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Screen of the week

Rip51 informed us about the release in the BI forums of a new version of this mission where you must complete it with minimal loss.

  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY INFANTRIES";
  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY LIGHT VEHICLES";
  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY HEAVY VEHICLES;
  • In setting the mission added new parameter for Task Force radio "TF RADIO (LIGHTWEIGHT MODE)/TF RADIO (SERIOUS MODE)";
  • Added 4 Vodnik
  • minor fix

Delicate Balance Co-29 (@) v0.72

Arma 2
Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
Community Base Addons
Fallujah (Optional: Fallujah version)
CAA1 project (Optional: Sahrani version)
Lingor Island (Optional: Lingor Island version)

Written on 2014-06-29 by RIP


ArmanIII submitted an updated version of his Chernobyl Zone addon.
Chernobyl Zone is an abandoned area northern of Ukraine city Kiev. The size of the map is 20x20km.
This map is created for both Arma 2 and Arma 3. You can play it in both games!

  • Added some collision to CHNPP building
  • Added collision to some buildings in Pripyat
  • Added new village Novoshepelychi
  • Added new ground textures
  • Added small objects in Pripyat
  • Fixed replacing objects on official maps
  • Fixed performance

Written on 2014-06-29 by ArmanIII

Kamikaz333 released his Plank - A simple, but powerful fortification deployment script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Plank is a simple but extremely useful open-source fortification script. It can be use in a broad spectrum, base building, FOB building or on-the-fly-defenses. It was designed in the mindset of simplicity with regards to both mission implementation and player use.

    A demonstration of how it works and looks ingame: Script works for both Arma 3 and Arma 2, (showcase mission works only for Arma 3) no alteration is needed in order for it to work in either of the games. Fully tested in MP without issues. This project is fully open-source (MIT license) so please feel free to contribute or fork as you require, but you must include the license file in your version.

Written on 2014-06-29 by Foxhound

xtesic has submitted his second work, a CO-OP/SP mission with Ultimate Stratis (+20 new locations).

    Quote xtesic :
    My second mission map: Ultimate Stratis with Eos and 2 tasks.

    Every unit can revive, repair and ask for arty support (every unit from a diff location so mortars will have diff flightimes for each)

    there's a moveble spawnpoint, aswell to respawn at your position that you was killed.

    Also 2 tasks, scripted, hope they work, didnt test it, but they show up at the map for sure!!
    Also a briefing

    have fun with this and ....Full Metal War baby

Written on 2014-06-29 by xtesic

Loki submitted an updated alpha version of the Explosives attachTo Objects addon which he released on the BI forums.
The script version is no longer supported and has been removed.

    Quote :
    JTAC (Joint Tactical Arma Campaign) is proud to announce its first release of part of the engineer module from the JTAC game mode. This is just a fraction of the capability of the engineer and explosives specialist classes and of the JTAC game mode as a whole.

    This module lets the player attach explosive satchels and explosive charges to most any object on the battlefield while also giving the player the ability to choose which explosives to detonate. The module is activated by a quick reaction key (~) and controlled by the mouse cursor. It was designed for quick use and accessibility due to the scenarios this would be used in.

    If you enjoy this very small release from JTAC and would want more releases show your support for JTAC and vote on us on make arma not war and spread the word about JTAC.

    • custom input added
    • new charges added to the list.

Written on 2014-06-28 by Loki


Sander has released a hotfix for the latest version of his mission pack containing coop missions for the Cold War Rearmed² mod on the Armaholic forums.
These missions are also playable on singleplayer.

    Quote Sander :
    Version 5.0 adds ten new missions to bring the total number of coops included in the pack to 190.

    New files:

    Grail Quest has Special Forces eliminating caches of surface to air missiles.
    Rotational Loss features an ambush and raid by a resistance group.
    Scud Shunt has resistance fighters ambush a column and destroy a comms post.
    Worth Adam features a combat search and rescue operation by Special Forces.
    Flashpoint Mutation has a guerilla band take back its camp to reacquire AT.
    Repulsive Act features a defence against armour and infantry before a counter-attack.
    Weather Struck has Naval Infantry destroy armour and ammo supplies before extraction.
    Hill Holder features the defence of a hilltop position against Soviet attacks.
    Mech Cool has a mechanised squad clear enemies from the village of Saint Adam.
    Punitive Damages features a clearing operation by motor rifle troops.

    Full details are reproduced in the CWR2 coop pack thread.

Written on 2014-06-28 by Sander

Grumpy Old Man released an updated version of his GOM_CB - Carpet Bombing script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This simple script will simulate carpet bombing and is easy to use.
    Air Raid sirens will sound an alarm before the bombing takes place (directional sound).
    Bombs will make a bomb dropping sound before impact.

    • Added Bomb falling sounds
    • Added auto detection to add air raid sirens to various predefined buildings

Written on 2014-06-28 by Grumpy Old Man

~R3F~ Mapoule released an updated version of his R3F AiComTarget script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Light, Simple but Rough!
    Improve AI's behaviour, fighting skill and player détection
    The Team R3F witch have done the R3F Weapons Pack release here a powerfull Addon.

    "Improving AI behaviour on ArmA serie is a never-ending quest. We early noticed a "lack of communication" between ArmA3's AI in combat zone.
    To correct this, {R3F} Mapoule release here a script R3F_AiComTarget which has been specialy developed for multiplayer mod.
    It has been tested 24/7 on a multiplayer server with Domination on and also on private edited operation, by daytime and night time.
    You'll notice an impressive result : Alerted AI will never leave you any rest, and you'll survive only with a clean coop gameplay, with proper weapons, or with good fall-back uses." {R3F} Killjo

    • addon version
    • full single player compatibility

Written on 2014-06-28 by mapoule

DasCleverle submitted version 1.2.0 of his loadUGV script.

    Quote :
    loadUGV allows you to load a variety of different boxes into an unmanned ground vehicle, e. g. the Crusher.

    • Load boxes into the drone, transport them and unload them at your destination.

    • added ability to load boxes into the drones

Written on 2014-06-28 by DasCleverle

ResentedDuck has submitted a race rigged with booby traps ready for any group of friends.

    Quote ResentedDuck :
    The Stratis Islanders have a weird idea of fun. They decided to take there airfield convert it into a race track, lay some traps, put a few machine-guns down, slap a fancy name on it and host it once a year to make global news and popularity. Now that all of that is done some "Volunteers" have decided to test out the new deadly race after mysteriously disappearing from their Military Bases. Winners get to live . . . at least for this test race while the others may be less fortunate.

    Race against your friends in this fun race with numerous traps beyond counting. The phrase "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" may be words to live by during the race as you need to watch your step and those who charge headlong may have some mishaps.
    Although that you need to go slow the pressure is still on to win. Throughout the race the AAN World News updating you during the race.

Written on 2014-06-28 by ResentedDuck

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