATO forces on stratis, you manage to link up with your squad, and in the process of getting to camp rogain you link up with 2 other squads, and a small HQ element.

Written on 2014-07-01 by Big

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