skiline5 released in the BI forums his Zeus Sandbox mission.

    Quote skiline5 :
    I was looking for some good Zeus Sandbox but couln'd find any, so I decided to create my own.

    I am relatively new to scripting and so on, so don't expect miracles.

    But it does have some nice features like:
      2 Curators
      Changing sides (In mission dynamicaly so you can play as an CSAT soldier, NATO crew, AAF pilot or whatever you want)
      Changing allies (You can set if Independet will be allied with CSAT, NATO or will be on their own)
      Base Respawn
      Menu Inventory (You have to set it up first through Zeus)
      Farooq's Revive script

Written on 2014-08-15 by skiline5


Mathias_Eichinger informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission pack that contains 5 missions using addons, connecting some units from ArmA1 to the ArmA2 world and is meant to be played in singleplayer.

  • Added fifth mission
  • Extended addon requirements

Written on 2014-08-15 by mathias_eichinger

B00M has submitted an alpha version of his first mission at

    Quote B00M :
    You're the leader of a 9 men team whose main objective is to destroy an AA station to clear the way for the medical assistance aircraft to civilian towns, with a few side missions.

Written on 2014-08-15 by B00M


W0lle has submitted this 6 mission coop campaign originally created by Blake for Operation Flashpoint around 2002.

    Quote W0lle :
    Some months ago, Variable asked me if I would port this awesome 6 Mission COOP Campaign from the old days to CWR².
    Since this was a well known and popular creation, and because it perfectly fits to recently released CWR² VMF Expansion, I decided to port it.

    I actually had started working on 2 of the missions so it was a rather quick job and by now it has been played on the CiA server.

    Since Variable hasn't complained anymore, I presume now it's the time to share it with the rest. :-)

Written on 2014-08-15 by W0lle

Lyotchik released a bunch of new early wip screens of the PAK-FA (T-50) which he is working on for Arma 3 on the
Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Curretly, I'm working on model of PAK-FA for ArmA 3.
    Realistic 3d model of this plane. Model was created using the recommendations of aviation specialists.
    High detailed model of cocpit based on trainer cocpit photos.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the PAK-FA (T-50) wip topic.

Written on 2014-08-15 by Lyotchik

RichardsD informed us he released an updated version of his MRAP MaxxPro Modification on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    After quite a bit of on and off work, and a ton of tweaking I am satisfied enough to push out the initial release of the long awaited MRAP MaxxPro addon for Arma 3. This is based upon Naman's old model for Arma 2, except there have been major changes. The hood is now the correct style from the Workstar series of vehicles as opposed to the Durastar series used previously. Many parts have been modeled from scratch including a brand new interior, and many new exterior components.

    Navistar, the military division of International currently produces the MRAP MaxxPro, a Category or Class One MRAP. Compared with eariler deployed vehicles such as the HMMWV, the massive ground clearance and V Shaped Hull on the MaxxPro provides undoubtedly superior protection against threats such as IEDs. The MRAP MaxxPro is one of the highest produced MRAPs in use by the US Armed Forces with almost 10,000 units currently produced and used in the harsh environments of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Features and Variants:
    Like any A3 modification, this vehicle features all standard features you would expect such as:
    • Proper Phys-x and suspension
    • PIP Mirrors
    • Kinetic driver animation
    • A3 Lighting
    This initial release includes four basic variants. In the future when time allows I plan to release an additional logistics centered variant with many other, very obscure variants:
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash (M2)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash (MK19)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Dash DXM (M2)
    • MRAP MaxxPro Plus (M2)

    • Tachometer Fixed
    • Weapon Zero Added
    • Deployment Variant added

Written on 2014-08-14 by RichardsD

Pancake released an updated version of his Outfit Gear addon on the Armaholic forums.
In the archive he also included a script version, so if you prefer to make your mission not depending on additional addons you can use that instead.

    Quote :
    This can be loaded as an addon or place in a mission as a script, I am putting in the addon section because I believe it will be more easily viewable by the people who will be using it then just the mission designers looking for scripts if it were in the editing section.

    • reworked weapon filters, now can be filtered by (ALL/GL/AMMO_COUNT/DAMAGE)
    • customizable color text and background, default colors now based arma profile
    • ammo count and hit values of magazine displayed in magazine listbox
    • weapons with pre linked accessories are checked for there item strings rather than just 'LinkedItems' class
    • TFAR/ACRE radios inherited base versions saved to loadout
    • magazine/items/loadout_name textbox added keyDown event with 'return'/'numpad_enter' keys
    • items can be filtered by name
    • weapons combobox replaced with a toolbox control
    • magazine listbox added shift/ctrl/alt-doubleclicking for different counts
    • x39_medSys items and TFAR/ACRE radios have their own categories in items listbox
    • added quick-select buttons for items listbox
    • added button for quick equipping of map,compass,gps,watch
    • overhauled interface
    • max number of loadouts hard-coded at 500
    • container items from a saved loadout didn't enforce the blacklist
    • management of VR Arsenal loadouts
    • insignia can be equipped, cleared, saved/loaded to/from loadout, and insignia in unit's namespace will always be used as default
    • utility backpacks classified by 'AssembleInfo' subclass in addition to 'maximumLoad' and filter by side
    • weight of items displayed as kilograms instead of config mass
    • magazines with empty ammo counts are not displayed
    • accessory editor supports all accessories defined as config entries in 'WeaponSlotsInfo'

