Maxjoiner released an updated version of his Max Life Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Maxjoiner :
    This Mod adds ten new factions:
    Coast Guard,Police Dept.,Sheriff Dept.,FBI,Security,Fire Dept,E.M.S.,Service Vehicles,Max civilian and Bad Faction.
    All Police force are Indipendent.
    Bad Faction is Opfor.
    The Others Faction are Civilian.
    This Mod has 74 vehicles, 57 Units and 8 Helis.
    A big State Prison, HQ Police and Police Station,
    Two SkyScrapers Models, Traffic lights and a lot of new weapons.

      • improved police Uniforms
      • improved police belts
      • Added new Holster system (now also for rifle)
      • Added 3 Shotguns
      • Added M9 pistol
      • Added Colt 1911
      • Added MicroUzi (in pistol slot)
      • Added Saz61 Skorpion (in pistol slot)
      • Added 2 Revolvers
      • Added M4A3
      • Added M24 Black
      • Added M14 Two version
      • Added M24 Black
      • Added Ak47 Two version
      • Added many New Units
      • Added FBI Rapid Response Unit Jeep
      • Added FBI Rapid Response Unit Heli
      • Changed Units Weapons equipment
      • Fixed siren sound inside vehicles
      • Fixed siren sound MP (I hope)
      • Fixed compatibility bugs(Finally)

Written on 2016-10-31 by maxjoiner


Dwringer submitted his SQF Classes for ArmA 3.

    Quote :
    Many times when scripting in SQF it may occur that implementing object-oriented techniques can simplify or enhance certain abstractions. The technique of using getVariable/setVariable on a unit or gamelogic to store function code or references specific to that unit's situation is a common pattern found in many missions and modules. Here, that idea is taken one step farther: instead of storing functions on game objects, we store an array of class names (representing a chain of inheritance or a mixture of interfaces). Meanwhile, a master Classes array holds a subarray for each defined class, containing a function definition for each class method. With this arrangement and just a handful of primitive functions, an unlimited variety of classes and methods can be declared on-the-fly while a mission is running.

Written on 2016-10-31 by dwringer

Road runner released his Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to my latest addon, this is a very comprehensive addon, it features complete units, and groups, found in the editor as well as the different camouflage uniforms today's German Bundeswehr are wearing and trialing.
    This addon incorporates several smaller ones, there's 2 x 6094 pbo's, one a dedicated one made specifically for this addon, and the other is a watered down version of my previously released 6094 addon, with German Flag/patches. This is a considerably larger addon this time, as it has several other addons incorporated in it.

    ABOUT the KSK
    KSK Kommando Spezialkrafte (Special Forces Command, KSK) is an elite special forces military unit composed of special operations soldiers handpicked from the ranks of Germany's Bundeswehr and organized under the Rapid Forces Division. KSK has received many decorations and awards from NATO, the United States and its affiliates and KSK operatives are frequently requested for joint anti-terror operations, notably in the Balkans and Middle East.

    • This adds 2 new 6094 vests, with the clear G36 magazines , one in Multicam and one in Flecktarn
    • This adds 2 new Crye Precision Air Frame helmets, one in OD/Green, and the other in Tan.

Written on 2016-10-31 by Road Runner


Stirgoy submitted his AdvancedEP addon.

    Quote :
    Advanced plugs with persistent settings.
    • Switch plugs (alternating between 10% and 100%)
    • Put caps (sound 10%)
    • Remove caps (100% sound)
    • Volume Up (+ 10%)
    • Volume down (-10%)
    • Menu settings.
    • Notice the volume level when switching

    • Fixed: Freeze in MP load screen.

Written on 2016-10-31 by stirgoy

Aphex26 released an updated version of his Karia Terrain on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    A small terrain I made just to teach me the in's and out's of terrain building. Even if most of what I learned is that BI makes terrible tools.

    • Added map preview to Map selection
    • Added logo
    • Adjusted satellite image color

Written on 2016-10-30 by Aphex26

Brostrom.A | Evul released an updated version of his Terrorist Organization Black Order on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Black Order is a fictional Terrorist Organization inspired by many sources of mega corps and terror cells. The mod add a new faction creatively named Black Order and its more or less a retexturering mod that add some flavor to arma.

    • Added new weapon MK 18 MOD 1 [Black Order]
    • Fixed tagging to use the new ace format and removed old system. (Stop the errors.)
    • Fixed wrongly mirrored logos
    • Changed Military Police units stopped using the MXC and do now use MK18
    • Changed Science security unit stopped using the Vector and do now use MP7A1

Written on 2016-10-29 by Armaholic

Mattastic submitted an updated alpha version of his first terrain for Arma 3, Alaska 2035, which he previously released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to Alaska. It's 2035 and eastern aggression has brought war to the wild frontier of Alaska. Working within the constraints of Arma 3 vanilla content, I am working to bring a representation of a war time Alaska to life. The terrain is at a point where I can release the alpha version. Please feel free to post your comments, questions, and complaints about the terrain. Keep in mind that there is still A LOT of work to be done, and is by no means a finished project. However, the terrain does have some areas that could definitely be played on.

    • Updated Satellite image
    • Removed tree outlines outside of townson sat image (Trying out new method).
    • Filled in trees around airport
    • Adjusted terrain in Beaver, Seldovia, and New Stuyahok

Written on 2016-10-27 by Mattastic

EricJ released an updated version of his UH-60 A3 Pack on the BI forums.
This adds different versions of the UH-60 A3.

  • RC27.3:
      - Again fixed missing Hellfires on 4-pylon DAPs
      - Fixed a FlIR Ball geometry on the DAGR/HF DAP.
  • RC27.2:
      - Fixed various memory points on various helicopters to prevent the control sticks going into the top of the cockpit or moving with the hand inputs
      - Fixed camo selections on the MH-60M
      - Added more incremented updates to the DAP and SOAR MH-60Ms
      - Fixed missing Hellfires on the MH-60M DAP 4-pylon (HF/DAGR)

Written on 2016-10-27 by EricJ

Rebelvg released an updated version of his MGSR Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a small mod for the custom content you may have seen in my Arma 3 Remake of MGSV Trailer.
    Some people asked for eyepatch and some other content so I decided to create a mod.

    • Sneaking suit (SV).
    • Venom snake denom face.

Written on 2016-10-26 by rebelvg

John681611 has submitted a new version of his FIA Offroad Augmentation script that provides a way to augment any Offroader or flatbed cive truck with the majority of static weapons found in vanilla A3.

  • Updated to work work in MP with a much smoother more efficient system. No need to call execution on each vehicle, just add the class to the config, set the positions and any scripts you want to run as well done!
  • New Features:
      - Hold Actions
      - Animation
      - Configuration
      - Vanilla vehicle config
      - Vehicle to weapon action
  • Improved:
      - Getting out of weapon.
      - Action limits
  • Removed:
      - Most MP bugs (hopefully)
      - More stuff I can't remember

Written on 2016-10-26 by john681611

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