Jigsor released in the BI forums an update for his custom version of the traditional Insurgency mission.

  • Hotfixed all missions.
  • Fixed: animation bug found in Delivery mission due to BIS command change
  • Fixed: Script errors in rewarded vehicle paradrop.
  • Removed Weapons marker created when deploying Opfor MHQ.

Written on 2014-10-26 by Jigsor


KoffeinFlummi from the BWMod Team released an updated version of the Authentic Gameplay Modification on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The team that brought you the BWMod is now working on a modular, open-source realism/authenticism mod for Arma 3. This project originally started as a fork of TMR, but since evolved into something bigger, with only a few parts still taken from Taosensai's work.

    The AGM mod tries to achieve the maximum amount of authenticity possible in Arma 3 without sacrificing playability. The mod is modular, so you can disable features that you don't want or are incompatible with other mods. All the code is open-source, so everyone can contribute, or fork this repo and customize it to their own needs.

    You installed AGM, but you have no idea how it works, or where to start? Get started here.

    • Added: AGM_Core_Fnc_progressBar now returns the progression it had at the time of cancelling
    • Changed: The way AI reacts to flashbangs
    • Changed: AI units no longer create backblast damage when firing launchers
    • Changed: New model for the spare wheel.
    • Changed: AGM's marker system is now in a seperate PBO, AGM_Markers
    • Fixed: Putting in ear plugs didn't require the item
    • Fixed: Wasn't able to use Shift + [number keys] to select weapons without using "Disable Command Menu"
    • Fixed: Couldn't use spectator mode from unconscious state
    • Fixed: AGM_Wind would throw an error on some maps
    • Fixed: Various "Updating Base Class" errors
    • Fixed: Issues with AGM's inheritance, causing some vehicles to not have certain issues
    • Fixed: Issues with various grenade throwing modes caused by a change in grenade mass
    • Fixed: Friendly-Fire messages were sent multiple times with JIP clients
    • Fixed: All new markers were global
    • Fixed: Issues with MouseZChanged
    • Fixed: An issue with floating explosives

Written on 2014-10-26 by KoffeinFlummi

Sk3y informed us he released an updated version of the Camofaces addon by him and Feldhobel on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon will add a camoface for each default face. You don´t need any other Mod to use this one.
    Only the optional PBO´s need other mods to work (Authentic Gameplay Mod, Community Base addons A3, etc).

    • fixed: AI spawn with Camofaces
    • fixed: Black Faces get White Face on set non available face
    • added: AGM Selfinteraction Button need Translation
    • changed: Classnames are now more unique
    • changed: Clear Files and Configlines from Bullshit

Camofaces v1.10

Only required if you want to use camofaces_agm.pbo
Authentic Gameplay Modification
Community Base addons A3

Written on 2014-10-26 by Sk3y


AusSnipe73 submitted an updated version of his USS Iowa BB-61 addon.

    Quote :
    This is my MANW entry the mighty USS Iowa BB-61. The USS Iowa was a US Navy battleship which saw service during WW2, Korea and the Gulf war. This addon features the ship as it was after its 1984 refit and recommissioning. At 270 metres long and weighing 45,000 tons the Iowa is one of the largest moving objects to be seen in Arma 3.

    • Added gunner get in/out points
    • Added passenger get in/out points
    • Added artillery support to A and B turrets - Call it in via units 16,17 and 18
    • Reduced ship armor
    • Increased ammunition for main guns
    • Increased velocity of 406mm AP shells
    • Added custom explosion effects for 406mm HE shells

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-10-26 by AusSnipe73

Toadie2k informed us he released the first version of his MP5 Pack on the BI forums.
At the same time he also released an updated version of his HLC-Core addon, so make sure to also update that!

    Quote :
    When it comes to the 9mm Parabellum round, theres really only one weapon family that makes it work for it's keep- the MP5.
    Pistol-round SMG variant of the venerable G3 rifle- an SMG so good that it's been in the arms of police and SF unit for half a century now. Everything that the MP5 is can be attributed to it's parented design, but it's longstanding can only be attributed to just how much performance it squeezes out of a pistol round. The M4 may be the new contender for the position of door-banger's choice for it's ability to engage at ranges longer than 150m, but the MP5 more than holds it's own right up to the VERY margin of that line and slightly beyond withit's free-float barrel (only held back by the sheer limitations of the round).
    In short, the MP5 eats what you feed it, shoots where you point it, runs how you need it to and breaks down how you'd like it to.

    In this pack you get 10 variations of the venerable SMG, from it's most basic as the MP5a2 to the most extravegant as the MP5/10 and everything in between. Additionally three suppressors are provided. No two of these weapons are identical in performance, weight, or inertia. Very similar, but not the same.

Written on 2014-10-26 by toadie2k4

gpgpgpgp has submitted an updated version of his Bullet in the Chamber mod which adds Battlefield style extra bullet in chamber when reloading.

    Quote gpgpgpgp :
    When playing Arma3 vanilla you may have been bothered by such experience:

    "Prepare for CQB!" says your squad leader.
    You quickly replace your half-empty mag with 30 rnd full mag.
    Now you have 31 rounds ready to fire, 30 in the magazine, plus 1 loaded in the chamber ... wait
    where did the chambered round go? It magically re-appeared in your old replaced mag, how marvellous.

    This tiny mod here is aimed to fix this magical re-appearing for realism, as well as give you back the tactical advangtages of have an extra round to fire.

    • Added: sign and key.
    • Added: Start Pistol to Ignore List.
    • Fixed: Zafir and Mk200 not in the Ignore List.

Written on 2014-10-26 by gpgpgpgp

Soronelite released a few new screenshots of his =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Soronelite :
    Here is a screen of the new cap with ComTac.
    Others will be made, if you have request or suggestion contact me.

    Also some FS uniforms.
    Some tests on new "Special Forces" uniforms.
    If you have any ideas, resquests or pictures of real forces with two camos, contact me!

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods topic.

Written on 2014-10-26 by soronelite

Rydygier has submitted a new version of this free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

  • Hitch-hiking and return to hideout actions now disabled when body is loaded into the vehicle, not when body is found.

Written on 2014-10-26 by Rydygier

KeviinSkyline submitted released his Galil IMI 7,62 weapons addon.
This adds a Galil IMI 7,62 with 3 magazine and one Scope.

Written on 2014-10-25 by KeviinSkyline

|TG| Will informed us he released an updated version of his Anvil Mission Editor and Framework on the BI forums.
On our downloadpage linked below you can also find a version with the Altis and Stratis maps bundled.

    Quote :
    This version is the last "Alpha" version and should represent the finalised mission data structure. Version 5.4 introduces a new "Windows 8" look and feel, as well as a lot of new editor features including a dialog for specifying your own included scripts and a briefing editor. It also includes a new approach to bundled scripts, key objective victories, random objective order mode, improved mission validity checks and some other UI improvements.

    In addition a new sample mission was released - "Angel Fire" - which is the prologue to the campaign on Altis and demonstrates the "random objective mode" across the entire map of Stratis.

    A key change in this version is that "included script" folders are no longer included with Anvil. When exporting, if Anvil detects that an included script is missing, it will prompt you to open up the download page in a web browser. It will also open the folder where you should extract the included scripts.

    • Fixed: Long standing issue with incomplete mission.sqm generation (Thanks to |r| Santa from the BI forums for helping debug)
    • Fixed: Error when parsing some mission.sqm formats (caused by missing sections or use of scientific notation)
    • Added: Line numbers and syntax highlighting to SQM Browser

Written on 2014-10-25 by mecharius

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