Rockhount submitted his HandleCargoLift script.

    Quote :
    A few weeks ago a buddy asked me to write a script for a helicopter to lift and transport cargo, the 'Helikopterfrachttransportskript', that finally provides the desired solution. At first I thought that there would be something out there already. However, according to his research there are no scripts or tutorials that let you have an AI helicopter reliably hovering over a cargo in ArmA 3 (having it meter-precise is imperative). This hovering and the whole process of picking up and setting down the cargo was supposed to look more realistic than just an attachTo.

    And so this script was written.
    It provides a precise hovering over the cargo, great looking attachment of the sling rope and picking up of the cargo as well as putting the load down in the same way at the target position.
    There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors in cases of explosions or deaths of the vehicle or AI. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script.

Written on 2016-12-11 by Armaholic


AZCoder has submitted an updated version of his singleplayer campaign Shadow Fall.

    Quote AZCoder :
    Witness the key moments in the life of Pytor Tsarev as he becomes embroiled in the Chedaki war for independence in Chernarus. Key features include a reputation tracking system, over 22 voiced characters, missions to Porto and the Chernobyl Zone, radiation simulation, and feral dogs.

    • Fixed serious bug causing player to spin 180 degs during combat
    • Fixed problem with CBA_Defend not calling for some units
    • Enhanced script loading for all missions

Written on 2016-12-11 by Armaholic

Jeza informed us IceBreakr released released the first beta of his Lingor island addon for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is the test Arma 3 version of the island intended for stability report and dedicated server tests.

    This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~9 months were spent on research and creation of this world.
    Reason for the project is that I've been waiting for years for a proper optimised jungle map. With help of great talented man Berghoff that is now (after 9-10 months of hard work) possible to enjoy.
    We have to understand that vegetation rich map is a whole different matter in BIS engine. PCs that were able to run Duala/Panthera on max settings & view distance of 10 km will probably only have sufficient FPS with 1000-4000 meter distance on Lingor. With months of optimisations (especially Berghoff did an amazing feat here) we can now enjoy jungle from air or from a grunt's perspective.

    • fixed runway numbers at Aeropuerto Sargento (near Calamar)
    • smoothed out terrain
    • improved satellite texture
    • fixed displaced road pieces at several places
    • added three flag texture locations to readme file
    • removed submerged camp from Medlina
    • added Municipal office to Calamar
    • moved start date to non full-moon day/night
    • replaced several palm tree types with new ones (tnx CypeRevenge & Ben Rampling)
    • several smaller fixes

Written on 2016-12-11 by Armaholic


Zooloo75 informed us he released an updated version of his Blood Lust addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Blood Lust adds blood splatter from gunshots.
    When a unit is hit ingame, blood will splatter on to the ground near them.

    • Added vaporization effect for multiplayer.
    • Added method for server owners to force certain settings on clients (check "ConfigurablesMultiplayer.sqf").
    • Blood splatters in multiplayer now inherit the projectile's rotation like in the singleplayer version.
    • Corrected usage of playSound3D command in the codebase for multiplayer environments.

Written on 2016-12-11 by Armaholic

Zabb released an updated version of his Enforce Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Im making Enforcer mod. Its like a "police television dramas".

    • added: Female clothing [thirt/skirt]
    • fixed: error message

Written on 2016-12-10 by Armaholic

Zabb released an updated version of his TAC Vests addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is part of the TAC VEST and some equips. (That is included in the TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms.)
    Because TRYK can not update due to circumstances.
    When the problem is resolved it will be re-released from TRYK.

    • fixed: all error message

Written on 2016-12-10 by Armaholic

Bnae released his Bnae's Functions addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Adds a possibility to inspect current weapon via keybind. Default keybind - Shift + T
    Currently primary and handgun animations provided.

    See also Bnae's Arsenal

Written on 2016-12-10 by Armaholic

AUTigerGrad released 2 different Faction Configs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    US 75th Rangers Faction
      This is a simple config that creates a revamped 75th Rangers faction based off of Hawaiian's outstanding 75th Rangers mod. I simply added SCARs from SMA, pistols and sniper rifles from RHS Escalation, as well as vests and backpacks from the Military Gear Pack.
      The faction will work in both Zeus and with ALiVE.

    African Regime Faction
      This is a simple config that creates a fictional army of an African Dictator. Unlike most of the African "rebel" factions out there, this faction is a better equipped army with standard uniforms and Russian equipment and vehicles.

    African Rebel Faction
      This is a config that creates an African insurgent/rebel faction that can be used with CUP. The faction is equipped with AK-47s, FALs, DSHkMs, Techicals, RPGs, and Igla AA launchers. It is fully compatible with Zeus and ALiVE.

Written on 2016-12-10 by Armaholic

A|o|K Skor submitted his immediate action protocols.

    Quote :
    Colorized Vests and Berets to assist you as you teach light infantry behavior.
    Useful for your Cadets activities and qualifications.

    Specialist: Red
    -guided at
    Squad Leader: Green
    Team Leader: Yellow
    Medic: Blue
    Coach: white
    HQ/Command: Orange

Written on 2016-12-10 by Armaholic

Phoenix_ZA submitted an updated version of his ZAM - ShowNames addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Shows the names of nearby players when you hold down the key.
    Factors such as time of day, fog, zoom, group membership, ranks, line of sight, optical zoom (factoring in simulated atmospheric distortion), thermals and voice are taken into account in order to make recognition as realistic as possible.
    This has been separated out of the ZAM mods collection and is where you should get zam_showNames.

    • Fixed compatibility with A3 1.66 by removing empty var in for loop.

Written on 2016-12-08 by Armaholic

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