sqwishy released in the BI forums some sort of persistent cooperative scenario for ARMA 3.

    Quote sqwishy :
    In the same spirit of Invade & Annex, but not nearly as mature. As a player, the point of it is mainly to fly/drive/halo to parts of the map where bad guys are and shoot them and disabled some contrived (plot) devices in the area. And then a new task is generated somewhere else so you can do the same thing over and over again forever. These objectives may be fleshed out later on to be a bit more interesting.

Written on 2016-01-04 by sqwishy


SHJ-Studio has submitted 10 classic Operation Flashpoint scenarios on Chernarus island.

    Quote SHJ-Studio :
    The scenarios are based on a original Operation Flashpoint missions by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

    Play 10 classic Operation Flashpoint, now around Chernarus.
    As a member of the USMC Army, Russian Spetsnaz troops and insurgents.

OFP Classic A2OA (@)

Arma 2
Arma 2: Reinforcements
Group Link 4 Special FX Edition (Optional)

Written on 2016-01-04 by SHJ-Studio

riten has submitted the second episode in hi Turkish prison series.

    Quote riten :
    As a Russian pilot, you were patrolling routinely near the Turkish border. Unfortunately, your aircraft was shot down and you were caught captive.Fortunately, you have tricked the guards in your prison and have escaped. You have lost chase and found a radio.Now you are trying to contact a Russian rescue team, without success sadly. Meanwhile... You don't lose hope, you are hiding in forest and trying to eliminate any enemy patrols.

Written on 2016-01-04 by riten


Ellman has submitted a CQB PvP for up to 30 players with Sector Control.

    Quote Ellman :
    CQB PvP-30 is a pvp mission between two teams, US Army (BlueFor) & Russian Military (OpFor).
    There are 3 sectors (Alpha, Bravo Charlie) that can be fought over. Current version has 100 tickets on each side and a good respawn system with a "kill-cam".
    I have built 3 loadouts for CQB combat so no need for arsenal use.

Written on 2016-01-04 by Ellman

Cleggy released his M1117 Guardian ASV light armored vehicle on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The M1117 ASV is an American built 4 x 4 Light Armored Vehicle.
    In US service it is issued to the Military Police for duties such as base protection and convoy escort (hence Armored Security Vehicle).
    It is also used by other nations in a security role.

    Armed with a .50cal machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher in a one man turret the manufacturers also point out it's usefulness as a fire support platform.

    It has a crew of three plus room for one passenger/detainee.

Written on 2016-01-03 by cleggy

Swatsteam released his Sweet Mapgear addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The next two small addons I has made a long time ago, but decided to publish them here only now:
    • swt_playable
        Allows you to simply change a unit status to "playable": Alt+Double Click on a unit
    • swt_pass:
        The useful addon for communities that have password-protected servers. Just enter the password once and the addon will remember it.
    • Browse the gear and weapon of your group members while being in briefing and in game.
    • Browse the uniform of enemy and frendly units.
    • Rotate! (exept for uniforms)
    • "Hard" version -- group gear tab will be disabled after 10 minutes of mission.

Written on 2016-01-03 by swatSTEAM

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We would like to thank all of you who have joined the Armaholic Subscription system! Your support is very much appreciated.
And we must admit that the amount of people, so far, willing to become a subscriber to help us provide a better service is really a huge suprise and once again we would like to thank you and we hope soon we will be able to serve you better.

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As a result of this we have decided to buy a new server much earlier than we first promised to do (see goals on this page).


Written on 2016-01-03 by Armaholic

Tophe submitted an updated version of his Arma Dedicated Server Tool.

    Quote Tophe :
    The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers.
    This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like.
    TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments.

    • New: Added serverCommandPassword
    • New: Information about which ports to open
    • New: Checkbox to enable Upnp.
    • New: Allowed File Pathing selection
    • New: Headless client settings now have settings for localClient as well.
    • Fixed: Bunch of minor bugs
    • Fixed: HeadlessClient config entries was a bit messed up
    • Removed: Required Secure ID, not used anymore
    • Removed: Steamport settings, not used anymore. Hardcoded from gameport.

Written on 2016-01-03 by Tophe

Lazyink released an updated version of the Battle Royale mod on the Battle Royale website.

    Quote :
    PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody last man standing game-mode, with one chance to win. Based on the book/movie ‘Battle Royale’, this mod provides a unique gameplay experience.

    The rules are simple. There can be only one winner.

    Everyone else must die!

    • version
    • version
        - Festive Jumper and other skins added
        - Boost script bugfixes
        - Boost, Skin Menu and Earplugs now have no default keys and must be bound to User Actions:
          - Skin Menu User Action 2
          - Earplugs User Action 3
          - Boost Items User Action 4
        - Ambient sounds re-enabled

Written on 2016-01-03 by lazyink

[GLT] Legislator released the first version of his GLT Mod Extended on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    GLT Mod Extended is an optional extension to the original GLT Mod. It is not meant to be used as standalone and never will be! While I'm trying to only use a few 3rd party addons in the original mod, I would like to create missions in GLT Mod Extended using own stuff and lots of other great 3rd party addons. Those addons are not included in this mod and must be downloaded separately!

    My main goal for GLT Mod Extended is to create a lot of missions for the Arma 2 maps (mainly Chernarus and Takistan), and later for other community created maps.

    GLT Mod Extended Update to 1.04.
    The main focus of the update is a complete rework of the ChDkz units.

    • changed: some displaynames of the group classes
    • changed: ChDkz uniforms 1 - 4 have been replaced
    • changed: cargo loadout of ChDkz vehicles
    • changed: ChDkz backpacks are now inheriting from RHS backpacks
    • changed: cargo loadout of ChDkz backpacks
    • new: GLT: Winter Soldiers Part 2
    • new: GLT: IS Raid
    • new: GLT: Eye of the Tiger
    • new: GLT: Operation Skyfall
    • new: cfgGroups GLT_MEA_MotInf_Team and GLT_MEA_MotInf_Truck
    • new: cfgGroups GLT_TankPlatoon_W
    • new: ChDkz uniforms 5 - 7 have been created
    • fixed: all vests config has been reworked
    • fixed: all helmets config has been reworked
    • fixed: incorrect classname in ChDkz cfgGroups
    • fixed: GLT: Operation Desert Comb - task 1 could not be solved
    • removed: ChDkz backpack models (port of Arma 2)
    • removed: ChDkz uniforms 1-4 (port of Arma 2)
    • updated: all backpacks mod config value has been applied
    • updated: all vehicles are now available in virtual garage
    • updated: CDF vests have been applied to the CDF arsenal template

Written on 2016-01-02 by Legislator

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