Bamse released his Bamse RHS Blastcore Tracers - FoxFort Edit Smoke Fix on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This small config patch fixes the smoke puffs generated when using Blastcore Tracers - FoxFort Edit together with the optional smoke pbo in Blastcore.

Written on 2016-08-12 by Bamse


Mathias_eichinger released an updated version of his Everon National Police (ENP) SWAT team addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds 3 soldiers featuring retextures BLUFOR units in an urban camo pattern provided in a woodland version by calpa9907.
    These units represent the Everon National Police SWAT team, the main paramilitary force of the impoverished Republic of Everon in 2035. Since the EDF is nascent, the ENP SWAT would have to deal with any armed crises.

    • "Everon National Police SWAT" faction class in Eden editor, units no longer lumped together with others under "Everon".
    • Marksman has got a proper sniper rifle.

Written on 2016-08-11 by mathias_eichinger

[KH]Jman submitted his an updated version of his Low Grass addon.

    Quote :
    A clientside addon which reduces the grass height and clutter height on Altis and Stratis by 45% which means you can now keep the terrain detail high and still see over the grass when in prone position.

    • Added Tanoa Island (Arma3 Apex expansion required).
    • Fixed Altis and Stratis Islands.

Written on 2016-08-11 by [KH]Jman


Arbuz submitted his africa savannah terrain for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Contains african savannah flatland terrain.

Written on 2016-08-11 by Arbuz

Sakuraba informed the community on the Armaholic forums of the progress he made with his French Special Force- Ground project.

    Quote :
    So here is the latest news.
    I arrive soon to the end of my uniform and some accessorys (headgeard, Shoes, gloves) and a bit of retexture of the T-F-Radio
    for this example I use a "dark" MTP camo, but it's just for preview.

You can find more screens, videos and information in the Mod French Special Force Ground wip topic.

Written on 2016-08-11 by Armaholic

Aliascartoons released his second TANOA mission on Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    You've met your contact now you need to get on the main island.
    The only problem is you have a bridge in your way.

    • mission for 12 players.
    • CUP goodies
    • no respawn
    • Terrain: TANOA
    • Psycho’s aid system
    • JIP compatible
    • MP, coop

Written on 2016-08-10 by aliascartoons

Mathias1978 released an updated version of his Everon Coast Guard 2035 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds several Everon Coast Guard members (Autorifleman, Marksman, Medic, basic Sailor) in a unique self-made camo pattern, as well as a patrol boat in an also unique self made garish "camo".

    This unit represents the near-future timeline Everon Coast Guard, a paramilitary force tasked both with Search and Rescue and coastal souvereignity missions.
    Their dual role needs them to be highly visible for rescue missions and heavily armed at the same time to provide for Everon's territorial and coastal water integrity. As the Sailors do conduct infantry guard and patrolling duties in coastal areas, they wear camo fatigues to present a low visual profile on land.

    • Everon Coast Guard" Faction in Eden editor, no longer lumped together with others under "Everon"
    • Marksman has got a proper sniper rifle.

Written on 2016-08-10 by mathias_eichinger

Mathias_eichinger released an updated version of his Everon Defence Force 2035 infantry addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds a soldier model featuring a retexture of the BLUFOR unit in a woodland camo pattern provided by camorus--234.

    This unit represents the first platoon of the EU-sponsored Everon Defence Force, a nascent military force preparing to stand up afer 20 years of no standing army due in the impoverished Republic of Everon in 2035.
    After a brutal and not successful war for secession, the Everon Defence Force was demobilised in 2015. Only in light of recent tensions with CSAT, the EU is arming the forces of the Nogovan Island Chain in the mediterrannean sea to create a buffer between itself and CSAT.

    • New faction class "Everon Defence Force" in Eden editor, units are not lumped together under "Everon"
    • Black MX rifles for most units
    • Proper sniper rifle for the marksman
    • Generic green weapons station for the armed Hunter - does not stand out so much.

Written on 2016-08-10 by mathias_eichinger

Ayavadim released an updated version of his "Zoom fix" for VTN (Veteran) mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    An addon that returns ArmA zoom feature to Veteran mod. Serverkey included. No file replacement needed.

    • Zoom values have been updated.

Written on 2016-08-10 by Armaholic

TeTeT informed us he released in the BI forums a singleplayer mission for the just released of Unsung alpha.

    Quote TeTeT :
    Welcome to the 'Nam, pilot!

    Conduct five transport missions in a UH-1D in your shift on Da Krong in Quang Tri province. Fly NOE over the Ben Hai river, or pass through the hills to the three canyons, pay a visit to Radio Relay Vandergrift or Camp Sarge. Don't forget to check your fuel level and probably pay the service point close to Camp Sarge a visit once per tour.

      The Chickenhawk mission is now updated for Unsung Charlie. Fly a UH-1D on Da Krong, Quang Tri province, Vietnam. The mission is about completing five transport tasks, be it soldiers or equipment. The missions name origin is the fabulous book by Robert Mason and his memories flying a Huey in Vietnam.

Written on 2016-08-09 by TeTeT

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