Zeealex released an updated version of her Zee Identity Pack (previously known as FEMAL3) on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Zee Identity Pack or IdentiZee for short, is the upgrade pack for FEMAL3, it aims to add a wider array of character identity types to Arma3 ranging from Male faces with different head shapes to female heads, compatible with headgear.
    Over time the identity pack will be refined and fleshed out to include more civilian clothing to both the male and female gender and add some swanky new military uniforms to the female side.

    • Female heads reimported again with facial rigs and new UVWs
    • hand painted high resolution skin textures now take the place of the original photo textures.
    • New eyes that don't look lifeless
    • Brand New .rvmats that actually work.
    • The Asian face is currently removed due to mesh errors.
    • Bodies removed
    • Initial Addition of the the new male heads
    • Key added back in

Written on 2015-06-16 by Zeealex


Leight released a new version of his OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote : This pack contains different OPFOR units.
    What armies are in addon:
    • Iraqi terrorists
    • ChDKZ militia
    • African militia
    • Afghan militia
    • Afghan National Army & Police
    • Ultranationalists Army
    • Chernarussian Defence Forces
    • Iraqi Army
    • African Civilians
    • Afghan Civilians
    • Ukrainian Separatists
    • RACS
    • SLA

    • fixed config errors by Reyhard

Written on 2015-06-16 by Leight

RobertHammer released an updated version of the MK18 Mod 1 addon on the BI forums.
The MK18 Mod 1 addon was originally created by Ardvarkdb but RobertHammer took over the project.

    Quote :
    Add's models to Arma 3 depicting the MK18 Mod 1 and M4 Block 2 weapon system. There are 10 variants containing different paint schemes and magazine types.
    There is no GL variant at this time.

    • fixed alot of issues
    • updated to latest A3 version
    • using bipods mechanics

Written on 2015-06-16 by RobertHammer


FilaMOD released in the BI forums third part in this series where you have to help local resistance force to join Altian Armed Forces against aggression of NATO forces!.

    Quote FilaMOD :
    Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty is an alliance of states with the goal of mutual defense, expanded global influence, and sustained economic growth. Set against the context of foundering economies and civil unrest across the west, CSAT has risen in prominence over the last decade. Its forces support the Altian government.
    Because Americans were not included in an alliance of states with the goal of mutual defense, expanded global influence, and sustained economic growth, NATO forces occupied Stratis and Altis.
    Within a few months local militia resistance forces are slowly joining Altian Armed Forces against aggression of NATO forces on their land.

Written on 2015-06-16 by FilaMOD

SPhoenix released in the BI forums an update for the remake of a popular mission he made for Arma back in 2008: Call Of Duty Co-05.

  • Tweaked difficulty
  • Disabled revive script for SP mode

Written on 2015-06-16 by SPhoenix

CimaleXXI has submitted a new singleplayer mission where player is second in command of a unit of five Mariniers, that together with their comrades will strike the island raiding Zodiac rafts.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    The little saga of NATO operations parallel to Operation Flashpoint (and in our case to ULOTC campaign) continue with the introduction of Royal Netherlands Marines - Korps Mariniers and the DDR' NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) in the struggle for the control of the tiny island of Drachenfels.
    The story: While Op. Flashopoint is in progress, NATO RRF (Rapid Reaction Force) launch a massive blockade to the Malden islands, in this way the renegade General and his troops cannot receive any supply or reinforcements from the mainland.
    To increase the already tense situation, DDR and soviet troops crossed days ago the West German border in Lower Saxony, raiding the town of Eilte, causing the Bundeswher to react in forces. The result of the DDR/soviet raid into West Germany has a consequence a radical change in the West German government, that wants now a massive attack againts soviet bases in the DDR, the risk of a full war between the two Germanies is strong, but this must be avoided.
    In this contest, NATO has mobilised several elite units of the RRF for the Malden island crisis, Netherlands mobilised 1 MARNSBAT and 2 MARNSBAT of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, or 'Korps Mariniers', they have been embarked onboard LSTs, destroyers and frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy, ready for deployment.
    NATO HQ has discovered that the most northern island of the archipelago, Drachenfels represent a strategical asset if occupied and properly exploited by our forces.
    The tiny island is inhabitated by a few dozens of people, mainly fishermen; the only village is called Drachenfels like the island itself.
    The presence of two main peaks and little vegetation, make the island ideal as a forward observation post, or to install a radar and ASW equipment (Anti Submarine Warfare) making the sea blockade more proficiency, and disturbing any operation of the soviet northern fleet in the Baltic sea.
    The sub-operation is called by NATO HQ Operation Dragon's eye, and is aimed to raid and then take control of the island by means of the deployment of Royal Netherlands Navy frigate 'Jan van Brakel' (F825) and half a company of 1st MARNSBAT; a secondary but important objective is to eliminate the NVA presence in an area relatively close to West German coast, whose government wants to strike back in forces the DDR after the Eilte raid.

Written on 2015-06-16 by cimaleXXI

Bamse released his Show RHS MICH 2000 in Arsenal addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Custom mod for getting those luscious RHS MICH 2000 showing in Arsenal.
    If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me a PM on the BIS-forums.

Written on 2015-06-15 by Bamse

Pokertour released an updated version of his =ATM= Altimeter on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod add you a Altimeter (ASL -> above sea level) with the time and the bearing of your body. It is an object that replaces the watch in your inventory. You find it in the Object category of VAS.

    New update is here! Version 2 with multiple changes!
    If you want to help me you can add your translation of my mod here :

    • Corrected the text was no longer visible

Written on 2015-06-15 by pokertour

Bamse released an updated version of his Show RHS Special Forces AR15's in Arsenal addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Show RHS Special Forces AR15's in Arsenal.
    Custom mod for getting those wonderful RHS Special Forces AR15s back and showing in Arsenal.
    If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me a PM on the BIS-forums.

    • Fixed class inheritance

Written on 2015-06-15 by Bamse

kaysio released in the BI forums a new version of this CTF style coop mission for up to 25 players.

  • fixed briefing

Written on 2015-06-15 by kaysio

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