Written on 2014-08-14 by Pancake

NIN3 released the Islamic State & Guerrilla Unit Pack by him and Hulahuga on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    12 infantry units, fully functional in Zeus, MCC and the Editor.

    The unit pack consist of a troop of Guerrillas (Independent) as well as a troop of mujahideen of the Islamic State (OPFOR). The Guerrilla units are loosely based on what a more spec-ops version of the fighters in Ukraine could look like, with a special eye towards both the separatists and the Donbas Battalion (volunteer group fighting for Ukraine). The IS units on the other hand are based directly off of footage from VICE News.

    • HLC Core and AK pack added to replace most of the weapons in the pack (only previous ones left are the RPGs and the SVD). Thus removed STI as a requirement in the process. Sounds, visuals, gameplay and general immersion should now feel a lot better.
    • Recieved permission by Robalo to bundle ASDG Joint Rails (a req for HLC, although actually not for the weapons we are using from the pack...), so as to make it easier for the end users. /* Thank you! */ Completed a first take on the bundling, which is still looks a bit wonky though due to the one pbo nature of steam workshop.
    • Remade almost all of the loadouts to incorporate HLC. Most noteworthy from a gameplay POV is that the Guerrilla now use AKs and RPKs instead of the standard weapons and the STI Machineguns. The same goes for the AR of the IS.
    • Created a group for all the units in each faction. Should work with MCC and Alive. // Coding groups in ArmA is exceptionally weird

Written on 2014-08-14 by Hulahuga

Peral submitted an updated version of the A-10C Thunderbolt II.

    Quote Peral :
    The A-10C Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraf designed solely for close air support of ground forces, the A-10 was built to attack tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses.

    • Interactive cockpit
    • Custom A10C pilot
    • Custom A10C sounds
    • Custom weapon sounds
    • Custom damage system
    • Ejection sequence
    • Canopy animation
    • Master arms "SAFETY" feature
    • User interface via Service Menu allowing ordnance and paint scheme customization
    • Full realistic set of weapons models
    • Collision Lights and Formation Lights
    • GPS targeting system
    • Aerial refuelling (USAF mod)

    • Ability to disable interactive cockpit via Service Menu or Module
    • GPS targeting system
    • Fixed the exploding error
    • Updated the Service Menu
    • Added new Pilot's manual
    • Made some small changes to the HUD
    • Made some small changes to the flight model
    • Made some small changes to the pilot model
    • Made some small changes to the model

Written on 2014-08-14 by Peral

Drongo69 informed us he released an updated version of his Drongos Artillery addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Drongo69 :
    Drongo's Artillery is an addon for Arma 3 (both SP and MP supported). It is heavily based on CoC Unified Artillery for OFP. The aim is to put AI-controlled batteries of artillery under player control. A degree of skill should be both required and rewarded by the system. Hopefully a balance between realism and gameplay can be struck.

    The system gives you control over aimpoint, warhead types, rounds to fire, high/low angle, sheafs (circular or box), groundburst/airburst/mixed and airburst height. After inputting the aimpoint, it is usually necessary to fire spotting rounds and adjust the fall of shot. Once the spotting rounds are on target, the spotter can call fire for effect, or store the mission for later use (with a reduced delay). Typically, it will take 60-90 seconds for the first shell to land (though this can be increased by using the "Realistic Delay" module).

    The are modules for no delay, realistic delays, no initial error and debugging (text, markers and smoke trails for shells).

    Supported Units:
    The default BIS artillery assets (and 3rd party addons that inherit from them) are supported. Simply place them on the map and they will be detected and available to the appropriate side:
    • Mk6 Mortar
    • 2S9 Sochor
    • M4 Scorcher
    • M5 Sandstorm MLRS

    This can be considered a hotfix release. I still plan on adding WP rounds, further tweaking accuracy and damage and adding Reyhard's mortar in a future release.
    Also note that I have still not fixed the profiles of each weapon to match the corrected dispersion. This means that if you select "No Initial Inaccuracy", the shell will probably still not hit exactly where you expect.

    • Added support for RDS Static Weapons Pack
    • Implemented CBA_fnc_registerKeybind functionality so users can bind their own key
    • Removed double-clicking a radio to open the dialog

Written on 2014-08-14 by Foxhound

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