Collumbus informed us he released his AEGIS - Surrender Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a simple script that I made to simulate a surprise surrender, where if you approach an enemy behind less than 1.5 meters, you have a chance to surrender it and render it. Initially this coefficient is 60% but later I will implement others parameters like if the enemy is so injured or if all of your group are dead and others, and these parameters can increase the coefficient to surrender the enemy. If you distance more than 10 meters and the enemy is out of sight he will return to its initial state.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Collumbus


Imperator[TFD] released in the BI forums a cooperative mission for up to 8 players.

    Quote Imperator[TFD] :
    I've had this mission up on the Steam Workshop for quite a while now but have recently gone through and edited the mission with Eden. I thought I'd post the mission here to get some more exposure and feedback.

    A small AAF special forces team must infiltrate Oreokastro to eliminate the FIA logistics commander and destroy a fuel truck. A sniper team assists via an overwatch position. Utilise the UAV flying overhead to feed intel to the assault team.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Armaholic

Wiki released in the BI forums the third mission of his upcoming campaign "Twilight of the gods".

    Quote Wiki :
    AAF platoon Spartan Alpha is waiting for reinforcement to take the town of Kore.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Wiki


nomisum released in the BI forums an adversarial gamemode where Russians have to protect their radio truck from destruction from US forces.

    Quote nomisum :
    Find here one evergreen of Gruppe Adlers TvT Missions: Breaking Contact. Well suited for groups from 20 but living to its full potential with much higher player counts. Supports up to 112 players and many maps (CUP TP and more). Very high replayability value - free spawn selection. Best played in a roughly 2:1 attacker defender ratio.

Written on 2016-03-20 by nomisum

Mynock released in the BI forums his latest singleplayer mission where you have to ambush ION PMC executives.

    Quote Mynock :
    ION Corp., a private military company, has established an outpost in CSAT territory. Where they are obtaining the funding for this rapid expansion is unknown. CSAT has intel indicating two top ION executives are flying into the outpost on the Pefkas peninsula for a meeting. Your team will insert via boat, quickly secure the outpost, and ambush the executives by shooting down their helicopter while on its final approach to the helipad.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Mynock

DENNYS has submitted his first mission made.

    Quote DENNYS :
    USAF have destroyed our transmission antenna and our communications to HQ have been cut off. In such a case, we are presumed KIA and they will not let Arnoldstein, a key location fall into American-German hands. They will employ the 'Scorched Earth' tactic by sending the Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily Rossii (VVS) to bomb the place to the ground. They will hit us in 15 minutes and everything here will die, including us. We have to get a signal to them before that time is up.

Written on 2016-03-20 by cpl_den

FR-Helios informed us he released in the BI forums an update for the first chapter of his Navy Seals - Blood Brothers campaign.

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Fixed mission 1 didn't launch
  • FPS optimisation
  • Fixed invisible units in several missions

Written on 2016-03-20 by HeliosArmA

BananaFon released in our forums the first mission of "Liberation of Stratis" series.

    Quote BananaFon :
    Operation to liberate Stratis begins !
    Your first mission: Contact Civilian and Download data from enemy laptop.

Written on 2016-03-20 by BananaFon

Zathmo has submitted a mappack with 10 linear missions for Unsung Vietnam mod.

    Quote Zathmo :
    This is a map pack I created for the Unsung Vietnam mod for Arma 2. The map pack includes 10 linear missions and one sandbox mission. I plan on adding more missions or making a second mission pack if I receive a positive response from the community.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Zathmo

The Irish Ace has submitted a mission based off of his old Insurgency missions but renamed.

    Quote The Irish Ace :
    Takistan Purge is a mission alot like my old Takistan Insurgency & Takistan Insurgency v2.0 missions. In fact this mission is basicly v3.0 of Takistan Insugency. I want to refrain from using the name insurgency because to me insurgency within the Arma community is this mission but with ammo caches to be destoyed and so on so im now calling it Purge.

Written on 2016-03-20 by NPMproductions13

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