[CCG]Cyborg has submitted a new version of this coop challenge for up to 28 players.

  • Added:RHS Escalation Update (new Vehicles)
  • Added:CUP Weapon support for Virtual Arsenal

Written on 2015-01-06 by CHIMERA_Cyborg


DreamRebel informed us he released an updated version of his Retexture templates on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Recently I've made some templates to make it easier to create retextures.
    With these templates you'll be able to maintain a certain quality standard and save a lot off time.
    I hope everyone will enjoy them.

    Templates ready: A-143 Buzzard, CH-49 Mohawk, MBT-52 Kuma, PO-30 Orca, Zamak.
    The F-15/C Eagle template is ready but there is a problem with the Hiddentextures config at this moment.

    • Added: F-15/C Eagle
    • Added: MK-82
    • Added: Slammer UP (1 file only)
    • Added: Su-35S Flanker E
    • Added: UAV

Written on 2015-01-05 by DreamRebel

Sabre[Dust] submitted his Texture Templates containing the C130, An-2, Mi-24 and T72.

    Quote :
    Texture Templates and Examples of variable quality.

    • Mi-24 UN Variant
    • T72 UN Variant
    • C130 Fat Albert, LC130, Coast Guard
    • An-2 - Various Textures

Written on 2015-01-05 by SabreD


Bear submitted his White MX's (winter camo) addon which adds all the MX variants in white winter camo!

Written on 2015-01-05 by beaar

Reyhard released his RDS RHS Compatibility Patch on the BI forums.
This addon adds RDS Static Weapons to RHS Russian and American factions avaiable in editor.

Written on 2015-01-05 by reyhard

Reyhard released version 1.3 of his RDS Tank Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    New tanks comes with additional configs to make it possible to use them with the CAF Aggressors and Kaelis South Zagorian Army Mod. Gearbox & psyhX thing need a lot of tweaking (same as T34 sight) but I thought it's already ready to be played with so enjoy!

    Things that are worth seeing are new sights and armour code. I spent actually some time making ZSU upper plate movable when gun is set at high angle. I'm planning making to add some features to it so game play should slightly resemble SAM simulator. Of course, psyhX is on board

    • tweaked t72b & ZSU physx
    • added compatibility with RHS damage system
    • added few muzzle flashes here & there (main cannons still lacks it)
    • some other small tweaks here & there

Written on 2015-01-05 by reyhard

Reyhard released version 1.2 of his RDS Static Weapons Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds different east static weapons.

    • added A3 muzzle flashes
    • tweaked AGS30 recoil
    • tweaked belt animations
    • fixed missing west statics in Zeus
    • fixed artillery elevation bug
    • tweaked Mk19 model
    • added compatibility with RHS damage system

Written on 2015-01-05 by reyhard

ArmanIII submitted the first and final version of his Chernarus Winter addon.

    Quote :
    Chernarus Winter map which I created before 2 years. This is final and latest version.
    If you want edit or change some things on map, you can. I don't create more versions of this addon. This is full and last version.
    None of files in pbos aren't additionally binarized. Only binarized from BIS.

Written on 2015-01-05 by Armaholic

CheyenneAH56 submitted version 1.0 of his SCmod which simulates aerial operations against forest fires.

    Quote CheyenneAH56 :
    The islands of Stratis and Altis, located offshore Mediterranean, are each summer, subject to dry climates and forest
    fires. Put yourself in the shoes of a helicopter pilot, engaged in operations against fires.
    SCmod modules sets up, and use, differents fixed tanks, or an helicopter bucket.

    • CH-67 Huron - SC livery
    • WH-56 SC livery
    • Zamak fuel SC livery
    • New forest fire render
    • Script updates

Written on 2015-01-05 by CheyenneAH56

Snamiki released his F-16 Royal Thai Airforce 103 Squadron addon for the recently released F-16C Fighting Falcon by Firewill on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds the F-16 Royal Thai Airforce 103 Squadron Callsign "Lightning" Version 2.
    - Update Detail Skin ( Tiger , line white ,etc)
    - Change name to F-16C Fighting Falcon (TH)

Written on 2015-01-05 by Armaholic

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