Cirav has submitted the İmrali Island, a small Turkish island used as a prison island.

    Quote Cirav :
    İmrali is a small Turkish island in the south of the Sea of Marmara, west of the Armutlu-Bozburun peninsula within Bursa Province. It measures 8 kilometres in the north-south direction with a width of 3 kilometres, and has an area of 9.98 square kilometres. The highest peak is Türk Tepesi at an altitude of 217 metres above sea level.

    It is currently a prison island, so it is prohibited to fly over the island or fish near its shores.

Written on 2014-09-22 by [OFCRA]Cirav


Sabre[Dust] has submitted his UN Units of the 90s for Arma 3.

    Quote Sabre[Dust] :
    UN Units of the 90s for Arma 3

    As my modding time is very limited these days I publish this in the current state. A few textures, especially the ZSU are not really done yet :)
    I made some pakistani and indian uniforms as both of these countries contribute a lot to UN missions (at least nowadays).
    Please don't bug me about realism. I did not research which vehicles and items were really used by which country.

    Future plans include more soldier classes and better adjusted loadouts

Written on 2014-09-22 by SabreD

Phantom Six released an update for this singleplayer and cooperative stealth mission in the BI forums.

  • Fixed MP version not working on dedicated server
  • Added groupID
  • Added autosaves after each objective in SP
  • Fixed addUniform after update to forceAdduniform so soldiers are no longer naked
  • Added SP version (spy can now use SATCOM so no need for 2nd player to spectate and communicate for those who wants to play SP)

Written on 2014-09-22 by Phantom Six


Siege-A released an updated version of his UnderSiege Patches & Insignias on the Armaholic forums.
This includes 530 different unit patches and insignias.

    Quote :
    During the process of creating my own custom units, I came across the need for some specific unit patches. Which then turned into an entire project all in its own, as a few patches turned into a library. Seeing as how there aren't very many patch addons in the community currently, I decided to go ahead and begin adding as many patches and insignias as I possibly could to the game. Each and every patch tailored to 'near-perfection', so all would be presented in just as much quality as there is quantity. There are still tons more patches to be added, and with this first pack, I was more focused on U.S. patches, since those are the units I am currently working on. But, I do plan on adding in many more patches based off of different countries around the world. At some point, these packs may be split into separate addons, but that will be determined a bit later down the road.

    For this version I mainly focused on adding in some more US patches that didn't make the second release, as well as a batch of Polish insignias. Morale patches in this release mostly consist of additional game/comic/cartoon series.

    • Added: 110 New Unit Patches & Insignias

Written on 2014-09-22 by Siege-A

SlovakianLynx released in our forums a mission pack featuring the Czechoslovak Peoples Army (CSLA) mod.

    Quote SlovakianLynx :
    This pack consists of 3 singleplayer missions, which were originally designed to be a part of a small campaign. However, I don’t have much time anymore for mission making, so I’m not sure if I will ever complete the campaign. Even finishing these 3 missions took much more time, then I expected, so I decided to release them.
    These missions are an unofficial sequel to EMSI’s campaing 89’. You play as deep recon team Cicindela (the same one as in my SP mission Autumn Leaves) and as infantry squad leader Bohumil Vymlátil.

Written on 2014-09-22 by SlovakianLynx

Sabre[Dust] released an updated version of his Civilian UAV/UGV addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Spin off of my civilian units addon. Since some people requested it I put it up as standalone addon.
    Adds civilian UAV/ UGV and a terminal to go with it.

    • Civilian Terminal
    • unarmed ground vehicle
    • unarmed aerial darter drone

    • Now includes a Backpack which will spawn a civilian quadcopter version

Written on 2014-09-22 by SabreD

Dj Otacon has submitted a tool for debugging missions in Arma 3 that adds actions to the player menu to help develop missions..

    Quote Dj Otacon :
    • VDEBUG: Enable the vdebug functions
        Teleport: make a teleport of the vehicle using the map.
        Captive: Makes the player and the vehicle "captive" to the enemy.
        Damage: Disable damage for the vehicle and player
        Repair: Repair the vehicle
        skiptime : Add 12h to the actual time
        grass_on: Add grass
        grass_off: Remove grass
        Destructor: Destroy every object added by the user/map-editor pointed by him.
        Arsenal: Gives acces to virtual arsenal
        Camera: Activate the splendid camera
        Position: Copy player's positon into clipboard

    • Spawn Vehicles West side only
        Spawnquad: Spawn a quad near to the player.
        Spawnheli: Spawn a heli near to the player.
        Spawntank: Spawn a tank near to the player.
        Spawnboat: Spawn a armored boat near to the player
        Spawncrate: Spawn a supply crate with explosives

    • Supports only SP/EDITOR/MP-COOP modes

Written on 2014-09-21 by djotacon

raginruffalo has submitted a new version of his armory mission where anything can happen.

  • Full multiplayer and JIP support
  • Fixed not every vehicle in the game spawned
  • Fixed Vehicle respawns

Written on 2014-09-21 by raginruffalo

DigitalGeo released in the BI forums this mission where you must cross the bridge before it disappears completely!

    Quote DigitalGeo :
    This bridge is entirely made out of containers which will sink over time. This will give you some time to cross before it sinks completely. Do it quick!

Written on 2014-09-21 by DigitalGeo

Dj Otacon released on the Armaholic forums a new version of his Ultimate Soldier mod set that provides to the player improvements using weapons and another features to improves the gameplay.

  • Removed support for dedicated servers to prevent cheaters.
  • Added @Half_sway: The sway is reduced to the 50%
  • Tweaks & Fixes

Written on 2014-09-21 by djotacon

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